Honge Juda Na Hum 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Honge Juda Na Hum 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 8th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rohan runs after Muskaans car.. but she drives away..! Muskaan shows home n shows Tara her n Rohans pic and asks what is this? She said..she had told her everything..so what is this? Tara feigns ignorance..! Muskaan says.. she does not remember..when this pic was taken. .n if she had any bond with Rohan in past? Tara says… she had no relation with Rohan ..n she has no idea when the pic was taken.. ! Muskaan says..she feels strange.. feels incomplete..! She says.. her head is not able to follow what her heart is saying..! Tara says.. nothing like that..! Muskaan says its possible she has hidden that she likes Rohan from Tara..! Tara asks her to calm down and says.. they are friends. .n she has shared all with her.. so better chill..! Muskaan feels dizzy suddenly ..! Tara asks her the matter and she says..felt dizzy! Tara asks her to chill . ..n take care.. nothing is what she thinks..! Muskaan keeps looking at the pic n goes to her room..!

Avi comes and asks why she is lying to her daughter? Tara says..coz its connected to her better future.. n once they tried to tell Muskaan the truth.. she fainted.. so she cant take risk! Avi says.. if Muskaan wants to recollect.. why not tell her the truth? Lie for how long? Tara says..till Muskaan gets married to Anirudh! Avi asks why? Why not tell her now? Why ruin her life. .n if she is not gonna tell .. he will . . n for sure..!

Muskaan in her room recollects Anus words.. that..Rohan has some mental thing.. n so saying weird things..! Muskaan wonders if.. Anirudh n Anu are right that her n Rohans relation is fake..a figment of Rohans imagination..! The pics fall from her hand n reach Rohan..! BG- Main yahan hun ..! Rohan walks to Muskaan..! Rohan pulls Muskaans hand. lifts her in his arms.. brings her to the make up table…! He puts the dupatta on her head as ghunghat..! Both smile at each others reflection..! Rohan closes in on Muskaan who keeps walking back.. ! She is on the bed .. n Rohan keeps closing in…! Muskaan feels shy.. closes her eyes..! When she opens..she finds her room empty n realises she was imagining..!

Rohan wonders why Muskaan does not admit that she love him..! Muskaan calls Rohan n tells him that she wants to meet him..! Rohan is happy n says..he loves her n cant live without her n will come to meet her now..! Muskaan says..its too late.. n they will meet tomorrow at the cafe..! Rohan says..ok ..!

Preeti is teaching her son ..when Rohan comes excited and says.. Muskaan called n wants to meet..! He says.. he is sure.. that Muskaan will come back in his life .. n he wont let her go ..at any cost this time..!

Part 2

Preeti says..she is happy to see Rohan excited..! She asks him ..when he is meeting her? He says..tomorrow..! She asks him to sleep..! Rohan says.. earlier he couldnt sleep as he was sad.. but now he is so excited he is breathless..!

Anirudh asks Avi the matter and Avi says that Muskaan found a pic of herself and Rohan. .n so is curious to know about their relation..! Should they tell her? Anirudh says.. Muskaan is still in amnesia stage.. telling her would endager her life..!

Part 3

Next day.. Muskan heads out to meet Rohan but Tara stops her! She says..she cant ignore the pic.. n needs to know the truth..! Tara says…to for sure..! She shows her a photoshopped pic of herselfwith Salman Khan..! Muskaan wonders when she posed with him? Tara says..she has never met Salman but the pic is possible.. coz of photoshop..! Muskaan wonders if her pic with Rohan is also?? Tara says she does not know.. . .but its for her to decide whom to believe.. Rohan or her mom!

Precap — Tara asks Preeti to come at her place..! Preeti asks.. what happened? Tara says..its for her daughters sake..! Preeti tells Rohan that Tara wants to meet her..! Rohan tells Preeti to meet Muskaan n tell her the truth. .!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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