I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 7)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil Fan Fic

Chapter 7


The doorbell rings and Avni opens it. She sees Neil in pain.

She didn’t say anything or thought anything, she just immediately hugged him tight.

“I’m sorry Neil, because of me, this happened today” she said, while crying, making his shirt wet with her tears.

“Avni sshh, it’s not your fault, I am here alive because of you, anyways who told you this?” He asked her as he played with her hair.

“I called you and you somehow picked the phone up and then I heard everything that was going on” she said.

“Avni, it doesn’t matter now, we can’t change what happened, but we can choose what will happen by taking the right decision, next week, promise that you will go away from this city, just for me. I don’t want you to get hurt by anyone” he said.

“I will only go if you don’t get justice in these 7 days” she said, hoping that she can fix everything before that.

“No Avni, in 2 days” he said.

Avni got shocked

Avni (thinking): In 2 days. Will I be able to do this? Yes Avni, you will, you have to fight for your love. I have to get Neil justice in these two days. I will prove the world wrong.

“Fine and come inside, I will do your dressing” she said.

He sits down in the sofa, he is looking at Avni, adoring how beautiful she is.

Avni does his dressing.

“Neil, please don’t do this again, I will go to the shop and return the dresses I bought” she said.

“No Avni, please don’t, I want you to wear them” he said.

“No Neil, you need money” she said.

“Avni tumhe meri kasam” he said.

Avni became quiet and held her hand.

“Avni, I don’t know when and what is going to happen, I don’t want to know what will happen, I am living in the present and I want to spend that time with you, sorry for leaving you at this time” he said.

“It’s okay Neil” she said, as she smiled.

They both stood and started to walk towards the bedroom but Avni slipped and Neil caught her in her arms. He smiled at Avni, Avni also smiled. He picked her up in her arms and he made her sleep in the bed. He puts blanket on her and he also gets in the blanket.

He hugs her while sleeping.

Avni sleeps comfortably in his arms as well.

“Good night Avni” he said, as he kissed her forehead.

“Good night Neil” she said, as she kissed his lips.

He also kissed her lips back.

Avneil both smiled at each other and they hugged each other tightly.


That’s it for this chapter, remember to read next part as a big twist will happen which will lead to Neil’s innocence proof. Avni our sweet tubelight is not a tubelight in this fanfic. She is a nice and clever person. She will use Rithvik to prove that Neil is innocent as he told Karan and Priyank that he has proof that he is innocent. If you don’t remember, I recommend you guys to read chapter 3 again.

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