Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie Chapter 13.

Hi guyz I am Annie back again with the 13th Chapter. Yesterday, Fenil requesting for a kriyam outing in Mumbai. Sooo I am going to add that today. I hope all of u r ok with that. What more today Suhani comes to Mumbai??? Will there be any horror today?
Let’s wait n watch(sorry, lets wait n read)……..

Its a bright morning today. Krishna has been still feeling unnatural presence around her but due to Saiyyam she shakes it off…..

Saiyyam: krish, Remember about honeymoon?

Krishna: saiyyam ur still dreaming about honeymoon.

Saiyyam: I meant that ever since we came to mumbai we were soo busy in work that we never went sightseeing.

Krishna: hmm, u r right about that?

Saiyyam: so, I was thinking we should go and visit Essel world Amusement park and the Aksa beach today. After all our baby needs outing too.

Krishna: ( in excitement) really!!! Thank u soo much Saiyyam. Let’s take Sam and Shravan.

Saiyyam seems a bit annoyed.

Krishna: What happened? Why did u suddenly sulk ur face?

Saiyyam: I thought about having a romantic journey and u want to take them. U know Sam she will not leave all alone even for a second.

Krishna: Aww, I didn’t imagine u had such romantic plans. I am impressed.

Saiyyam goes close and whispers….

Saiyyam: looks like u forgot all of past andaaz. Remember my confession and( plants a kiss on her cheek.)

Krishna: hmmm.

Saiyyam: Now get ready we need to roam around the whole day.

Krishna: OK….

Krishna gets ready. She wore a beautiful pink shaded shirt styled top with light blue colored faded jeans. She looked really cute with her simple clothing and make up. She wore that S lettered necklace

Saiyyam: u wore that SUHANI aunty wala necklace again.

Krishna: yeh I was missing her a lot.

Saiyyam narrows his eyes…..

Krishna: I was joking that day Saiyyam. This letter represents my dear hubby.

Saiyyam smirks and they leave.
First they decided to go to Essel world as they planned to watch the romantic sunset in the beach.

They entered Essel world.

Krishna: Saiyyam, I want to ride the rollar coaster.

Saiyyam: What roller coaster? No no.

Krishna: u r scared of a roller coaster. (Laughs out).

Saiyyam: haha very funny. I am not scared of anything I was telling for u.

Saiyyam shows Krishna the sign board which says children under 12 years, elderly sick people and pregnant women are not allowed.

Krishna: oh.

Saiyyam: don’t get disheartened. We will ride the ferris wheel.

Krishna: ok.

They buy a ticket and go to the ferris wheel. When they reach the top krishna can see a blurry image of a lady in red clothes. Her face features wasn’t clear but her red eyes were clearly visible and her womb was big as if there was a baby inside.It was really scary. Krishna started to panic.

Saiyyam: what happened krishna?

Krishna wanted to say but thought Saiyyam wouldn’t believe. Again, she didn’t want to spoil their outing. So she kept quiet.

Krishna: Actually I was just scared of the height.

Saiyyam: But…. Nevermind.

They get down and krishna says…

Krishna: Saiyyam I want to eat Pav Bhaji plz.

Saiyyam: its unhygienic Krishna.

Krishna: but….. Ok than could I eat french fries…..

Saiyyam: We will prepare it at home.

Krishna: Not again..

They roam around the whole park and they hv a romanting lunch date at a hotel. They nearly rode all the rides except the horror ride “monsters in the mist” as krishna denied to. They sit under a large tree and shared some cute moments. They also click lots of pictures.
After having lunch they left towards the Aksa beach. They reached there. The weather was really romantic so was the sight. They sat on sand and krishna leaned on Saiyyam’s shoulders.

Krishna: wow Saiyyam this breeze and the blue water. The calm environment and the sea gulls are flying. Its so romantic. Isn’t it?

Saiyyam: yes, it really is. I hope u liked the honeymoon.

Krishna: I loved it Saiyyam.

The sun started to set. The sun had radiant colours today. It had shades of orange, yellow and red in perfect proportion. The view was fantabulous.

Saiyyam: krish, look the sun is setting. Lets wish something.

They hold hands and wishes something.

Saiyyam’s POV

I wish that krishna may hv all the happiness in the world and what ever is troubling het should end soon. Hope she regains her peace again and so that we always stay together.

Krishna’s POV

I know Saiyyam always stays really tensed for me. I hope he always stays happy and that nothing in the world can ever separate us.

They write their names on the sand and draws a heart between their names. They look at each other and have an eye-lock.
Suddenly Krishna feels as if someone passed by her. She looks back and finds a toy on the ground. Same toy as she found in the baby’s room in the first day of her house. She gets thinking.

Her imagination is broken by saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Krish come on lets rinse our hands and feets in the sea.

They both go to wash and saiyyam tickles krishna feet with his. Krishna looks at saiyyam and splashes water in his eyes and runs away. Saiyyam smiles. After a hectic day they reach their Cozy home… And finds…..

Finds Suhani.

Krishna runs and hugs her…. Suhani hugs her back.

Krishna: Aunty I missed u so much.

Suhani: I missed u too beta.

Krishna: Thanks so much for coming. U Can’t believe how happy I am.

Saiyyam coughs..

Saiyyam: (coughs). Excuse me, I also deserve thank u as i was the one who called Ma.

Krishna: ok baba. Thank u saiyyam. Now aunty I hv soo much to tell u.

Krishna tells her about Sam and all if their experiences at the outings and complains how saiyyam doesn’t let her eat pani puri and other stuff. Krishna doesn’t tell about the supernatural experiences.
But Saiyyam had already informed Suhani about it.

Suhani: anything else beta?

Krishna nodds negatively.

Suhani: u knw Krishna, I am like ur mom. Pls don’t ever hesitate to tell me anything. I wish. Surely i will understand.

Krishna’s POV

Aunty, I will tell u everything but not today. U are already stressed due to the journey and I don’t want to put anymore tension on u now. But very soon I will tell u everything. I knw u will understand.

Saiyyam’s POV

I knw krish now u will feel a little light as u won’t be alone when i am not here. Hope all ur fear goes away.

Saiyyam: Ok, now lets hv a family dinner. I am famished.

Suhani: ok.

They hv a good time and share many stories. All of them gossip for late-night and later goes to their room.
Suhani enters her room and gets negative vibes.

Suhani’s POV

Krishna had surely seen something or felt something. Thats why she was so hypered. Even I am feeling different here. Need to find out.

Precap: Krishna tells everything to Krishna. Suhani also sees something. Will saiyyam also see???

Thats all for today guyz. I knw its kind of short and sorry for that. I don’t want to rush with everything. And thanks for ur support and plz put a comment. It really means a lot. Waiting for ur feedbacks.

Tilll than bye……

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  1. Shaani

    Superb yaar… Nice idea to bring suhani into the story… Very intelligent… Very nice loved it… Story is going good… Like the pervious the… U haven’t rushed tooo much… This is super nice… Keep writing…. Eagerly Waiting for the next chapter….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks A lot Shaani for ur suggestions and support. I am soo happy that u liked it. It really means a lot. And Plz update ur ff. Waiting eagerly.

      1. Shaani

        Noo need to say thanx Dr.. We r frnds ryt?… N yeah.. I will start writing the next part of my ff … It will be a little small part… Waiting for the next part of ur ff… Update soon..

      2. AnahitaAnnie

        Of course We r friends and just can’t wait for ur next part Shaani.

      3. Shaani

        I posted next part Dr… U can check it out…

  2. Superb episode…in precap there is a mistake.. loved the cute moments ..plz update ASAP 🙂

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Isha and sorry for the mistake and also thanks for pointing it out. It should be Krishna tells everything to Suhani.

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Hi Guyz. Sorry there is A mistake in the precap.
    The line should be
    “Krishna tells everything to Suhani”

  4. Hafsaaa

    Waiting for the next one yaar ????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Hafsaa. Glad that u liked it.

  5. Aaravjaikar

    Superb superb… like always… loved it….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav. It really means a lot. Glad that u liked it.

  6. Fenil

    It was nice and Superb
    Thanks for taken my wish in your account
    can’t wait for next
    i only suggest this only because krishna don’t take stress for some time and i’m feeling in this chapter.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fenil for ur comment and suggestions.

  7. Aarti32

    It was like..U know..How they show in movies..D couple goes for an outing n then d horror starts again..I loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. Happy that u liked it.

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. Happy that u liked it. ……

  8. Awesome and superb keep it writing.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Gulnaz…

  9. This was ansolutely awesome annie. A great episode with a fantastic storyline. Loved it so much.
    The horror part and entry of suhani was stunningly well written. Its beautuful as always…
    Had some time on my hands so thought of commenting. Sorry for the short one.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank sooo much Shivani. Really glad that u liked it.

  10. Thanks for the wonderful replies to my comments yesterday. Its really overwhelming and gratifying to have such an amazing writer give such lovely responses to my comments.
    Nevertheless, I am here to state that I am not really deserving of your heaps of praise. I am just a year elder to you so please dont show me so much respect. Please refer to me as a friend and thanks for all the appreciation.
    Love and respect always..

    1. Will be back with an ff….

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Ofcourse u deserve praises. U really hv a good hand at words. And again all of that respect is not for age but it really comes from inside when I see such an amzing talent. Again, we were always friends. And that too goood friends. Anyways, I always wanted to suggested u to write an ff and now I am so glad u are going to start and frankly 7th April is the start of my spring break. So I can peacefully read ur ff. Can’t wait bestie…..

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