I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 8)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil FanFic

Chapter 8
She Gifts Him Justice


The scene starts with Neil leaving the house as he needed to go for some work. Avni gave a goodbye kiss to him and he smiled at gave her one back and then he left.

Avni got dressed and she went to the market to buy something and then she got shocked seeing Karan, Rithvik and Priyank.

Avni (thinking): Oh God, he can’t mess with me or else I will beat him up.

“Dude, from where did you get proof that Neil Khanna is innocent?” Priyank asked him.

Avni stood there in shock. She didn’t believe her ears.

“Bhai, the girl that got raped was my friend’s sister, she is so annoying, I was these because I left my camera, but this happened when no one was there. Her brother is my friend, the day before I went to his house and left the camera there, I saw that it was recording till yesterday, I saw the footage and got shocked” said Rithvik.

Avni smiled as she thought that Neil can get justice.

“Bhai, don’t lie, I know that you like Avni just like Karan does” Priyank said smiling.

“Yes, ssshh Karan is coming” he said, telling Priyank to be quiet.

“Me and Priyank will go to my house because I want to talk to him about something and Rithvik you go to your house and today is your day off, enjoy at home” Karan said.

“Okay bye bhai” said Rithvik as he started to leave.

Avni (thinking): I have to do this for Neil.



Avni knocked at Rithvik’s house. ?

Rithvik opened the door and got shocked seeing Avni.

Avni: Rithvik I want to tell you something

Rithvik: Yeah say?

Avni: I love you, I was cheating on Neil.

Rithvik got happy

Avni: But I will only be with you, if you listen to me.

Rithvik: I can do anything with for you, what do you want me to do

Avni: If I give proof that Neil is innocent, he will get his job back and when he earns money I will steal it and both of us can go somewhere far. Neil will earn 50crores in a month. Come Rithvik our life would settle. Also that Rhea I know that the other day Rhea came to talk about me and Neil. Is it true? I bet it’s true.

Rithvik: Yes Avni, you are right. But how do you know?

Avni: Me and Neil were in a taxi, we were going somewhere. We passed Karan’s house, I saw Rhea entering, she had a smirk in her face. I thought that she was coming to make plan about me and Neil. Anyways I really don’t care what happens to Neil.

Rithvik: Neil is a blo*dy man, he doesn’t deserve to live.

Avni got angry, as she heard a word against Neil.

Rithvik: Are you okay?

Avni: Yeah and give me the video which has proof that Neil is innocent.

Rithvik: How do you know that I have proof of his innocence?

Avni: I heard you in the market at morning.

Rithvik: OK just wait, I will go and get the the CD.

Rithvik handed the CD to Avni .

Avni looked shocked. She was just pretending.

Rithvik notices her.

Rithvik: Avni what happened? Why are you shocked.

Avni: Rithvik hurry up go inside your house, hurry. Neil is right there, he might see me and you, hurry go inside Rithvik.

Rithvik did what she said. He quickly went inside his house and closed the door.

Avni smirked.

She locked the door from the outside and quick as she could, she ran to the court.


Avni reached to the court and rushed inside.

A person: Look that illegitimate girl is here, today her lover has to get punished.

Avni: Apni Bakwaas Band Karo! Also let’s see who gets punished today.

Neil rushed in inside, his clothes for wet as it was raining outside.

Neil went and hugged Avni.

Neil: Avni, why? I told you not to do anything like this. I don’t want you to ruin your life just because of me.

Avni: Neil, look I told you that I will get you justice and today is finally the day. We have proved the world wrong.

Neil: Avni

Avni: No more Neil, you have suffered alot.

A laywer: These two again, today you are getting arrested.

Avni: No today only one person will get arrested and that is that stupid Hiten who you also consider that he is a celebrity. He is the most shittiest celeb on earth.

Hiten was seen coming inside with Rhea, Rithvik, Priyank and Karan.

Avni got scared and hugged Neil tightly as she saw Karan.

Karan: Avni did Rithvik gave you proof of Neil’s innocence?

Avni: Yes

Karan pushes Rithvik’s face and pushes him.

Two police man came and took Karan.

Laywer: What proof?

Hiten: She is lying, why would I rape a girl after being such a big celebrity. I always respect girls.

Avni: Let’s see this video and then we can see how much you respect girl. For your kind information Rhea, Rithvik told me that you came to their house to make a plan to separate me and Neil. Whatever you do but me and Neil will never separate. Get that fact in your mind, or else I would forcibly have to put that fact in your mind by using my way of doing it.

A person: Look this why illegitimate doesn’t deserve to live. She is talking shit about Hiten who is such a big celebrity.

Neil: Just stop, just stop. If anyone says a word against Avni, then I swear to God that I will finish that person today even if I go to jail.

Avni: No Neil, please control your anger.

Neil: No Avni, how can I hear someone speaking against you?

He said this with teary eyes.

Avni held his hand.

Avni: Neil, don’t cry. Please for my sake control your anger and don’t cry. I will today prove the world that you are innocent. You will get your job back and then finally we can live like a happy family. You wanted a baby right, your dream will also come true. Just Neil now promise that you will not react or speak a word out over here!

Neil cups her face and says: I promise.

Avni: Laywer look at this video.

They see the video and get shocked. They all stare at Hiten.

5 hrs later..

Neil is seen hugging Avni.

Neil: Thankyou so much, you are a blessing in my life. No one can replace you, not even my past. I love you more than anything else. ?

Avni: It’s okay Neil, now that best thing is that I don’t have to go away from you and that we are not in danger anymore.

Rhea comes to them

Rhea: Ewww. Anyways congratulations Juhi is alive.

Neil gets shocked and break the hug with Avni. Avni gets sad when Neil breaks the hug.

Neil: Haha, I don’t care if she is alive or not. First of all, you are a liar. I heard what you said to Karan when you Hiten was getting arrested.

* Flashback *

Rhea: Karan don’t worry, I will separate Avni and Neil. When Neil is standing with that illegitimate girl, I will tell that Juhi is alive. He will be shocked and he would stop hugging it whatever and he would look at me and say Juhi is alive. Then I will tell that I was joking. But then I will say to Avni – oh look Avni, even thought Neil is with you, in his heart he still loves Juhi, that’s why he reacted. Then that illegitimate girl would be sad. *

* Flashback Ends *

Neil looks at Rhea angry at then he hugs Avni.

Neil: Rhea go away, I don’t want waste this day seeing your ugly face. Just go away makeup ki dukaan.

Rhea gets mad and leaves.

Avni: I actually got sad that moment when she said that Juhi is alive and then you broke the hug. But then I knew why.

Neil: Avni, if Juhi even is alive. I would not want to even hear her voice or look at her face. Because I only want to spend my life with you. I want to look at your beautiful face. I want to have a famiky with you only. You are the most important woman I have in my life. Anyways it’s getting late and let’s go home.


Neil and Avni came home.

Neil came inside picking Avni in his arms because she was sleeping. He makes her lye down in bed. He puts covers so she doesn’t get cold. He removed the hair which covered her face. He looks at her beautiful face and then he gets up and looks in the wardrobe.

He picks up and dress, which he bought for Avni. It was a white wedding gown.

Neil puts the dress on the table and sat next to Avni.

He puts Avni’s head in his lap and he patted her forehead.

Neil: Avni tomorrow is the day. I have been waiting for this moment till college. Finally we will get married. I will leave you early morning, sorry for that. I will be waiting for my bride at church. ⛪

Neil makes her lye down with her head on a pillow.

He gets up and writes a note. He puts it on top of the dress.

Neil lays down next to her, he kisses her forehead. He slept hugging her. He closed his eyes and after a few minutes, he fell asleep.


There you go! A long chapter, not really but still long. Sad announcement is that chapter 9 will be a happy chapter, but it is the ending of the whole story. Next chapter is the last chapter.

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