I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 3)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil Fan Fiction.

Chapter 3
Her happiness.


He heard some footsteps. He quickly wiped his tears and picked up the furniture that he throwed. Thank God, the mirror didn’t fully crack, it was just the corner of it. He picked those up and chucked it in the bin.

He heard a door knock. He opened it and saw her smiling. He knew that there was pain inside her. He knew that was just a fake smile.

“Avni, I want to talk to you, let’s go sit at the bed” he said.

She nods, she puts her right leg forward to walk but suddenly Neil carried her in his arms.

“Neil, what are you doing?” She asked.

“Sssh” he said, as he tucked her hair behind her ears and he started at his eyes.

“Neil, really what are you doing?” She asked him, puouting.”

“You want to know what I am doing?” He asked. “I am having romance with my unromantic darling” he said.

“Unromantic, how dare you” she said.

“Yes you are very unromantic” he said.

She finally got over the face that he left her in the kitchen and her heart melted looking at his innocent face.

She kissed his cheeks.

“Now put me down” she said.

“That’s like my girl” he said, as he put her down in bed.

They sit down together and Avni feeds Neil.

“You are still unromantic” he said.

“OK, tell me what to do” she said.

“You will have to spend a day with me” he said.

“I always spend a day with you” she said.

“Yes, but always inside this house, not outside. Let our haters see, how much we love each other” he said.

“Yes even I want to go outside, but it is dangerous for you and me, well idc about myself, but Neil, people might hurt you” she said.

“I might die anytime, people might attack on me anytime, can we spend this today together?” He asked as he cupped her face.

“Ok” she said, as she gave him a warm smile.

“Get dressed” he said.

She went to get dressed in the bathroom.

He quickly opened his drawer and checked the money that was in his purse.

Neil (thinking): I think this will be enough money to spend and to buy food for 2 weeks. There’s also enough money for that.


The scene shifts to a boy’s house. He is seen looking at a girl’s picture, while he instructed his 3 friends to come to talk to him. He is none other than Karan, the man that Avneil were talking about.

Rithvik: Karan bhai, what happened?

Karan: I have heard that this girl is living with Neil Khanna. Remember this girl in college, I can’t believe I lost that time. Only I deserve Avni. I wish finish him.

Priyank: I think he will die, let’s not get involved. He is already getting chased by many people.

Rithvik: But he is actually innocent. I even have proof.

Karan: Shut up Rithvik, he has to suffer. He doesn’t know who he has messed with.

“Oh wow, I want to get involved in this fight too” Rhea said as she entered their house.

Rithvik: Rhea

Rhea: I went to Neil’s house, he was acting like a hero. I wanted to make him mine, but now he has to pay for this. You want Avni, I will help you with that.

Karan: Just tell me your plan.

Rhea tells them the plan.

Karan: Look, Rithvik and Priyank! This girl has a good clever brain.

Rithvik looks at Avni’s picture that Karan was holding.

Rithvik(thinking): Oh God, I really want Avni, she is only mine. No one can take her. I have to kill Neil and Karan and this Rhea.


The scene shifts to Avneil’s house

Neil eyes set up on Avni, as she came out the bathroom.

Neil went up to her and tucked her hair behind her ears.

Neil: Oh God, you are looking so beautiful my princess.

Avni: Thanks.

Neil: I have a surprise for you tomorrow, I will tell you something.

Avni: Ok, let’s go now.


The scene shifts to Neil and Avni at a restaurant.

Avni: How can I say thankyou? After suffering pain, you still did this for me.

Neil: Your welcome and sorry.

Avni: Sorry for what?

Neil: I am sorry, I never took you places and I never made you happy. I always kept you inside with me.

Avni holds Neil’s hand.

Avni: Neil, it’s Ok. I understand, atleast you gave me love. That’s enough for me.

A servant comes and hands them their food.

Avni nearly took a bite of the food but Neil stopped her.

Avni: Neil, what are you doing

Neil: I will feed you with my hands.

Neil feeds her.


This is the end of this chapter. Do keep in mind that this is sad love story but Avneil will make the ending happy. The confusion is still there, so I want to clear it out.

Neil was walking to his grandma’s house. When he was walking near a house, he heard a girl screaming like if she was in pain. Neil looked through the window and got shocked. He got shocked that an famous actor was raping a girl. A few days later Neil told everyone the real face of the actor Pikash. No one believed Neil, he was instead bullied by everyone. Everyone hated Neil for going against a big actor like him. Pikash was extremely popular and if someone does something wrong to him, everyone will kill that person. Pikash is not a good person, but still everyone thinks he is innocent. The community also started to hate Avni because she is illegitimate and alive. They think a girl like her can’t live. Thats the reason why everyone hates Avneil.

Tell me if it’s a good story or not!

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