In The HOPE Of LOVE an ff on devakshi (Part 5)

Recap- Soha getting tensed knowing that Sona and Shubh are going to Bose house and Dev is not ready to go to Bose house
Sona ringing the door bell of Bose house and was shocked to see Elena opening the door she Elena hugged her and was happy to see Sona

Elena- Sona u here such a pleasent surprise and is this Shubh (pointing finger towards Shubh)

Sona-ya Shubh. Do one thing bring the chair here we will sit and talk as am tried now

Elena- sorry I was just surprised come in

Sona- and am shocked see u here where is maa baba is there no one at home?

Elena-they wont live they live in Kolkata and from that we are staying here

Sona to Shubh- go and fresh we want to talk

Shubh- ok mumma

Sona- and who all come in this we

Elena -obviously me Vicky and golu

Sona- and

Elena- and no one

Sona- ma mamaji and mamiji and maa

Elena- they live in our old house I mean Tripathi house

Sona- y soo. all are split ted

Elena- becoz of u Sona

Sona- me

Door bell rings Sona says she will check and was shocked see her own daughter Soha in front of her eyes she was wearing light pink t-shirt with with blue jeans and tied a pony and white sling by her side Sona just hugged her and after few seconds Shubh too came and Elena was seeing it from behind Shubh too came and hugged all three of them were hugged each other and after that golu came meet everyone

Elena- Soha come inside why are u standing there

Soha- mumma papa had booked a restaurant and want you to meet there and Shubh please u too come for my sake

Sona- maasi is telling something u haven’t responded her come in sweetheart

Soha- sorry mumma i cant inside becoz after u went from that house dadi dint want to stay in that house and Elena maasi with her family came here leaving me and papa alone at that house
sona was shocked to listen all this

Elena- and when dev bhai came to meet to here bua ji had insulted him alot and from that day soha dint came here

Vicky was standing near the stairs and listening all this

golu- and i cant forgot that day when u both left from here papa and elders had a big fight leading them to leave this house and leave in tripathi house

Sona- come on lets go

Elena- where

Sona- to fix everything

Elena was about to say but Vicky stopped her and trio leave for the hotel where Dev was waiting for her as she entered in hotel he stood up the the chair leaving his fifth cup of coffee(the mugs were on the table)and both of them hugged each other
yeh lamhe hazar se played at bg
sona said for the group hug where shubh refused to hug and ended in war between the father and son. after that sona said that she had decided something Dev this would be your punishment as to spoil the moment shubh for u this is the punishment becoz of making me sad and took me Mumbai and u know that hoe exited i was to meet my family only for u i was leaving there

shubh- not for me but for ur sake

sona-come on shubh u are crossing ur limits plz for god sake can we have a lunch peacefully or u both have a prblm wid that also

dev- am ready for the lunch tell shubh not to start it again

soha- papa u r also behaving as a baby

waiter- ur order sir

while having lunch Sona asked Soha why she is not entering in Bose hose

soha – dadi would insult us

sona -but maa doesnt leave there

dev- what is punishment becoz ur punishments are not easy

sona- why r changing the topic

soha- ok mumma i would go there ask forgiveness with chachu and maashi
and golu would not spared now

dev- can i get my ans plz

shubh – u are very curious

sona- u both have to live in Paris for six months jatin will look after my business and here Vicky would look after after six months me and soha would pick up u guys from leaving Paris for lifetime

soha- am exited for this

Shubh and Dev give a shocking expression after that soha got a message……………………

precap- soha asking for permission Dev and Sona had a talk Shubh came to know Dev innocence and duo leaving for Paris

guys am really sorry for late submmision and i was busy with my semesters from now i want b late and silent readers plz show ur presence my at least clicking on like or dislike buttons and guys plz do comments or it would encourage me to write

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