Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 43

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the overwhelming response on Episode 42. I was demotivated but all your opinions posted motivated me a lot. Apologies for not updating the episodes since long time. I was busy in trending in twitter against StarPlus and IB PH for pulling out Surbhi Chandna , hence i didn’t update.

‘’Nai’’ Shivaay replied to Dadi and turned to go

‘’Billu….What’s the matter? I have been watching you, ever since you took Gauri’s handbag to hospital, you have been acting weird, particularly with me. What happened?’’

‘’Dadi…’’ he looked at her and was feeling nervous, inconvenient and uncomfortable

‘’Yes Billu’’

‘’nothing’’ he bent his head and was rubbing his fingers against each other.

‘’Billu….look at me..i am sure there is something that’s not going right with you. You have never been so reluctant with me… what’s the matter and this time I don’t want to listen answer as ‘’Nothing’’ because I know there is something’’

‘’If I say will you answer me Dadi?’’

‘’Did I ever deny you Billu…if it is something I can answer you, I will without second thoughts’’

‘’Fine dadi…you were right something was bothering me ever since I returned to hospital with Gauri’s bag…’’

Dadi looked on

‘’Dadi, I was about to go when I realised I forgot my mobile in the room, I came back to pick it that’s when I heard some conversation of you with Bade papa , I guess, because you said Tej amid the conversation’’

Dadi looked shocked , she understood where this was going

‘’Dadi…I listened you saying that

———–The day when Gauri got shot by Riddhima

————Phone conversation amid Dadi and Tej, Shivaay heard only Dadi’s words

‘’Tej, Harsh’s second daughter is finally found’’


‘’Gauri is found Tej, we found Gauri…I so wish Harsh and Meghana were alive…that unfortunate day would have ended’’


‘’As much as Rudra is precious to me, still it is darkest day in our lives, here Rudra was born there Harsh and his wife …everything ended once for all and the two little girls became orphans’’


‘’I know that…but if Anika remembers everything then…’’


‘’Tej….everything has a time even the secrets and pasts….’’


‘’I Don’t want you to come to India for few days…’’

Shivaay phone buzzes and he leaves from there disturbed………

———Present Time

‘’Dadi…what was this all about…what happened when Rudra was born? What does Anika know that she now doesn’t remember? Why did you ask Bade papa to stay back in London? All these …all these questions have been disturbing me since then…I didn’t find time to ask you these as everyone were first concerned for Gauri and Anika…but today while explaining Gauri the happenings I remembered this and hence I am ‘’ he looked at her in hope

‘’billu….Every secret has a time …a right time to come infront, till then you have to wait…I know you have many questions, but you will know everything at the right time…’’

‘’but Dadi’’

‘’Billu…remember one thing, anytime in future if you get to listen anything against us , our family or your bade papa, before taking any decision listen to yourself and then take a decision. This is all I can say now. ‘’

‘’Dadi but why should I wait, why can’t it be revealed to me now…and why..why are you saying that if I listen anything against you, I have to listen to myself? What are all these puzzles dadi…you are putting me into much thicker soup’’

‘’Billu…you wanted to bring back Anika’s memory , once you do that, all your questions will be answered, because she has those answers which none of us knows…that’s all I can say…now I need to rest billu…and yes, please don’t ponder much over these…concentrate on Anika’s health first’’

Dadi left from there puzzling Shivaay much more….

Shivaay TAM ‘’dadi hadn’t answered me anything, but she just said Anika has all the answers..i have to bring back Anika’s memory…and for that I need to find doctor first’’

—————–Anika’s Room

Om left Gauri till Anika’s room and left from there.

Gauri sat beside Anika and held her hand and caressed her hair , tears poured down her eyes , while smile adorned her lips….

In a very low tone Gauri spoke ‘’Dii…I always felt you were my Anika didi…but was just waiting for the confirmation and see my luck, I found out that you are my sister and I cannot reveal that to you…didi I have kept your memories alive till today, I always wanted to tell you, how much I missed you, but I need to wait more… I always wanted to sleep beside you, exactly the same way I used to when I was kid…I know there were only few memories that I had with you, about you, but they were and are so precious, so I never tried to forget and I kept on remembering so that they don’t fade away…and finally when the time came, I am tied up….didi you didn’t even think for a minute and gave away a part of you to survive me, I guess this is the strength of our bond…what can I do to repay you…everyone said that I saved you, and immediately you saved me, but no didi…you always took care of me…I was just a tenant but you treated me as your family, the bond between us was so powerful that we had to realise who we were to each other….didi please, please get well soon…I just can’t wait to embrace you and live my life along with you, these long years which I missed staying with you, I want to live those days now…please didi, you will have to get back your memories for me…you cannot make me suffer more…please didi’’

At the end of her words her tears got unstoppable and the tear drops fell on Anika’s hand making her come back to senses….she lazily opened her eyes and saw Gauri teary eyed….she slowly came to seating position and held Gauri’s hand

‘’what happened Gauri?’’

‘’Dii…’’ Gauri hugged Anika

‘’Are you okay? Did someone say something. Tell me I will see their end who made you cry…just tell me their name’’

‘’Dii…dii…relax’’ Gauri spoke breaking the hug and continued ‘’I am okay… and none said anything? How will they , everyone are aware that you are there for me, so who will dare’’ she smiled

‘’that’s true, after all I am one and only Khidkitodh Anika’’ she smiled

‘’Yes, my one and only Anika didi’’

‘’but then why were you crying?’’

‘’dii they were tears of happiness…I mean I am so glad to be back to you…and i…I wanted to say Than’’

‘’if you say Thank you , I will never talk to you Gauri…come on who says Thank you to her elder sister…’’

Gauri left stunned

‘’whaat? God forbidden if Sahil was in your place I would have done so…you are and will always be my little sister, understand’’

Gauri felt little sad first but then she smiled and hugged her

‘’Bas, bas don’t be so Senti , it doesn’t suit you and me’’ Anika cheered her up

—-tuck tuck tuck, the sisters heard knock on the door and Shiv, Om were standing there with medicines

‘’Hey Om…’’ Anika spoke looking angrily at Shivaay

‘’excuse me, even I am here’’ shivaay chided

‘’I am not gonna talk to you’’


‘’because you brought medicines again…uff …the nurse in the hospital was better, she sometimes used to delay the medicines’’

‘’whaat? How dare she do that? Let me call the hospital and ask them to fire her’’ Shivaay spoke taking out his phone.

‘’aree…aree…wait…don’t you dare do that…it was me who applied butter and cheese to her and made her do that’’ Anika spoke in defense

‘’you are seriously mad Anika’’

‘’dii…why are you behaving like a kid…remember you used to play that Ghar ghar game and used to make me eat medicines and food during the game and…’’ Gauri started speaking when Om held her shoulder…

Gauri looked at him and became sad…

‘’Gauri, when did I play such games with you?’’ Anika questioned in surprise

‘’Ohh No…Didi…I was just saying you might have played such games na’’ Gauri smiled covering up

‘’I don’t remember much Gauri…anyways forget it…what do you want me to do now…eat those kadwi kachoris?’’

‘’kachori’s like seriously Anika?’’ Om asked

‘’haan…these capsules are stuffed with some powders, like how the kachoris are stuffed with dal or matter…only difference they are tasty these are kadwi’’ Anika made faces

Om looked at Gauri and then at Shivaay and gave up…

Gauri ‘’dii, please take them for me…please’’

Anika pouted, Shivaay gave her the medicines and Om Shiv smiled ….Shivaay left from there towards his room and sat back while his thoughts travelled to his childhood


‘’Stupid…what are you planning to do today?’’

‘’Khadoos will you play Ghar ghar with me? ‘’

‘’Ghar Ghar…no way…that’s so girlish game…and I will never play it’’

‘’khadoos please na….look Om , Gauri and Prinku can also play along…they will be our kids and you will be the Father and I will be mother….see I have set up my toy kitchen also…’’

‘’whaat? Are you serious?’’

‘’yes, absolutely serious. Please na Khadoos…I always play those boyish games with you, can’t you play this game for me’’ she pouted and brought her hands towards her chest making a puppy face

‘’okk fine, but this is the only time I will play such game with you and..’’

‘’tell me what’s your condition khadoos?’’

‘’yeah, you will never say that I played such game with you to any of my family members or friends…understand…I don’t want to be made fun of ‘’

‘’ok fine…I will not’’

‘’Not like that…promise me’’ he forwarded his hands

‘’ohhoo…I will do Pinky promise not regular promise’’ she extended her little finger and entwined with his pinky finger and smiled

He smiled

They played the game, Anika being the mamma and Shivaay being the papa, Gauri , Om and Prinku being their kids…they played the roles of being parents perfectly and Shivaay actually enjoyed….Anika cooked in her toy kitchen and fed Om, Gauri and Prinku, while Shivaay in his toy car used to go around as if he is going to office..then Om, Gauri and Prinku sat in the cycles and everyone used to roam around as if they went to picnic….they used to make one of the kids sick and would rush to hospital, where shivaay used to become doctor…

After the game ended….

‘’You will be a super mom Stupid’’ Shivaay said

‘’and you will be a super father’’ Anika replied

‘’Ewww…my kids should call me Dad, not papa or so…’’

‘’Khadoos…you will never change…’’

‘’I will not let you change too stupid’’

‘’by the way Stupid..if I marry you, will be like the same as how you were now?’’

‘’off course…I will be like this…sweet, sugary, smiley..’’

‘’ok enough…don’t self praise yourself…I can’t bear’’

‘’Huhhhh….you don’t praise me so let me praise myself’’

Shivaay pulled her cheeks and smiled, Anika smiled and they both hugged each other.


Shivaay came out of his thoughts when his mobile ringed

‘’Hello Shivaay Singh Oberoi here’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi , I am the doctor who treated Anika..i hope you remember me’’

‘’yes Doctor. I do remember. Did you find about any specialist?’’

‘’That’s the exact reason I called you…Mr. Oberoi, with much diificulty we finally found one of the best doctors who treat such patients…but’’

‘’but what Doctor?’’

‘’but he is in Paris and there is no chance of his coming to India. So’’


‘’So, I would suggest you to take Ms.Anika to Paris and then you can follow the treatment. If you are okay, I will try taking an appointment at the earliest’’

‘’I can do anything to bring her memory back doctor…if needed I will shift to Paris for her. But I just need to get her memory back’’

‘’perfect, then I will make an appointment for her’’

Sure..thanks doctor’’

‘’You are welcome Mr.Obeori and I will give you a call later with further information’’

The call ended and Shivaay looked determined….


Precap : Shivaay and Anika to travel to Paris. Om and Gauri to travel to London. Rudra and Sumo to handle the business in India…Tej & Family to make an entry ……..To know more stay tuned

This is the Forty Third episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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