Hornbook by Lovely (Jiya_Ani) [Twinj and Raglak fans must read]


Hellooooooooooooo guys…..here is Lovely (real name Shreyani) here..with..HORNBOOK..

Raglak Fans!!!!….I am back ad I promised of returning on Christmas… if you guys have forgotten me…so I am Lovely who wrote a horror-romantic fs On Raglak
‘IN LOVE#RAGLAK’…hope you do remember..

Now Hornbook of what???
This question must be running in your mind.. so..you’ll decide of which ff..

So let me clear.. see..I have two ideas of beautiful romantic ffs…
I am giving an idea of both and you’ll decide and tell which one you guys wanna read…


This is my version of a heart touching novel ‘A walk to remember’ by Nicholas Sparks..

This is a story of a innocent soul..Twinkle (Jasmin bhasin)/Ragini (Tejasvi Prakash Wayagankar) a so-called ‘nerd’ in her office..’Demeanour’..a designing company’s editor’s PA ..in Darjeeling..a sober girl ..living a simple life without any hopes or expectations from her life….Believes in Love ..but will never fall in Love…she lives in a world which has only her father to be called as hers!..she has only her books in the name of her ‘friends’.
…and a cool dude …Kunj Sarna (Sidhant Gupta) / Laksh (Namish Taneja)..The heartthrob…Twinkle’s colleague.. and her company’s photographer.. girls are a use-throw tissue for this guys….LOVE…that can happen anytime.. every time.. and can be vanished at any desirable moment for him..

Now ..how are these two paths gonna merge and become a hearttouching love story!?

Now for those who have read this novel…I only am taking a thread from it for my ff….except some necessary points…all will be my work….
Don’t come bashing.. this is for ff & lead couple and story lovers…you don’t like..fine. don’t read..

And yes..this ff will be for Twinj here on Tei Tu page and for Raglak on Swaragini TU page..

2. LOVE IN BATTALION! # Raglak and Twinj

A story of two gymnasts and childhood besties…Twinkle (Jasmin bhasin) and Ragini (Tejasvi prakash Wayagankar)..these two beautiful girls of age 24..are full of life and masti..though.. Twinkle is a cute ..full on bindaas and really an Atom Bomb !..while Ragini is a sweet ..caring and loving girl…Twinkle and Ragini.. both are ..actually were orphans.. Their Aunt ….Selena Sullivan adopted those two young 5 year old girls..which have now grown up as two young and graceful girls in the beautiful city of Melbourne…
Both of them are working together and running a cafe..where mostly boys don’t come to have coffee but to have a glance at them!!…trying their best to woo any of them…?

How did these two to ended up..Spying!!?????….and…how are they going to find their prince charming… While on a mission!!!…

This ff …is surely present with lots of surprises!!!


Sooooooooooooooo….tell me lovelies.. which one do you guys wish to read???..actually… read 1st..as..My finals are from Feb…I’ll complete one before it….and the other one in April….that means ..I’ll write both the stories.. But am Hell confused which one to give first!??… Help out…and drop down your veiws..suggestions..and choices ….

With a hope to get an encouraging response…
With Love ❤
Lovely.. (Shreya)

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  1. Love in batallion will be nice

  2. Purvi128

    Hi Shreyoo … yrr me tujhe 1st wala likhnay ka kahun gi coz it seems interesting… wesy both r interesting but 1st one .. I really like it … do continue with that … plss its a request …
    Love u ❤❤??

  3. Sohi

    Yaar aani I liked both stories also they are awesome
    If you want to choose anyone I will choose 1st one
    I liked that story plot very much
    Do continue bye

  4. Piyali

    I wanna read both (They both sound soooooo interesting) but would go for second one for the time , because that includes both couples together……..Love you…….be happy……..

  5. Sreevijayan

    Both r interesting shreya…..cnt wait to read…..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    1st one seems to be interesting….

  7. babes i loved both so choose both i know m selfish easpecially when it comes to ragini i craved more

  8. Sindhura

    Both are good

  9. Presha

    Hey jiya both r good but 1 st one seems interesting

  10. A.xx

    fab both r good but i like 2nd one better.xx

  11. Both stories r superb

  12. Ramya

    Shreya u can write anyone both r amazing lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

  13. whatever u write I think that awesome but plzzz main focus is our raglak and eagerly waiting plzzzz be regular for raglak fan and plzz give more and more raglak ff bcoz now raglak ff is very less

  14. Love in battalion is my choice

  15. Ayu

    SHreya meri jaan! Mujhe donnon chahiye???
    Missed u soo much meri jaan! I am so happy u’re back! Kuch bhi chalega…till ur here!
    Love u?

  16. Raglakholic

    I liked the both stories
    But I liked 1st one more
    So I want u to continue with the first one dear

  17. IQRA222

    hi shreya di welcome back
    missed u
    and coming to the ffs
    i am not able to choose between them
    so thats your wish
    but i am sure to read both of them

  18. Jazzy

    Amazing dearrr bith r sooo interesting i m.waiting for both

  19. Both stories r too gud but i liked first one d most

  20. Both stories r seem to be interesting and plzzzzzzzzz continue

  21. I like the first one

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  23. Loved both

  24. SRSL

    1st one.

  25. Both r osmmmmm u chse

  26. SidMin

    Weel I want the second one first … but both are good 🙂

  27. Asra

    awesome choti…Both r too good dear….but i like 2 one more dear….waiting for u…tkcr choti….

  28. Ritzi

    1st wala 1st wala 1st waaaalllaaaaaaaaa!

  29. Ragz_teju

    both seems interesting.. .. I will love to read both… you asked to choose 1 so I choose 1st one

  30. Adya

    1st one .plsss…pahla wala is awesome !

  31. Monaa

    Hey lovely..
    Both the ideas are nice.. U can write anyone .. But I think 1st one will be good for now..
    But at the end its totally ur wish.. I m surely gonna read it..
    As last months were hectic.. So I was not able to read any ff properly but I think.. This story will be amazing ..
    Do start soon. ☺?

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