Hope – that binds us together (Intro) (OmRi)

Gauri Sharma a true definition of a strong woman. She is not depended on anyone. She doesn’t go finding happiness but creates happiness. Self belief is what she has gained over the time. A decision made her foe to her own family. She still fights for her position as the bread earner of the family. Hard to understand her emotions and her feelings. She don’t pretend that’s her biggest enemy. Her upfront nature is what makes her the pain of everyone’s life around her. But she is stiffly standing to gain what she believes is her right. Right to decide her life.

Omkara Singh Oberoe a man who is a clumsy man who is a control freak. Born in a male dominating society believes that women are only for serving men. A widower who lost his wife due to his carelessness. Stone at heart and drained of all the emotions after the death of his wife.

A fight between these two strong yet opposite personalities gonna create a tornado. Will love strive through this tornado and shine.


Gauri Sharma – 25 years old
Omkara Singh Oberoi – 29 years
Ashna – Daughter of Omakara and Ishana
Janvi Singh Oberoi – Mother of Omkara
Tej Singh Oberoi – Father of Omkara
Shakti Singh Oberoi – Uncle of Omkara Singh Oberoi
Pinky Singh Oberoi – Aunt of Omkara Singh Oberoi
Shivay Singh Oberoi – Cousin of Omkara
Anika Singh Oberoi – Wife of Shivay
Rudra Singh Oberoi – Younger brother of Omkara
Bhavya Singh Oberoi – Wife of Rudra

Chapter 1:
Some people dwell their own ways. And for such people life seems harder. But they don’t stop but just move. Their pace is their friend and the pace is their foe. The gossips around the tea table and drooling over handsome boys is not what some girls think of. They think beyond that. And they are called the odd ones. Guari Sharma was one odd among such evens.

It wasn’t a big mansion but a small house which had a two floors. In the first floor lived Sharma family. Gauri Sharma the bread earner of the family believed in no god but in herself. She depended no one for her life but herself. Her father died when she was in her teenage leaving her to survive with her two brothers and an elder sister.

The brothers managed the family upto a time they got married. Then the daughter in laws of the house deprived the family from the male protective layer. Fighting through all the odds Gauri’s mother married her elder daughter Ishana luckily to a rich business tycoon Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi.

He loved her truly but not more than his male ego. His ignorance caused his wife death. Gauri who had just a formal relationship with her brother in law started hating him to the core. The girl who never blamed anyone blamed him completely for her sister’s death and for making her niece an orphan.

She took away Ashna with her and brought her up as her mother. She rejected a normal life sighting Ashna’s presence in her life. She decided not to marry all her life and stay as Ashna’s mother. Ashna on the other hand knows Gauri only as her parent.

Omkara slips into depression after Ishana’s death and was least bothered about his daughter. A realization strucks him very late when his imprints in Gauri’s mind is that he is a loser who don’t know fighting back and can abandon Ashna at any stage of life.

She refuses to accept him as Ashna’s father. And there the story starts of Gauri and Omkara. How will life bring them together and glue is what this story tells.

This story is a complete fictional work and totally different from the serial. Only the character names are taken from the serial Ishqbazz.

Do tell me how did you like the concept.

And you can also give me suggestions where I can improve. The first chapter will be up soon. Thanks for giving this story a try. Hope to keep you people entertained as the story progresses.
Lots of love

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