Hope…… (Episode 1)

Hi everyone this is Dyuti again with my new fan fiction “Hope” a psychological thriller. So fasten up your seatbelts, put on your armor, lighten up a little bit and let’s take a ride down the story lane and lose yourself completely.

Hope-the ultimate power, the immense ability for a person to exist in this dark world. Dark world, the eye of this universe, with its evil-threat-like-eyelashes turmoil people every time to lure them into its never-coming-back world. Initially, what seems to be the centre of eternal happiness, sooner, rather than later, turns out to be a pit of sadness and despair. At that time only, hope supports us and eventually helps us to fight.

Run, run, run…
The words kept rushing through her mind. She had no idea for how long she was running. The more she ran the more she got deep and deep into the forest. The wind howled and blew a bitter chill past the dying trees; it danced with the leaves and dragged them away unwillingly from the autumn ground. The floor was damp and stagnant with the odor of decomposing wood, sunlight looked down with vengeance. The forest seemed to never end. She felt very parched and her legs started to give up. Her consciousness was shutting down all her thoughts, tears ran down her cheek continuously making her vision blurry. Right then, an immense pain shot through her head making her vision even more blur. She tried to focus with all her left out strength but this simple task was becoming difficult for her in every single step. Unable to bear the pain her mind started to fade away and she felt the ground move under her feet, she felt the sky tumbling down upon her and gave up at last falling down.
The forest seemed haunted. A paranormal presence lurked in the essence of the devils grasp, shadowing each living organism with dire precision.
“Randy, Randyyy…” a voice shouted.
“What is it? What you got?”

“Look here” the person pointed at the leaves.
“It’s blood. Fresh blood” Randy exclaimed.
“Yeah. What d’ya think where did she go?
“I don’t know, Mike. But she hasn’t gone far. A down horse is a dead horse. We just have to hunt her down.” Randy’s eyes showed determination.
“Hmm! We’ve to hunt her and we’ve to kill her.” Mike gritted his teeth.
“She has to pay for her sins. She has to pay for killing Cillian.” Randy looked furious. “You go that way and I’ll go this way” said Randy pointing out the way.
They went different ways searching for their hunt, for their one and only HUNT, ‘The girl’.

That’s it for today. Mystery’s going to be revealed soon.

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  3. happy to see u back..thnx for this mysterious story. .keep going

  4. Very interesting story. Will be eagerly waiting for the next update. Keep writing dear. Take care 🙂 🙂

  5. interesting mysterious start…

  6. A very nice start I loved it plz keep writing and plz read my ff kuch khatta meetha pyaar

  7. It very intresting dear
    Pls update soon

  8. Awesome epi, mysterious one…dyuti dearrrr it’s superb start, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. I’m very sry to inform that I can’t upload my next episode soon. I’ll upload it by 1st March. My exam’s going on and it’ll end on 26th February so I’m very sry… Plz forgive me… And thanks to all of you… Wish me luck… Tomorrow is Physics so need the luck..

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