I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 6)

I hope these tears will never fall – An Avneil fanfic

Chapter 6
The reality


The chapter starts with Avneil coming home.

Their romance starts ✨

Neil comes closer to Avni and Avni pushes him in the bed and they both have their own time.

They both have closed their eyes and trying to go to sleep.

“Good night Neil” she said.

“Good night Avni” he said back, as he hugged her.

At Night 3am

Neil phones ring and he picks it up

“Come near the tea stall, which near city mall” a man said.

Neil knew who it was, he got scared and said “as you say.”

Neil(thinking): Should I tell Avni or no? I can’t leave her at night like this. If I tell her should would come with me. She has no idea how dangerous he is. Why did he call me today? Oh I forgot I had to return his money, but the. money I needed to return him, I spent that all today. Oh God, what should I do. I have to leave Avni, I’m so sorry, I will be back soon my jaan. I should quickly go to him or else he will come here and harm Avni.

Neil kisses Avni’s forehead and he went to the guy.

Neil goes away.

1hr Later..

Avni starts coughing and she wakes up.

“Neil, can you give me water?” She asked, as she opened her eyes.

She turned her head and saw that Neil wasn’t there. She freaked out and grabbed her phone, which was placed on her side table. She quickly swiped through her contacts and found Neil and she quickly called him.

Without knowing Neil picked up Avni’s phone by accident. He had no idea that he had picked up the phone.

“Hello Neil, where are you?” She asked as she expected a answer.

Neil didn’t hear Avni talking, he couldn’t even move at that time. A man was holding his tie, making difficult for him to breathe.

“Please let me go, I promise that I will pay you back by next month, I want to live still” Neil said.

Avni stood up and got shocked.

“Neil” she screamed.

“Why do you want to live, there is no use to that, no one even likes you, what are you going to do by living life” a man asked.

“I want to live for only one reason, I want to live just for Avni. She is my life, if anything happens to her I will die. Please I don’t know when people will attack on me, so for now can I please go because I might have less time for her, I want to enjoy every single moment with her” he said crying.

Avni cried more listening to him.

“Where did you spend the money?” The man asked.

“I spent the money today because I wanted to give a surprise to Avni, I wanted to tell her that she deserves this and that she is special for me, also to make her happy. Please leave me” Neil said.

The man pushed him and Neil fell out he ground.

His lips were bleeding.

“Aah” he yelled in pain.”

Avni cried as she heard him in pain.

Somehow the call had disconnected.

Avni felt that the world was ending, she fell in the floor on her knees. She hid her face with her hands and she started to cry at out loud.

Avni (thinking): How can I do this? I was so selfish, I didn’t care about Neil. He is in pain just because of me. That’s true, whoever loves me always die for some reason. I finally had Neil, but now look what is happening to him. This is all because of me. I have to go away from him when he gets justice, or else something else might happen to him.


Hello Guys, so that’s it for today’s chapter. Next chapter will be them talking about their feeling and their thoughts. It will be a emotional one.

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  1. Fenil

    Superb update.Avni gets to know about truth of Neil now waiting for reaction of Avni towards this problems.cant wait for next.❤️

    1. Nikitansx

      Thanks for supporting me ♥

  2. Mehak

    So painful.. poor avneil.. hope they get justice soon… cant see them like this..
    Chapter 5 .. so great..

    1. Nikitansx

      Thanks and yes of course Avneil will get justice

  3. it’s too good to interesting. my eyes got teary after realizing your emotional concept. the way you feel to give your best in your storyline that’s is mind blowing. Really I can’t help but appreciating your special ability. If you always wanted to give your best, you will become a great writer in future. Best of luck Nikita.

  4. Shabnam

    superb dear sorry for not comment prev episode lovely soo much pain avneil hope they get justice soon loved your ff keep writing stay happy

    1. Nikitansx

      It’s okay.

  5. Sweetgirl7

    mai sach boli,too abse meri os queen hai…aur mai ar baar bulaungi..aur sachh bolu,toh tooh ek writer banegi..whatever u wanna be it is good but u will be a great writer in future

    1. Nikitansx

      OMG ? You have said a big thing! Thanks so much ♥

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