My horrible date ( Kanchi) OS – Dedicated to Abhi di & Anu by Niyu (Part 1)

Hii dear readers & silent readers, Your drama queen is back again with her stupid & brainless idea…..This OS is dedicated to our Abhi di , Inara & Anu….Guys get well soon….Miss u & luv u soo much …?

( Author’s note : Don’t expect this one is romantic OS because i don’t know how to write romantic things
? …… Sanchi & Kabir are already confessed their love from each other in my OS ).

Sanchi is tried to sleep but sleep is very far from her eyes. His thoughts disturb her & she continuously move here & there on bed. Suddenly her hand collide with water jug & water fall on Pragya’s face. Sanchi is shocked with this ,she closed her eyes like a innocent child & start doing drama that she is sleeping.

Pragya(scream) : Abe koi bachao……baadh aa gayi….??

Isha(while rubbing her eyes) : Pragya …..Why are u shouting in mid night .

Pragya : Abe o kumbhkarn ki behn….uth jao.

She throw water on her face.

Isha : What are u doing ??

Pragya : Baklol pehle paani phenka….aur ab maharani bhaut bholi ban rahi ho.

Isha : Yaar, Pragya ….i don’t do anything.

Pragya : Bhoot aakar phenk gaya….Sanchi toh so rahi hai.

Isha : Bhooot……I am leaving this room. I don’t want to die.

Suddenly, Sanchi’s phone beep .

Pragya : Aa gayi Dr. Kabir ki chitthi……lekin maharani ghode bech ke so rahi hai.

Sanchi get up & jump on her bed from the excitement after listening Kabir ‘s name.

Sanchi : Who say to u that i am sleeping.

She pick her phone & start checking his message while Pragya & Isha give deadly glare to her. Finally, she realized what she had done.

Pragya : Ha toh maharani tum toh so rahi thi….baklol kahi ki….how dare u to disturb my sleep.

Isha : Now , I get darkcircles….u also disturb my beauty sleep.

Sanchi : Sorry Pragya….i have no intention to do that.

Pragya : Sorry gayi tel lene…..

They start running after her & they trio messed the whole room with their tom & jerry fights.
After some time , trio fall on bed together.

Isha : Sanchi, u forget about the message.

Sanchi : I read it ….but u guys go…i need privacy.

Pragya : Maharani, privacy chaiye tumhe…

Isha snatch the phone from her hand & read the message .

Isha : Dr Kabir want that u should go on date with him….I am jealous from you….My hottie…

Sanchi give deadly glare to her.

Pragya : Tumhare gaal kahe tamatar se laal ho rakhe hai.

Isha : Ohoo….Sanchi, Are u blushing.

Sanchi : Shut up u both . Give my mobile back….i want to reply him.

Isha : I already say ‘ Yes’ .

Sanchi give shocked expression to them.

Pragya : Aaj tumne pehli bar koi akal ka kaam kiya hai.

Isha : Thanks Yaar….Pragya.

She remind her words in her mind & realized that it’s a insult for her. She throw pillow on her while Pragya catch it.

Pragya : Thank u …..i only need this.

She keep pillow while Isha cursing herself for her flop plan.

Isha : What are u wearing?

Sanchi : Umm……..My daily clothes which i am wearing in hospital.

They both fall from bed after getting shock .

Sanchi : What happen guys….I swear i don’t kick u….then how u guys fall down.

Isha : What else we expect from u ?

Pragya : Abe o maharani….You are going to date not for treating patients…..Wahan jaakar jagatmata na ban jaana.

Isha : We should decide in morning. I am going to sleep.

Pragya : Abe o maharani , we discuss so much important matter & u want to sleep.

Sanchi : Isha is right….

Pragya nods her head & throw a pillow on Isha. Trio go in deep slumber.

In morning –
Scene – Trio room which now become not at all less than dustbin.

All the room messed by dresses .

Isha : I think this one is good for u …(while holding her dress ?).

Sanchi : No way ….Isha….it’s look too short ….infact handkerchief is more lengthy than this.

Pragya start laughing like a maniac while Isha make irritated faces.

Isha : What are u trying to say….that i wear too much short dresses.

Sanchi : No, i didn’t mean that….i am not comfortable in this.

Pragya : Isha…u throw ur dresses ….these are useless like u.

Isha : Hahaa…very funny….u are saying like that u have better option.

Pragya : Sanchi, u wear saree…..You have na .

Sanchi : I don’t have.

Pragya : Khai main kood ke jaan de do….I think u refused Dr. Kabir for date.

Isha : Wait a sec….

Pragya : Now what ….Don’t tell me You also go with her to do suicide.

Isha : Nooo….I have Saree…

Pragya : Kya…..tere paas toh rumaal jaise kapde rehte hai….tune kahi churayi toh nahi.

Isha : Shut up ! Wo main maa ki le aayi thi.

She take out saree from her wardrobe & give it to Sanchi.

Sanchi : I don’t know how to wear it.

Isha : Oh noo… what should we do.

Pragya : No problem….I am with u.

Pragya start to wrap Saree ….

Isha : It’s looking good.

She wrap saree on her hand too.

Sanchi : I am not able to move guys…

Pragya : Oops….Take out ur hands .

Isha & Pragya hold each of her hand & start stretching.

Sanchi : Stop it ! You guys break my hands.

Pragya : We tried one more time.

They again started & take a deep breath after done it like that they are come after fighting any war.

Isha : It’s looking short yaar Pragya….why this not touching the floor.

Sanchi : Pragya, Isha I will kill u both.

Isha : Relax Sanchi…..we try one more time.

Pragya : Ya, try..try but don’t cry….last time.

Sanchi : Not at all ….. I am doing this .

She finally tied Saree with so much effort by taking help from video on internet.

Pragya : Ye idea humare dimag me kahe nahi aaya.

Isha : If u have brain , then idea only came in ur brain.

Pragya : Ha…u also zero size brain.

Sanchi : Not start again.

Isha : Now…we should done ur makeup.

Pragya : Isme toh ye maharani perfect hai.

Sanchi : No make up……..i don’t want to be Make up ki dukan like Isha.

Pragya chuckel on her statement while Isha throw juice on her from glass She escape & it falls on Sanchi’s saree accidentally. Both cupped their mouths in shock.

Pragya : Pher diya pani saari mehnat par.

Isha : Pani nahi juice.

Sanchi : Shut up ! You guys are not my friends….u are my enemies.

Pragya : Sanchi….ye is paglet ladki ka kaam hai

Isha : Sanchi…at least listen our plan.

She throw them out from the room.

She take out Pink Anarkali & get ready with minimal make up.


Hope u guys not bored with my useless idea….this is my chotu sa brain’s mistake as my lil brain give this much bakwaas idea. Tomatoes are acceptable but don’t throw eggs as i am pure vegitarian & chameli too as i get hurt.

I wrote this much….I know u miss Kabir….but i promise next part will consist Kanchi scenes only. Thanks for bearing my stupid writings.

With so much love


Niyu( Dramaqueen)?

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  1. So so beautiful story yaar

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    1. Niyati

      Hey, didu thank u sooooo much for your comment….Ya, i am agree saari duniya ek taraf aur dost ek taraf…..Glad that u like this…..Lots of love & a big hug to u didu….Goodafternoon….hope ur day is good.

  3. Dhruti

    so amazing……..trio’s fight was awesome………………….. update next one soon…….

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  7. Haaaaaaye! Marjawa tumhare is os pe. It was awsom se bhi uper. Cute,funny,superb, minblowing amd beyond anything. Luv u for giving this to us. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡[♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡. U r our ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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      Hey dearie, thanks for ur cute wala comment…..ya, my chotu sa brain…haha…Pure vegetarian…ohh, same pinch sweetie….Glad that u love this dear….Luv u soooo much dear.

  9. Seriously it was hortible nd sooo funny…this trio r tooooo cute…amazing… missed Kabir …update nxt soon…

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    Fav dialogue:
    Pragya : Abe o maharani….You are going to date not for treating patients…..Wahan jaakar jagatmata na ban jaana.
    Too good dear.

    1. Niyati

      Aww, so sweet comment dear….thank u sooooo much for your comment. Glad that u love dialogues…..itni tareef mat kiya karo, rona aa jaata hai…hehe…lots of love to u swetie & A big hug to u Mitu.

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    Awwww so hilarious yet cute one uff all thanks to you ! Amazing niyu !!! I loved it literally from the core of my heart !!!

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      Hahahaa….didu aapko mere chotu se brain ki zaroorat nahi kyunki aapke pas pehle se hi itne amaz ideas rehte hai.. It really means a lot to me. Glad that u like this. Thanks for ur sweet & cute comment.Ya, post very soon & lots of love to u didu…

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    1. Niyati

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