I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 9)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil FanFiction

Chapter 9
Marriage, a new start (last)

(sorry for not updating last suturday because i was legit tensed for our Avneil, because of that juhi)


The scene starts with Avni waking up. Before opening her eyes she prayed to God. It felt like a dream to her. For several months, she had woke up, seeing her love in pain. Finally he had got justice, finally she could see a smile on his face.

She rubbed her eyes and slowly opened them. Her smile faded away, as she looked around the room.

“Jaanu” she yelled, as she stretched her arms.

She stood up and saw that there was something placed on the table. She smiled.

“Neil bhi na” she said, as she smiled thinking of him.

She opened the box and she blinked her eyes. It was a white wedding gown. Avni slapped herself and said “Avni.”

She noticed that there was also a note.

“How romantic” she said, as she picked the note.

Avni read the note and blushed, she hugged herself as if she was hugging Neil. She picked the gown in her arms and started to dance with it, as it was her dance partner dancing with her.

I had fallen week, but you made me strong. I was sad, but you made me happy. I didn’t know about love, but you thaught me the feeling of love. I didn’t get justice and you gave me justice. I love you, these 3 words are not enough to express my love for you. I can’t get over you. Get dressed and I will wait for you at church. I just want to get married to you and completely make you mine in all way. I want Avni and Neil to become Avneil this night. (he drawed a winking emoji after that sentence)

Avni was on cloud nine. She couldn’t believe that Neil was going to fulfil her wish. She never knew wishes exist, until he came in her life.

“I just want to get married to you and completely make you mine in all way. I want Avni and Neil to become Avneil this night” Avni’s head was keep saying this to her. She blushed thinking about the few last sentences which was written on the note


The scene shifts to Neil waiting in church.

He stares at his phone wallpaper, it was Avni’s picture of course. He loved her so much. He swiped the photos he had of her. He stopped and stared a picture of Avni. Avni was sari. He loved seeing her in saris. As he got to see her beautiful and hot waist. He just wanted to make out with her.

A few seconds later…he got a text message from Avni.

Message: Neil, don’t get too excited about night. It will come.

He blushed more seeing the message.

“Avni bhi na” he said to himself, as he smiled.

2hrs later…

Neil was kneeling down on his knees with his eyes closed. He was facing the cross and he was praying for his Avni.

Neil (thinking) : God, please give me strength to look after Avni. Please keep your blessings on her. She has always God, always suffered so much, but no this time. I will always keep her safe and happy in my arms. I will never let anyone hurt her.

After he said that, someone from behind hugged him tightly.

Avni: Neil, thanks for turning my life so beautiful. I love you so much.

She said as she kissed his cheeks.

Neil: Haye.

He turned around and hugged her.

He immediately kissed her lips, she kissed him back. After a few seconds they broke the kiss.

Avni stood up and Neil grabbed her hand, his was on his knees.

Neil: Avni, I have been waiting for this day for so long, finally it has arrived. We might not have anyone in this world, but we are happy with each other. I won’t let my past haunt or affect us in the future. I promise that I will never bring a tear in your eyes. Avni, stop it. Stop bringing that tear in your eyes.

He stood up and wiped away her tears.

Avni: These tears are of happiness. Neil, I just don’t know, I don’t know how to say thankyou to you. You have made my dream come true, I love you so much.

Neil: But I love you more

Neil said this as he slided the ring through her finger.

Avni: No I love you more

Neil: No I love you more

Avni: No I do

Avneil (together): No I love you more.

They laughed knowing that they said the same thing at the same time. They hugged each other. A few seconds later Neil broke the hug and kissed Avni on her lips, while Avni kissed him back too.

3 months later.. ..

Neil is seen opening the door. He gets reports from the hospital and opens it. He gets shocked and runs to Avni.

He hugs her tightly. He starts to kiss her neck.

“Neil, why do you seem so happy? What happened Neil?” She asked as she kissed his lips.

Avni pushed Neil back.

Neil hugged her tightly.

“What happened baby?” Avni asked Neil.

“Sweetheart, guess what?” Neil said with his eyes wide open.

“You’re pregnant, im about to become father and you are about to become mother” he said, as he kissed her cheeks.

“Whattt” Avni yelled.

Neil nodded and showed the reports.

Avni cried and hugged Neil tightly.

Neil broke the hug as suddenly he felt that Avni was crying.

“Avni stop crying” he said.

“Arrey bhudu, this is tears of happiness” she said as she hugged him.

“Neil, I love you” she said.

“No Avni, I love you more” he said.

“No I do” she said.

“No I do” he said.

“I don’t love you more, I love you the most” Avneil said together.

They laughed and hugged each other..

(the end)

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