My horrible date ( Kanchi) OS – by Niyu. (last part)..

Hii dear readers & silent readers, hope u all are fine. Niyu is back with last part….So enough of my bakbak, let’s jump into next part. If this one bring smile on ur face, told me in comment box…as it’s a honour for me that i bring smile atleast one time on ur face.?


( Author’s note : I already told u don’t expect this one is romantic )

Kabir come in hostel for pick up Sanchi . He saw PraIsh roaming here & there out of their room.

Kabir : What are u both doing here ?

Pragya : Play Pakdam Pakdai……Dr. Kabir you also want to play.??

Kabir : What rubbish !

Pragya : Uss paglet ladki ne humein kamre se bahar phenk diya.

Isha : Ya, Sanchi is become so much khadoos nowadays .

Pragya : Aakhi sangat kiski hai.?

Kabir gave deadly glare to both while Isha pinch Pragya to shut her mouth. Sanchi only throw them out from room , Dr . Kabir throw them out of the hospital.

Sanchi open the door & saw trio. Kabir is mesmerized by her beauty & his mouth remain open in ‘O’ shape.

Pragya : Kasam se yaar, tum toh ek dum pataka lag rahi ho….Dr. Kabir to tumhe dekh kar hi flat ho gaye.

Kabir realized his state & closed his mouth while Sanchi blushed .

Kabir : Let’s go Sanchi.

Isha : All the best ! ( whisper in Sanchi’s ear).

They both leave from there. PraIsh is about to enter in their room , when suddenly veer is running with jet plane speed toward their room. PraIsh move apart & Veer clashed with door.???

Pragya : Nalayak , Agar sar hi todna tha toh bata dete hum hi tod dete.

Isha : Shut up Pragya ! Veer , Are u alright.

Veer : Am i looking alright to u….Ouch….Mar gaya.

Pragya : toh kahe ghode jaise dod rahe the.

Veer : Where is Miss Golgappa?

Isha : Why do u want to meet her…..She is already go with Dr.Kabir.

Veer : Nahin ! Nahin ! Nahin! Miss Golgappa went without informing me.???

Pragya : Ye SDCH jaise daily soaps ki tarah expression mat do nalayak….baat batao kya hai.??(sorry guys u know me na).

Veer : I want to see their date…

Pragya : Pet main toh humare bhi haathi kud rahe hai wahi dekhne ke liye.

Isha : Why shouldn’t we go there & see them.

Veer : Today i know shakl toh tumhari acchi nahi hai lekin akal bhi kacchi hai.??

Pragya : Abe o maharani , address toh pata nahi hai .

Isha : I note down address while reading message.

Pragya : Kasam se, pehli baar lag raha hai ki tum humari dost ho.

Isha : What are u trying to say Pragya.??

Veer :Stop ur Mahabharat …..Let’s go there.

On Other side –

Place – XYZ Restaurant ( decide by urself)

Kabir opened the Car door like gentleman . They move toward restaurant & he make her sit on chair.

He pass Menu card to her.

Kabir : What do u want to Order

Sanchi : No, You only order first.

Kabir : Sanchi, ur turn first….ladies first na.

Sanchi : I am not so much hungry that’s why u order first.

Kabir : You….

Sanchi : You….

Waiter stand there & saw their notanki from last 15 mins……At last he burst out.

Waiter : Sir… Mam…. anyone give order.

Waiter(in mind) : Kaha fasa diya manager …..Ajeeb notanki laga rakhi hai donon ne .

Kabir : Sanchi…..Now it’s done….You only order first.

Sanchi : Ok…..Write down order…..Cheese Pizza….Cold coffee…Chocolate fudge….. Strawberry icecream…… Cheese Sandwich…blah..blah

Kabir & Waiter are both shocked after listening so much names.??

Kabir : Do u invite anyone ??

Sanchi : No….it’s our date only, then why should i invite anyone.

Kabir : Then, this much dishes for us.

Sanchi : No, this is for me….Now, u tell ur order.

Kabir choked on his own gulp after her statement.??

Kabir : No, for me mineral water is enough.

Waiter take order & about to move.

Kabir : Wait !

Waiter stop there.

Sanchi : Why are u standing here.

Kabir : You go….I say to her.

Waiter is so much confused & about to become unconscious . He leave from there in hurry otherwise he badly need mental treatment.??

Kabir : Sanchi, You don’t feel hungry …then..

Sanchi : Ya, that’s why i ordered less .

Kabir give weird expression ??.

Waiter place order there.

Sanchi is trying to cut Pizza & it falls on Kabir.

Sanchi is shocked while Kabir was hell irritated with this but he control. He saw his ladylove cute antics.

Kabir : You look beautiful Sanchi.

Sanchi look on & both lost in each others eyes.

PraIshVeer reach at restaurant & hide behind pillar.

Isha : Aww….how cute they look together.

Veer : I have one idea…..we record video for memories.

Pragya : Nalayak, Tumhare pas itna dimag kab se aa gaya.

Veer : Hahaaa….tum apne liye keh rahi ho.

Isha : Guys plzz stop ur fight….& record their lovely moments.

Pragya : Idhar lao be camera …hum record karenge.

Veer : That’s my idea….so i am record.

Isha : Why are u guys fighting for recording.

PraVeer start tug of war with chotu sa camera . (Now , see who will win…hehe….)

At last camera directly fall in chocolate fudge & chocolate fall on their faces which broke their eyelock.???

PraIshVeer are shocked & cupped their mouth.(teen tigada….kaam bigada).

Kabir now burst out.

Kabir : This is horrible….this is my worst decision..??



Hope u guys like it ….i know it’s not perfect ending but this os is on one topic only…. Plzz don’t throw chamelis on me…..Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors…..this os is for make u smile….Do comments & keep smiling ?. Be happy & stay safe.


Niyu (Dramaqueen).??

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  1. Trisha139

    Trisha pagal nhi hui !!! Don’t worry chillax !!
    Hilarious yaar !!!

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u soo much for ur cute wala comment didu…..i am chill out , mujhe pata hai ki aap pagal nahi ho sakti….main hone hi nahi dungi….agar aap pagal ho gayi toh aapke ff ka kya hoga …..hum sab toh mar jayege uske bina…..hehe…Glad to know that MOKAMBO khush hua……lots of love & a big jaadu ki jhappi to u sweetie.

  2. Niyati dear..hum pakka chameli fekenge tum par..par chameli chappal nahi..chameli ke phool… kya mast OS tha yaar.. mazaaaaaaaaaa hi aa gaya.. enjoyed it so was hilarious..craziness ki to tumne baja di.. ???? dialogues..Fantastic.
    RESPECT dear…accept it chupchap varna..Chameli chappal bhi market main available hai ???

    1. Sorry dear.. aaj unregistered account se msg bheja..pata nahi registered account se kyu nahi aaya msg.. hope yeh wala to aa jaye..

      1. Anonymousaa

        Mitu dear yeh wala bhi nahi aaya unfortunately registered account se. Aaya toh fir nayi thumbnail ke saath.It seems like we have already been so much acquainted with the new version of TU that it is being difficult to again adjust back to it. You know in the new version using same username and email u could get ur comment anyway posted with registered account. But here u can’t.

    2. Niyati

      Aww, thank u soo much mitu for ur comment… ki na friends waali baat…i really accept ur chameli flowers as i know chameli chappal is also available… hehe….Glad that u love this….My OS is also crazy like me…hehe….i am happy that i brought smile on ur face….it didn’t matter that u comment from account or not….ur comment only matter for me……lots of love & a big hug to u sweetie.

  3. Very funny …. Couldnt stop laughing at kabir’s reaction in the end…. Loved it

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks Amna for ur comment dear……Glad that u like it & i become the reason for ur smile….Ya, i too love Kabir’s reaction in the end… .poor guy…hehe…lots of love to u sweetie

  4. Riyarocks

    Niyu dear….tumse yehi umeed thi…….haha…….arey just kidding…….I was saying ki ur mission is successful,i.e, tumne iss os se hasa hasakar mere pet mein dard karwa dia………..haha……….especially PraIshVeer convo……..I just looooooooooved it………& hamare jagat mata as a gourmand……haha……..too good dear……..tussi toh bada kamaal kitta……haha…..ek bada waala jaadu ki jhappi & luv u a lot sweetieeee………

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u didu for ur sweet comment…..Glad that u like this & my misdion is successful that i brought smile on ur face.Aww, it really means a lot to me….pet main dard na karo itn mat haso….warna aapki chotu si sis medicine kaha se lekar aayegi…..hehe….just kidding..lots of love to u & a big jadoo ki jhappi in ur style for u.

  5. No dear…it was just a perfect ending….i loved ur story…amazing…plz soon come wid another os…ur silent reader

    1. Niyati

      Hey Dhruvi…..first of all a big thank u for breaking ur silence & encouraging me…..Thanks for ur comment dear….Glad that u like this…..Ya, will be back with another OS sweetie…..keep reading & lots of love to u sweetie

  6. Ohhhhh My God!! Such a Horrible date…all were so funny…laughing hard… It was sooo much funny…

    1. Niyati

      Hey Sanjukta dear, thank u soo much for ur comment dear. Glad that u like this & i brought a smile on ur face. Keep reading & lots of love to u dear.

  7. Aafiya

    Awesome and superb

    1. Niyati

      Thanks sweetie for ur comment. Glad that u found it superb… lots of love to u & a big hug to u my sweet friend.

      1. Aafiya

        A big hug to you also..

  8. Yaashi23

    Niyu dear ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ u for givong us such beautiful os.. loved a lot. Aaj proove ho gaya ki har ek frnd kamina hota hai!!! Dher saara thank u for writing this . Hope to see u with something new. By the way tum kis comedian se training le rahi ho ?? Paresh rawal ya johny lever?? .just kidding. Luv u dear..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, Yaashi dear thank u soo much sweetie for ur comment.Glad that u like this & i become the reason for ur smile….Ya, i am writing fs on kanchi currently but whenever i got time i will be back with another one OS …….About training i will learn from u only……lots of love to u sweetie…. a big hug to u.

  9. Miss-Golgappa

    Mei tumse bohath naras hu……

    1. Niyati

      Hey bestie what happen….why are u angry from u…..maine koi galti kar di kya… least mujhe batao to…..tum toh mujhe pakka heart attack padwaogi….plzz reply something….luv u dear

      1. Miss-Golgappa

        Hehe just kidding bestie…..hum tumse naras hosakthi hai Bala…..Teri ff ne to meri bure hal kar di hasake…..angry and me never…..take care ….love you loads…..?

      2. Niyati

        Aww….so sweet…..meri jaan nikal di thi tumne,….itna serious mazaak……hehe….what about ur ff…post that soon & lots of love to u.

      3. Miss-Golgappa

        Meri iss stupid si dimag Mei kuch nehi aarahi ….im just drawing blank…. I don’t seem to understand that how will i complete those ffs….my teachers are all behind me…..they are just giving me work loads….so i wont be able to post so soon…..?

  10. This was indeed hilarious. ??????
    Meri choti ?????.
    Kya likthi ho . Proud of u????

    1. Niyati

      Hey my cadbury….aww.., so sweet comment like u…..thanks for ur comment sweetie….ur rasgulla is very happy after reading ut comments . Glad that i bring the smile on ur face… lots of love & a veryyyyyy big jug from ur choti.

  11. Niyaaa

    Hahaha niyu sach me tumne kamaal kar diya trio convo r superb nd my fav. Dialogue abeo nalayak sdch jaise daily soap k jaise expression mat do sach me tumne sdch ko kya ijjat di h dil garden garden ho gaya.. Isse kahte h ek tir se do nishane hamein hasaya bhi or sdch ka band bhi bajaya.. Nd trio ne jo last me kaand kiya camera ka uske liye to unhe award milna chahiye nd tumhe bhi.. Tin tigada kaam bigada hota h per yahan to kaam kar gaya sabko hasa hasa kar besudh hi kar diya.. A big big jadoo ki jhappi 4 u..mujhe bas ek song yaad aa raha h tere liye.. Lag ja gale.. Lovv u bye gud ni8 post ur ff destiny nd rahashay too. M eagerly waitting… Tc bye enough of my bakbak now..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks for ur comment didu….Glad that u like this & i become the reason for ur smile…..ab kamaal karna seekha kisse hai….aapse didu….ya, ek teer se do nishane…mujhe SDCH par itna gussa aa raha that ye likhte maine yahar par bhi uska dialogue bana diya…hehe….aww, lag ja gale is my favourite song…..lots of love to u & a big jaado ki jhappi for u…..i already updated rahasya & u will read also i think…..about my Kanchi fs… i will update soon..Gm. have a sweet day like u….u too tc.

  12. Anonymousaa

    I didn’t smile at all unfortunately. In fact I was laughing showing all my 31 teeth( coz only 3 of my wisdom teeth have grown 1 is pending)
    I really wanted to see the waiter’s face in real.I still can’t stop laughing.Okay I can’t write more.Pet mein bohot dard horaha hai has haske.
    Luv uh loads.I want to read part 3 also plz plz plz post next part.

    1. Khamoshi

      Thanks dear for the info.. sahi yaar.. naye ki aadat lagi to purana ab achha nahi lag raha ..kash jaldi pehle ke jaisa ho jaye

      1. Niyati

        Hey mitu don’t worry….u get habitual after sometime .it always happen with me…..that’s why i always commeny from comment box… need to b sorry dear….as no sorry & thank u in friendship.

    2. Niyati

      Hey sweetie pie thanks for ur sweet comment .Glad that u like this & i brought smile on ur face.Unfortunately, i didn’t show u waiter’s face …..hehe…. i don’t make third part of this….really sorry for tat but i promise whenever i got time…i will surely write another one funny OS for u…..lots of love & a big hug to u sweetie.

  13. Neha7873

    Hilarious one niyu ! Updaye soon .

    1. Niyati

      Thanks di for ur comment. Glad that u like this. Lots of love to u didu.

  14. ok so niyati as i told u , i never read kaanchi os , but urs ws the first ever kaanchi story i read , well yes it ws good

    1. Niyati

      Hey my didu….i know u are sanveee fan,… really means a lot to me that u read my writing…..glad that u found it good….thanks for ur comment….lots of love to u.

  15. Dhruti

    you too good niyati…………..mind blowing, jabarjast, ek dum khidki tod tha ye os ………………how cute sanchi na she just order these only : “Cheese Pizza….Cold coffee…Chocolate fudge….. Strawberry ice cream…… Cheese Sandwich…blah..blah” bas ittu sa hi!!!!…….. he he and how kabir and waiter gave expression listening her order list…………. and at the end praveer’s convo and At last camera directly fall in chocolate fudge & chocolate fall on their faces which broke their eyelock.??? it’s give complement on os just like sone pe suhaga!!!……………tc………….

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks for ur comment didu…..Glad that u like this & i become the reason for ur smile…..Sanchi ne ittu sa hi order kiya…..hahaaa… lots of love & a big hug to u my lovely di.

  16. RuCh23

    ?????? oh ? my ? god Niyu this was awesome dear !!! I can’t control my laughter oh god I actually fell from the bed. Now my leg is hurting. Don’t worry I’m alright. Sorry for rambling sweetie this was outstanding. Luv u loads ???

    1. Niyati

      Ruwani dear…….thanks for ur comment…u are such a sweet person…..glad that u like this & i become the reason for ur smile sweetie…..lots of love to u dear.

  17. Priyanshipp

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This was truly a horrible date. Far better than a romantic one. U nailed it dear.
    Kasam se keh rahe h “mai tere haye re zabra fan ho gya”
    Come back with another funny os pls

    1. Niyati

      Hey sweet lil sis, aww thank u sooo much for ur sweet comment.Glad that u loved it dear……i am also jabra fan of ur writings… really means a lot to me….Ya, whenever i got time i write one more OS . Lots of love to u dear.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks sweetie for ur comment . Glad that u like this . Lots of love to u dear.

  18. LOL. It’s really hilarious date. Keep it up.

    1. Niyati

      Thank u sweetie for ur comment . Glad that u like this. Ya, will keep writing & u also keep reading dear…..lots of love to u dear

  19. Abhilasha

    Dear for this I wanna hug u tightly…….yr itna mai kbi ni hasi ki bed se gir jau haste haste….hey lagi ni mene support lelia ta….but really ROFL ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? kasam se keh rhe hai tumne kamal kar dia !! Umaahhhh!! Love uh!!

    1. Niyati

      Aww…how sweet di, thanks for ur comment….i have no intention to make u fall from bed from laughing ..hehe…thank God u don’t get hurt…..Glad that u love this. A very big hug to u & luv u soo much didu…

  20. Ruhanika188

    This was amazing Niyu di. U r a rockstar. I loved this. I was upset for some reasons & it just made my mind refreshed

    1. Niyati

      Thanks my lil sis for this…..this compliment made my day dear as i bring smile on ur face & refreshed ur mind. that’s only the big achievement for me that my crazy writings make people laught & they forget about their worry. Glad that u like this . Lots of love to u & a very big hug to u. Keep smiling dear & never become upset .

  21. Jessicca

    You nailed it girl… It was so hilarious… Can’t control my laugh… My parents are looking at me confusingly… Thinking to take me to some psychiatrist… Hahahah still can’t stop laughing ?.. Loved it

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much for ur comment my choco pie…..Glad that love this & I become the reason for ur smile as laughing is best medicine….keep smiling like this……lots of love & a very big jadoo ki jhappi for u sweetie.

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