Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 45

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Today i had guests, so couldn’t update early. Also apologies for not replying to all your responses till now (It’s 21:05 Hrs now and am so tired)…tomorrow first thing i will reply to each one of you. Please do bear with me for the delay.

Two days passed by in a giffy …Anika & Gauri were first taken to the hospital for general check up. Doctor who did the operation checked them thoroughly and confirmed them they have almost recovered and can now start doing simple works. Shivaay , Om and every one else took a sighof relief.

Gauri helped Anika in packing her stuff…Anika thanked her and asked her to take care of her and Sahil and let her know in case of any emergency. She also thanked Madhu ji and took her blessings.

Shivaay came to her and said that their private jet is ready for them and they will be flying next morning at early hours , so they need to sleep early that day and wake up early next morning…Anika turned to him shocked and looked at him

‘’what? Why are you looking at me so?’’

‘’Private jet !!! are you sure we are going by your private jet?’’

‘’off course yes Anika…’’

‘’come on Shivaay…I don’t want to come in private jet…book me a ticket in regular flight…you come by your private jet’’


‘’yes, book me a ticket in regular flight else , I myself will book online.’’

‘’come on Anika…you can’t now back off when I did all arrangements’’

‘’look Shivaay, I am just going on personal work not on official work , so frankly I don’t want to come on in your private jet and other fact is ,  I will get bored with none around in your private jet and you…you will go on feeding me those kadwi kachori’s time to time and I can’t even make an escape because only you will be with me…’’

Gauri and Sahil giggled while Om controlled his laugh and Rudra gave hifi…Sumo stood behind Shivaay and stared with large eyes at rudra…

‘’saumya don’t stare at my Rudra like that…he is supporting me and to that matter you should also support me not this KHADOOS’’

‘’ok fine….i will get the tickets booked in regular flights..happy?’’

‘’very much…but please…economy class…I mean not business class’’

‘’No way…and now I am not gonna listen to you…infact I will book in first class not even business class..and you will be travelling along with me’’

Anika raised one eyebrow and looked at him…he stared at her…she smirked and said ‘’ok fine..i agree’’

Sahil who looked at her thought

Sahil TAM ‘’Pakka Anaika didi will do something which will not go well with Shivaay bhayya…I hope and pray, Shivaay bhayya stays safe..he smirk and look says it all’’

Everyone dispersed and went to their rooms to relax, before joining for the dinner….when Om’s phone rang

‘’Hello Mom’’

‘’Om’’ Jhanvi who was on other side spoke

‘’Om, situation is going worse , come soon , Police have arrived to question Tej and took him away. I know you don’t like him, but at this stage you need to do the duty of a son than being adamant’’

‘’mom..mom..relax …tell me what exactly is the issue?’’

‘’Om…I don’t know much…after you kids left , Tej has ventured into construction business….then I don’t know what went wrong but , few appartments he constructed here in London has not met the quality and the architecture is also being questioned …just few hours before , one building has shown damage and the people living there had filed a police complaint….the architecture who designed the building is absconding and now Tej is being taken up…at this point I don’t know what to do and how to bring him back…so come here Om and manage the situation…you know how the circumstances in home are…I would have asked Shivaay but you know Tej..he will never allow Shivaay to bail him out of the situation…now only you are my hope Om…come soon’’

‘’mom…relax..relax…I will come ,  I have planned to come next week,instead I will start tomorrow….but first I need to talk to Shivaay over this and then I will get back to you…for now…just relax and don’t get tensed’’

‘’ok…but come soon Om’’

‘’sure mom…’’

Om hung the call and joined everyone in living room…Shivaay looked at Om being tensed and so did Gauri

‘’Om …is everything alright? We were waiting for you ..come let’s go for dinner …look Gauri and Anika are also here ‘’

‘’Shivaay…I …I need to talk something important to you’’

Anika and Gauri looked at Om…

‘’Fine…let’s go to my room’’ shivaay said

‘’No..we will go to our rooms, you guys talk’’ Anika said

‘’Anika, Gauri, Saumya…you are also my family and this is personal and professional both…so please stay back…I will talk everything before you all too’’

‘’Om what’s the matter?’’ Shivaay asked straight

Om explained what Jhanvi said and Shivaay slipped into thoughts

‘’Shivaay…I can go tomorrow, but until we find the architect, we can do nothing..and I don’t think even if we architect he will accept or show us a path…’’

‘’I can bail out bade papa with my networks without his knowledge, but I am more worried about the reputation of Oberois. We just need an architect who can correct the mistakes of previous architect and then we will guarantee the consumers that we will  reconstruct the building that too free of cost to the customers. Right now this is the only way.’’

Shivaay completed his words and looked at Anika..she blinked twice and he nodded his head in accordance.

‘’but bhayya where can we find an architect who can take this risk of correcting the mistakes , knowing the big legal soup we are in and that too in such a short span”

Om looked at Gauri and Gauri looked blank

‘’Gauri…Gauri is an architect and I have seen her work..but …’’ Om said

‘’but what Om?’’ Anika asked

‘’But Anika…she needs to be here, to look after Sahil…how can she’’

‘’is this the only problem or is there anything else?’’ Anika asked looking at Shivaay

‘’None can be better than Gauri, if she is willing to…. because knowing the legal troubles involved I don’t want to force her for anything’’ shivaay made it clear

‘’Gauri, if I ask you to go and not worry about Sahil…will you go?’’ Anika asked Gauri

‘’Dii…but Sahil’’

‘’Gauri , this family has helped us  these days in our most troubled times, if at this point I have to choose between Sahil’s health and the Oberois , I would chose Oberois because if not this session I can go for another session for Sahil, but I can’t see them in trouble and would work to bring them out of their trouble’’

‘’But Anika…’’ Shivaay was about to say something when Anika stopped him and continued

‘’I know maa will be here and will take care of him, so Gauri will go along with Om and come back after the work. ‘’

‘’Khanna will stay along with Madhu ji and Sahil and take care of them till we are back’’ Shivaay assured

‘’So it’s decided then Gauri and Om will leave for London tomorrow’’ Anika declared and everyone agreed

‘’Rudra, Saumya…in our absence, you both will take care of the business here…I will be directing everything from Paris and you will work accordingly…this will be a learning experience for both of you…so are you both ready for next phase of your life?’’ Shivaay questioned

Rudra and Saumya ‘’Yes bhayya… always with you’’ together they spoke

‘’let’s go for dinner, because tomorrow will be one heck of day for all of us’’ Prinku said


Next Day, Early Hours

‘’Anika all ready?’’ Shivaay came to Anika’s room

‘’yes…all ready’’

Gauri and Om joined them….

‘’So shall we leave for airport…we are getting late’’ Om said

‘’Sure chalo (let’s go) ‘’ Gauri said

Everyone left for airport….Once they reached Anika was thrilled, excited and felt tingling in her stomach

‘’Dii…why are you so excited?’’ Gauri asked

‘’Gauri…this is the first ever time I came to airport and this is the first ever time , I am boarding a flight. Whenever I saw flights, flying high in the sky, I always used to think how will be my first flight experience and see today I am gonna have it’’

‘’Aweee’’ Gauri gave a cute expression

‘’Accha Gauri, did you fly before in a flight?’’

‘’offcourse yes didi…this time I came to Mumbai by flight , so this is my second time but international flight first time’’

‘’okay tell me how did you arrange for a VISA in such a short span’’ Anika asked curiously

‘’Woh actually, Om had a contact in UK embassy , so he worked overnight and got my Visa stamped…afterall he is an Oberoi’’

They both hified while Om and Shivaay looked at them in surprise

They four had to go to 2 different terminals…

‘’Dii…enjoy your first flight and all the best for everything…I hope and will pray we will meet very soon and till then I will miss you a lot dii’’ Gauri spoke having tears

‘’Aree…don’t be so emotional , I will also cry..you are my strong sista, so stay safe’’ Anika looked at Om and said ‘’I am sending my little sister with you, take care of her and also yourself. ‘’

‘’I will and you too don’t ever leave a chance to torture my elder brother..i am with you in this’’ Om whispered in her ear while hugging.

‘’done’’ Anika said and hified

‘’what’s happening? Will someone say me something?’’ Shivaay entered in the conversation

‘’nothing…all the best Shivaay’’ om said and hugged his brother and left with Gauri towards his boarding gate.


‘’Anika…this way’’ Shivaay said

‘’hmm yeah’’ she was looking at the ultra modern airport of Mumbai chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport

‘’Anika fast, we will be getting late…walk fast’’

‘’Shivaay…. Does all airports look this magnificient? Ohh God look at the architecture, the tree shaped column there…sparkling lights…ohh My GOD…is this real India…offcourse this is Our India and it is no less than anyother country’’

‘’Anika…did you never ever have a flight travel’’

‘’no…I never got any chance…may be my first flight was destined with you’’ Anika moved her shoulders up

Listening to her his thoughts travelled to his childhood


‘’Khadoos…look look’’ Anika called Shivaay

‘’what happened Stupid? Why are you shouting?’’

‘’Khadoos…see how high it is flying..see see….how exiting it would be to fly so high right?’’

‘’what? What is flying?’’

‘’ohho Khadoos…flight…see there ..that far…could you see and the droooooooooooommmmmmm sound it makes….’’

‘’offo Stupid…it’s just a flight…what’s so exciting in it’’

‘’yes, it is off course fascinating…I mean, you will be in between clouds, everything will look so small down and then ‘’

‘’stupid…you make a note, one day I will own a flight’’

‘’okay noted …but right now I am not interested in your OWN flight…I am excited about travelling by flight..i donno when will that dream come true’’

‘’Is that your dream?’’

‘’yes, that’s my biggest dream’’


‘’What if I fly before you take me’’

‘’never…because I will fulfil my every promise and I know you will also not fly without me by a flight’’

‘’not fair…you shouldn’t know me so much khadoos’’

‘’stupid…if it’s about you, everything is always fair’’

‘’okay fine…my first flight will be only with you…and I will not fly by flight till you hold my hand and take me into the flight…this is my promise to you…’’

‘’Done..not only that…I promise you that you will be treated like a princess through your entire flight journey, by the flight crew…’’

‘’really then will they give me icecreams then?’’


‘’Yes Khadoos…you know I want to eat icecreams between clouds, so during my first flight remember to get me all flavours of icecreams till I say enough’’

‘’God …you and your ice cream mania….nothing can be done of you’’

‘’I know that…nothing can happen of me and you are the only one who can bear me with my craziness’’

She smiled and he joined in her smiles


Shivaay came out of thoughts when the announcement came that the boarding has started …He held Anika’s hand and took her into the flight.

He was Shivaay Singh Oberoi and when the Flight stewards knew he was about to come, they welcomed him on board and greeted Anika with utmost respect. They took over their cabin luggage and showed them their rooms.

Anika clicked pictures as soon as she entered her first class room….she wanted to show it to Sahil .

Soon the flight attendant came to her and gave her , her favourite Choco Chips icecream…Anika was elated while Shivaay stealthily took her picture……..

Precap : Few special moments between Shivika and Rikara, RumYa’s confession !!! To know more stay tuned

This is the Forty Fifth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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