Hey peeps!!! I am back with another OS. This is a lame idea which came to into my head and I wanted to try it out . It will have two or three parts depending upon the story as it progresses. (P.S. No proof

The Oberoi’s sat in their well lit drawing room each lost in their own thoughts. Dadi saw them all and sighed.
“Why does my family always have to face problems lord” she asked the all mighty.
Tej looked at his mother and then at Janvi, who had unshed tears in her eyes.
“What did the doctors exactly say Shivaay?”asked Shakti
Shivaay looked up to his father and said

“Oh the usual, that they don’t know what to do , it’s an exceptional case.”
To be very honest Shivaay didn’t know what to do . Each and every visit to the doctor left them disappointed.
“Shivaay we have to do something, she can’t be like this all her life.” said Anika wiping her tears.
Seeing Anika cry like this made Shivaay feel helpless . He didn’t know what to do or what to say for that matter.

“I….I don’t know Anika.” said Shivaay looking away.
“Bhaiya you can’t lose hope like this you have to be strong , you are our superman”said Rudra more cheerfully than he felt .
“ Bhabhi, have faith in god , he will put everything alright “said Gauri squeezing Anika’s hand.
“ Yes bhabhi, you and Shivaay have to be strong” said Om.
“ She is alright Shivaay.”said Tej
“ Bhaisaab is right Shivaay, she is fine “said Shakti.
“Oh my mata Shakti ji how can you say she is fine ?” said Pinky looking at her husband astonished.
“Pinky is right Shakti, Ruhi is almost 5 years old and still she doesn’t speak a word “said Janvi.

That’s what the problem was Ruhi, Shivaay and Anika’s daughter , the only girl child of the Oberoi’s couldn’t speak.

It was not that there was something wrong with her medically , all her tests were normal . She was a healthy girl .
“Mr Oberoi , there is nothing wrong with her vocal chords , every thing is fine , we don’t know what to do” said the doctors .

Initially when Ruhi turned two and still couldn’t speak, Anika didn’t give much thought to it . Some children did speak late like Ansh who started blabbering when he was almost 2 and half years old but when Ruhi was almost three and still there was no sign of speech in her , did she and Shivaay realise that there was something wrong with their daughter.

Shivaay had always thought that Ruhi was different from other kids. His daughter preferred to stay away from other kids of her age . She only enjoyed when she was with her brothers or with her family members . She was happy playing with her toys and threw a tantrum whenever anyone tried to take her outside .

Ansh (Shivika’s son), Laksh (Rikara’s son)and Vihaan (Ruvya’s son) treated their sister with utmost care and maybe that was the reason that Ruhi was most comfortable with them. Apart from her brothers there was no one with whom Ruhi would play .
“Well if there is nothing wrong then why doesn’t she speak?” asked Dadi voicing everyone’s thoughts .

“ Dadi the doctor says that it is a case of delayed speech . He said that she could speak any day just like that or she might be like this her entire life” said Shivaay dreading the thought .
“ No Bade bhaiya our Ruhi will definitely spreak “said Bhavya confidently .
“But all our efforts to make her speak are going in vain” said Om sadly.
“ My baby… it must be so difficult for her , not being able to tell us how she feels” thought Anika.

It was true that most of the times Anika as a mother understood what Ruhi wanted to say but there was times when neither her nor Shivaay would understand Ruhi . Like last week Ruhi didn’t want to come inside the house and kept on walking here and there in the garden searching for something . Everyone tried to pursuade the little girl to come inside but she refused. No one could understand what was she looking for . It was only when Shivaay , Om and Rudra joined her search and found a small puppy, did the elders realise that Ruhi was actually finding a puppy which was very dear to her , As told to them by Khanna .

Now back to the present , everyone was wondering what to do .
“Bhaiya why don’t we take Ruhi to US? I have a friend who’s practising there and he is quite good “suggested Rudra.
“No Rudra , I really don’t want to take her to any more doctors “said Anika looking tired.
“Anika is right, Rudra and plus I have already had a video conference with almost every doctor in the world “said Shivaay agreeing with his wife.
“You know what I think we should just wait and not give up on our efforts on making Ruhi speak , maybe one day she will speak “said Om
“ You are right Om, Shivaay , Anika just don’t lose hope .”said Janvi

“ They are right Shivaay , we should keep trying “said Shakti
Pinky and Tej too nodded along with the others .
“Yes bhaiya , bhabhi we will definitely get our angel to speak “said Bhavya
Shivaay and Anika looked at each other and then at their family and nodded .
Just then the main object of discussion came into the living room.
Ruhi was a very pretty girl to look at. She had inherited her father’s eyes and her complexion was very fair, her hair brownish black made her look like an angel,which she was nicknamed as by her favourite Rudy. She was a very easy child to deal with and seldom threw any tantrums . She was content with anything that she got.

Anyways Ruhi came running into the drawing room along with a puppy also came and behind them came Khanna running.
Ruhi went straight to Shivaay and hugged him.
“Sir I tried to stop but Ruhi baby didn’t listen to me and got this puppy inside the mansion” said Khanna panting.
“Khanna I think you need training , a little bit of running and you are panting like that puppy “said Rudra
Everyone laughed at this while Khanna looked embarrassed.
Meanwhile Ruhi looked at Shivaay with pleading eyes and pointed to the puppy and then at her own self .
“ Do you want to keep this puppy Ruhi ?” asked Shivaay

Ruhi nodded and smiled.
“ Okay then we will keep this cute puppy”said Anika patting Ruhi’s cheek
“Of course anything that my baby wants “said Shivaay .
Ruhi kissed Shivaay on his cheek and skipped happily to the puppy and started playing with it.
“ Ruhi cmon lets go and give the puppy some food and then show it to your brothers “said Om picking up the puppy.
The little girl nodded and started walking towards the kitchen while Om followed her.
“ Well even we will leave , we have meeting to attend “said Tej nodding at Shakti and Rudra .
Soon everyone went off to their respective works . Anika went to her room with Shivaay following her . She went and sat down on the couch , Shivaay sat beside her and intertwined his hands with her .

Anika lowered her head onto Shivaay’s shoulder and said
“ Shivaay , I feel helpless as a mother , our daughter struggles to explain herself “
“I know Anika , but we have to be strong , we can’t give up “ said Shivaay pecking Anika’s hair.
“But what if she’s like this for all her life ?”asked Anika shuddering at the thought
“ No , I won’t let that happen Anika “said Shivaay looking up
“ Do you get it , our Ruhi will definitely spreak , I promise you Anika “ he said .
Looking at Shivaay, Anika didn’t doubt his words for one bit . She trusted him and somehow Shivaay’s assurances made her feel that one day maybe one day Ruhi would definitely speak.
“ Now stop crying .. “said Shivaay wiping her tears.
Anika nodded.

“Let’s go and see what the kids are upto “she getting up.
Together they went hand in hand to see their world . While walking with Anika , Shivaay couldn’t help but remember something that his teacher had once told him
“The darkest hours are just before dawn.  “    
Breathing deeply Shivaay realised that he couldn’t afford to lose hope after all faith makes every thing possible.

Okay so this is the first part . Next part will be mostly about Ruhi and her bonding with different family members and the problems that she faces and how Shivaay and Anika help her and how will she finally end up speaking!!! I will leave you all guessing that little bit !!!

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