In The HOPE Of LOVE an ff on devakshi (Part 1)

Hello eveyone I am back with my new os hope u guys like it and if u daont like also plz do comment negative comments are accepted enough of my bak bak lets start with the os enjoy reading
Dev Dixit the business tycoon married to miss. Sonakshi Bose and a father of two children He lost his love becoz his mistake which his child took as granted lives in Dehli with his child Suhana Dixit
Mrs. Dr. Sonakhi Dixit business tycoon wife of Dev lives in Paris with her child Shubh Dixit loves Dev alot but is quite becoz of her child
Miss Suhana Dixit is as same as in serial lives with her father in Dehli
Shubh Dixit hates her father but loves his mother and only sister alot
Here it goes it was the the seventh birhtday of Shubh and Suhana (they are twins) they are celebrating it in the nice way suddenly a group of goons attaced thier took suhana there enters Natasha and says if u want soha alive devashi should depart for the sake of their child they departed from that shubh hates dev becoz he think he is respnsible for this as dev has rejected natasha sona took shubh fom there leaving soha with dev and went to Paris

After 7 years
In Paris
Sonakshi is seen working in the office and odering thier employes to work fast took her phone from the opened whatsaap messeged soha and dev to have their lunch on time
there shubh is seen was in school learning something suddenly his phoned rin ged he got happy seeing the name as iot was his sister message
In Dehli
Dev smiled seeing the messageof sona and replied that he would have it after the meeting
and soha was at home alone with the workers working she got happy seeing sona message and replied she had it this was the only talk the duo would have sona would message soha have her food and she would reply to after that soha message shubh that dont take much stress of studies on which shubh after that they had an video call for atleast an hour and then as soon as he saw dev on screen he cut the call
Dev- who was there on call?
Soha- papa it was shubh he is having exams
Dev-how is he
Soha- he is fine
dev-ok enjoy
dev leaves from there went in the room called sona they had talk for about an hour shubh was standing there from past 15 minutes watching his mom as soon as she saw him she got scared but dev was on line only
Shubh- how can u talk to such a man?
Sona- what do u mean he is ur dad where are ur manners
Shubh- i dont have any relation with him mom
Sona- oh really the name Dixit on which u feel proud is his name only and the blood which are running in ur veins is his only
Shubh- so that i should change my name
Sona- have u gone mad what had hje done that u hate him soo much
Shubh- dont ask the reason mom u better know if he had polietly rejected that proposal she would havent came in our life and depart me from my family
Sona u know u are the main reason behind that
after jatin enters took shubh inside the room dev was on the line listining all this and started crying and there sona sit crying forgetting that dev was on line soha came from behind and hugged dev and promise him one day shubh would call him papa on which dev replied this day comes soon
TO B CONTINUED………………………………….
Guys plz do comment an say how was the epi
til then
take care

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