I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 5)

I hope these tears will never fall – An Avneil FanFic

Chapter 5
A day spend together


The chapter starts with Avni entering a shop.

“Neil, will this look nice on me” she asked, as she showed his a dress.

“Any dress will look nice, but can you buy something more transparent and short than that” he said, as he winked at her.

“Neil, just shut up” she whispered, as she looked around hoping no one heard him.

“You are not liking me flirting with you” he asked.

“Yes, I don’t” she said.

“Oh stop lying sweety, then why are you blushing” he said.

Avni blushed more.

“I will be back, let me pay for this” she said, trying to escape from the subject.

Avni came back and told Neil that they should eat ice cream.

“Which flavour do you like?” He asked.

“Chocolate” she said.

“Even I wanted chocolate, oh I have an idea, we can share” he said.

Avni blushed

Neil went

A few moments later..

Neil came back with the ice cream.

Neil and Avni shared the ice cream, while they also looked into each others eyes.

They were done shopping now.

The scene shifts to a spa place.

“Neil why are we here” she asked him.

“Avni, I have booked a private spa, there will just be two of in that spa” he said.

Avni blushed as she thought about going inside with him.


Neil was sitting in the pool, waiting for Avni to come.

Avni blushed as she came, Neil was amazed seeing how beautiful she was.

Avni came inside the pool.

Neil: I never knew you could look this beautiful

Avni: Neil, kuch jada hogaya

Neil: Anyways I’m sorry

Avni: Neil, thank-you so much. You have gave me a big surprise. I love you so much. Every girl deserves a loving partner like you. You have given me respect and you have told me that I able to dream. You have changed my life, when you came I finally felt that I was a normal girl.

Neil: Avni, you always say thankyou. But you don’t do anything for me.

Avni: What do you want me to do for you.

Neil: If this fight gets worse and people planning to kill me or if they again try to hurt me in any way, you have to leave the city. Because I really don’t want you getting hurt just because of me. You still have your own life to live. I don’t want you to waste your life on me.

Avni: Neil, do you trust me?

Neil: I trust you more than God and anyone else in this world.

Avni: Give me 5 days, I will prove you innocent and that stupid celebrity will go to jail for his crimes.

Neil: Please Avni, don’t hurt yourself. Don’t do anything whether I get justice or not.

Avni: Fine, I will listen to you

Avni (thinking): Sorry Neil, but in these 5 days, I will surely get you justice whether I die or not.

Avni smiles.

Neil and Avni get changed and they went to a restaurant to have dinner.

3 servants came and served food to them

Avni(thinking): How did Neil afford this?


Hello Guys, please try to understand. I can’t do long chapters, that’s the reason I post everyday. I live in Nz and we have holidays. Please don’t request for longer chapters. I am having a feeling that I will get sick.

thanks and sorry

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