Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 34

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Dear Readers, i am so so overwhelmed and grateful for the love and concern you have shown and deeply touched with the get well soon messages that you have poured…all you wishes worked as i have been improving with my health…As promised here you go with the next episode on Sunday (before it ends)


‘’Gauri..wouldn’t you want to say anything? I know I am Lose..’’

Gauri put her hand on his mouth and nodded ‘’No’’…Om looked on holding her hand…Tears rolled from both their eyes and soon the hands got extended and contracted making their body’s wrap together in a hug…no words were spoken but the tears that fell spoke many unsaid things…..

‘’I know Gauri, you have many things to say and I want to listen to you..may be I would want to listen to you forever…’’ Spoke Om looking at her after breaking the hug

Gauri blushed feeling shy, turning her head

‘’Gauri …look at me…’’

She sat still….he lifted her face and turned towards her and kissed her forehead and mumbled ‘’Thank you’’

She looked questioningly

‘’For listening to me and for understanding my feelings.’’

‘’Om’’ she looked at him

He looked on

‘’you are not a loser, you are a fighter and I am feeling so proud to work with you and to get to know you…I will support you Om,  whenever you need me I will be there…this time I hope my bad luck doesn’t haunt me ’’

‘’why are you saying so Gauri?’’

‘’Om…you have said everything about you…whatever happened with you, you had your siblings to stand as pillars by your side …but I am not as lucky as you…infact, whomever I like and feel as my own always drifts apart and away from me…so I never try to get attached in fear of losing them…call it my bad luck, my intuition or superstition but time and again this has always had happened to me…’’

‘’Gauri…no such thing will happen atleast between us’’ he said holding her hands..

She hugged him , keeping her head against his chest, while he carefully placed his shoulders against her waist.

———–Oberoi Mansion

‘’Sumo…howz Aunty ji? Did you get her check up done?’’ Rudra messaged Sumo

Instead of reply, she called him

‘’Hello Sumo’’

‘’didn’t you sleep yet?’’

‘’no..was not getting Sleep Rudra’’

‘’I will feel happy if you call me Duffer or Dumbo , sumo I mean Saumya’’

‘’Duffer…call me sumo..that’s how I would like you to call me’’

‘’So…Howz Aunty ji? Did you get her check up done?’’

‘’She is okay…was talking about you since the time you left…she likes you a lot duffer’’

‘’Don’t you like me Sumo?’’

She blushed

‘’Tell me Sumo…our conversation was left incomplete…why did you kis..’’

‘’Duffer..not now…we have to focus on our career now…I will answer you when we settle…till then..let’s continue as how we are’’

‘’you mean, you will stop me the same way you did when I was about to leave’’

‘’shut up duffer…you are becoming ..’’

‘’becoming what?’’

‘’naughty..what did you think?’’

‘’I am RSO…R for Roman’’

‘’k enough…missing you a lot duffer…will come back soon…now gotta sleep…’’

‘’ok…gud nite’’

‘’wait…I wanted to ask you something’’

‘’yes Sumo’’

‘’Why did you rush to Mumbai so suddenly? Is everything alright there?’’

‘’you will know when you get back..right now take care of yourself and aunty ji…don’t worry about anything over here’’

‘’you sure’’

‘’Sumo…Gud night’’

She smiled and disconnected the call


‘’Doctor…what’s the matter’’

‘’Doctor took the report file of Anika and put it before Shivaay’’

Shivaay Looked on

‘’Mr.Oberoi…Anika has Anterograde Amnesia…’’

‘’Anterograde Amnesia..what..what is this doctor?’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi…Anterograde Amnesia is the loss of ability to form memories for a period of time after the accident, leading the individual not to remember a period of time after the traumatic head injury.’’

‘’traumatic Head Injury…what do you mean Doctor?’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi…I am supposing she had some major accident and definitely a head injury has happened…that’s the exact reason why I was asking to meet her immediate family members’’

Shivaay sat still …

‘’Mr.Oberoi are you okay?’’

‘’But how are you so sure? I mean she looks perfect and normal..i ..i ‘’

‘’Relax Mr.Oberoi…when you admitted her into the hospital as she fainted, we thought it was just a normal stress based weakness , but apparently I wanted to have a scan of her brain to be sure of my thoughts…and the result actually stunned me…she is healthy, perfect but what got messed up was she has this Amnesia problem..did you ever noticed anything of such sort that, you try to ask her something about the past and she doesn’t remember…’’

Shivaay’s face sank….

Shivaay TAM ‘’My Stupid forgot me…She forgot her childhood time spent with me..now I understand why she couldn’t identify my childhood pic..why she doesn’t react to any hints of mine…how unlucky I am..’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi are you okay?’’ dpctor forwarded a glass of water bringing him out of his thoughts

‘’yes doctor..i am fine…I am okay’’

‘’I can understand your situation Mr.Oberoi…as long as she is fine, hale healthy I guess you should be okay with it’’

‘’Doctor…is there any treatment for this..I mean can I revive her old memories?’’

‘’ Unfortunately Mr.Oberoi… there is no real treatment for anterograde amnesia. No surgery or drug has been made that can correct damage to the brain. The only effective treatment is to use a person’s other memory capabilities.’’

‘’memory capabilities usage?’’

‘’yes Mr.Oberoi…all we can do is Memory training, Occupational Therapy …however there are risks involved too Mr.Oberoi’’


‘’Yep…strokes or seizures…so we need to keep patience…and more importantly she needs to be very happy and in a pleasant atmosphere…make sure she is happy and do what makes her happy’’

‘’and regarding the therapy and trainings, when and where to start?’’

‘’I will have to check up with my colleagues Mr.Oberoi…I am sure we don’t have these sort of trainings and therapies available right now in India..but don’t worry, will get back to you soon’’

‘’Thank you Doctor..’’

‘’it’s my duty Mr.Oberoi’’

‘’Doctor…one more request…’’

Doctor looked at him

‘’I don’t want Anika or anyother person to know about this problem of her’’

Before Doctor could reply

‘’what do you don’t want me to know?’’ Anika questioned stepping into the doctors cabin with banded feet

Both Doctor and Shivaay looked at her in shock

‘’NO..nothing…’’ Shivaay replied

‘’Shivaay…I know you will never answer my questions..hide everything in your stomach..one day your tummy will come out like a 9 month old pregnant lady’s tummy as you would keep on adding secrets known better only to you in your tummy’’ she huffed

Doctor and Shivaay smiled listening to her words

‘’Anika beta..’’ Doctor called her affectionately

She looked on

‘’I have met many patients in my life time, but none was as best as you in being funny…God bless you…and ya onemore thing, be happy always it is much needed to you’’

‘’doctor I will be happy if this Khadoos would share his secrets with me..but you know, he never does’’ she spoke dramatically

‘’ok enough stop it Anika..i mean don’t embarrass me’’ Shivaay chided

‘’Ok Lady and Gentleman, I need to go for rounds…so I hope you will excuse me now…’’

‘’We will also leave now Doctor…thanks for everything’’ Shivaay replied

‘’My pleasure and I will get in touch with you soon’’ Doctor replied leaving Anika confused

Shivaay lifted Anika in his arms…

‘’Shivaay..what are you doing…put me down..i can walk..’’

‘’shut up and let me do my work’’

‘’Shivaay…everyone is looking at us…infact staring us…Put me down Shivaay..please’’

‘’Anika will you shut up or should I think of other way to shut you up?’’

‘’What other way..you can’t close my mouth with your hands as you are holding me…so you know I can irritate you as much as I want till you put me down’’

‘’Why should I close your mouth with my hands, when i can close it with my li..’’ he stopped

‘’with your what? Did God give you extra hands ..where show me…show me’’ she moved in his arms, irritating him further

‘’you will know very soon, what God has given me to close your mouth…got it ..Stupid’’ he replied and placed her in car

‘’don’t call me Stupid…I am Anika…Khidkitodh Anika…’’

He sat in the driving seat and before starting the car , he looked at her and spoke

‘’I am sorry Anika…I shouldn’t have got angered on you…this injury is once again because of me…I am really..’’

‘’Ok stop it Shivaay…I agree I like to hear Thank you and sorry from you..but not so many times that I get bored…so please can we talk something else?’’

‘’What do you want to talk?’’

‘’Anything random’’

‘’okay fine…tell me what makes you happy?’’

‘’right now or anytime?’’

‘’right now’’

‘’Right now…knowing what you are hiding about me regarding that lady will make me happy, what’s her name, yeah Riddhima, Khanna said me her name ‘’ she said in a flow and then realised what she did…

She looked at him and he applied sudden break in anger not looking at her….

Precap : No precap as I haven’t wrote the next episode yet !!!!

This is the Thirty Fourth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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