I Hope These Tears Will Never Fall (Chapter 1)

I hope these tears will never fall – Avneil Fan Fiction

Chapter 1
Intentions Right, Action Wrong


The scene starts with a girl wiping her tears. Her eyes were red by now, she had been miserably crying, till the last few days.

“God, why did you need to punish him”? She said, as she looked at the cross. “He hasn’t done anything wrong” she said.

As she cried louder, she felt as someone rested their hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw his crying face.

“Please don’t cry, trust me, I will find a better place for you to live, no one will judge you there” he said, as he kneeled down, holding her hand and looking up at her face.

“Are you mad?” She asked him, as she forwarded her face to touch his face. They could feel each others breath, their nose was touching, they closed their eyes.

“I can’t live without you, if you go away I’ll die” she said.

“I can’t live without you too, if something happens to you, then my heart would stop beating” he said. “Try to understand, I wish that you could stay with me, but if you stay, then people will judge you and someone might try to hurt you and kill you, because you are my girlfriend, I can’t see you in pain, I can’t hear a word against you” he said.

“You are innocent, I’m not going anywhere, until I prove that, I again want to see you as a police officer. You have to prove the world, that you intentions were right, but your actions were wrong. I can understand, atleast your intentions were good.”

“Thankyou so much, for understanding me, I know that you will never ever betray me” he said.

There was silence for a few seconds, their tears touched each others tears, as it created love between them. A few minutes later, they heard a door knock.

He stood up hearing it and went to open the door.


He opened the door and saw a girl that he hated.

“Where is that illegitimate sin” she said, as she smirked.

“You have no rights to call my wife by that name!” He shouted at her, angrily.

“You should date me, instead of that cheapless girl who thinks that she is a person. She should remember that she is not a person, she is an monster. See, I told you that you should leave police job and become a male model, you are perfect, any girl would love you. But no, you didn’t listen to me, look what happened, you got suspended and punished. No one likes you now, accept for me. I think that girl only wants you for money, nothing else. Why did you shoot him? You know that he is such a big star. Who cares if he raped a girl, no one cares. That girl who got raped, she deserved it. I think she was cheap like your girlfriend.”

“Just shut up, don’t say a word against her, or else I will shoot you too, I will forget that you are Rhea Mehta. I can’t believe that I was going to marry a girl like you, disgusting. If I did marry you, then my whole life I would praying that I could die. I would rather die to marry you. She is not illegitimate, you are illegitimate and your thinking is illegitimate. Her parents have sacrificed and loved her so much, what about your parents Rhea? Your dad is the one who has been betraying you and using you for money. Your mother is the one who doesn’t even give a shit about you. Get your facts right and get lost from here and if you again say a word against my girlfriend, then I will kill you.

He stepped backwards and slammed the door. He locked it up.

He noticed that she wasn’t here anymore, he went to the room to find her


As he stepped into the room, he saw her lying in bed. He got sad hearing her cry. He slept next to her, hugging her body from back.

“Avni sweetheart, I really love you, I promise if that girl says a word against you again, I will kill her” he said, as he kissed her kneck.


Hello Guys, this is the first chapter of this fanfic. If you do want me to continue this, then please follow me. I desperately need some followers.

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