I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 2)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil Fan Fiction

Chapter 2
The girls she saw, through the window.


The scene starts with Avni turning back so she could see him.

“Neil, I love you but” she said.

“But what?” He asked her making a serious face.

“You have to control your anger. I don’t care what others say about me, this is my destiny and I can’t change it” she said.

“Avni, yes you can change your destiny by leaving me and going somewhere far. I know we can’t live without each other but we have to. You can change your whole destiny by making this decision. Praying is useless, Jesus won’t listen to our prayers.”

“No he will, trust me. One day we will prove the world that you are inocent” she said, as she cupped his face.

“But people will still call you names and they will also keep gossiping about your mother. I wouldn’t be able to control your anger. Stop lying, you do get hurt when people talk about you” he said.

“Neil, we don’t what will happen soon, but can we not talk about this and can we please spend some time with each other” she said, as she smiled.

“I wish you would keep smiling like that” he said, as also smiled.

“What do you want to do?” He asked her in a naughty tone, as he also raised his eyebrows.

She blushed and ran in the kitchen.

“Yeh ladki bhi na” he said.


He went to the kitchen and saw her cooking a dish.

“This is a miracle, you know how to cook” he laughed.

“Stop teasing me tillu” she said, as she pouted.

“Hayee” he said, blushing.

“I thought you hated it when I called you tillu” she said as she poured milk into the pan.

“Yes that was at college, but now since your mine, I love it when you call me that” he said looking at her.

“I still remember those college days” she said.

“How we always use to fight and then we don’t know how we fell in love, it is very surprising.”

“Every true love story starts with an argument” she said.

“Yes true, but not every” he said.

“I still remember how Karan always used to scare the whole college. If a boy ever talked to me, then he would literally smash that person. That’s why I never had any friends that were boys because everyone was scared of me. If Karan even loved me, he would not scare me like that. I remember how we became best friends and then he got angry. He even blackmailed you, but you didn’t care. You made me strong.”

“My favourite was when I bet him up in front of the whole college, he was not a good person” he said, laughing.

“Yes, that was very funny” she said.

Avni looked out of the window and saw three girls that she didn’t know, she was just listening to them.

“Mehak, should we go shopping and then go watch Judwaa 2, then we can go to a restaurant to have dinner and then go home?” Gina said.

“Yes that sounds good” Mehak said to the girl excitedly.

“Yay” her friend Dia said.

Avni looked at them and just closed the window.

Neil noticed that there was something up with Avni.

She looked at the girl through the other window and then she began cooking.

“Avni, are you alright?” He asked her.

“Yes I’m fine Neil” she said, as a teardrop rolled down her cheeks. She quickly wiped her tears so that he wouldn’t notice it.

Neil’s heart started to prickle as he saw the teardrop roll down her cheeks.

“Avni, I am going to bedroom to rest ok?” He said.

“Ok” she said.

Neil left from there.

Avni (thinking): What happened to Neil now? He wouldn’t leave me for me minute but now he went to rest.

She cried more thinking about how he left her and thinking about the girls that she saw.


Neil entered and locked the door.

He picked the flower vase and smashed it on the mirror.

He throwed the tables.

He kneeled on the floor as he cried.

Neil (thinking): I hate myself, how can I do this. She is crying because of me. She doesn’t live like a normal girl now. In college she use to go shopping, watch movies. But now she is stuck in this house. I should go with her somewhere. I should buy her alot of clothes and cosmetics and I want to go watch a movie with her. Judwaa 2 released today, finally. I remember 3 years ago when we were at Ski’s house, we were watching an aware show on the TV. Avni’s favourite actor Varun Dhawan announced that he his film Judwaa 2 would be coming out in 2017, September 3rd. Today’s the date, I know she has been wanting to watch the move. It’s my time to give her everything that she deserves.


Hello Guys, please follow and comment. It tells me if I should continue or not. Please comment down below your thoughts. Next chapter Neil would be surprising Avni.

I know that this fan fiction is confusing, don’t worry it will be easier for you to understand in the few next chapters.

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    ayee so lovely so cute.i wish the surprise is as beautiful as it could be…neil ,everything will be fine soon…coz my bestie will frame the story such..

    1. Nikitansx

      Aww the last line, thanks so much. There will be many problems but Avneil will face then together and solve. They will of course win and live peacefully together

      1. Sweetgirl7

        yay..me soo much happy…and last line,made my day..u are truly sweet..

  2. Wow, your episode is visible in my eyes. The way you give us fresh & different storyline’s concept which makes you a special writer. The sweet & beautiful moment between Avneil is really interesting to read. I can’t help but appreciating your talented activity. All the best for your next update.

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      Thanks so much, you really make my day ♥

  3. Hey awesome. Continue it

  4. Very nice..I loved it…..avni ko judwa 2 dekhado…I have watched it and I liked it as I like varun dawan…and judwa 2 released on 29 September not 3 October…judwa was also nice…did you watched judwa 2?..sorry,for saying nonsense..anyways,very fantabulous update and update really very soon baby.

    1. Nikitansx

      Yes even I’m a big fan of Varun. Yes I’ve watched it in the cinema. It was amazing. Taapsee and Varun just slayed it.

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