Honge Juda Na Hum 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 6th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Anu being interrogated. She’s’ sitting across rohan and telling everyone she wanted to kill muskaan ..but Tara came in b/w. rohan showed up and everyone thought it was him who shot tara. She keeps saying how much she loves rohan..
He’s always talking about muskaan. ..but then his memory came back and she reveals how the divorce papers was signed. She then decided she wasn’t going to let muskaan live. She tells muskaan you are his wife.
Officer asks her why did u try to kill tara..she says she was afraid. If I go to jail then rohan will be far away from me. I don’t want to live without rohan so I killed her so she can’t give a statement.
Anu keeps crying and telling Rohan how much she loves him…she has no reason to live without Rohan.

She begs them to arrest her. She did whatever she did for Rohan’s sake..

Rohan asks her ..why anu?? I shared everything with you..you were my only friend. Muskaan walks away from them..Rohan keeps asking anu why she did it..Is this love? He asks her if she’s gone mad..
Rohan turns around to talk to Muskaan and noticed shes gone. He then asks Anirudh where is muskaan. They all start looking for her. Anu is taken away to a cell.
Rohan and everyone else is looking for muskaan. They decided to separate and call each other if they find her. Ani calls muskaan phone and realized she left her phone in his car. Rohan checks her café but its closed.

Muskaan is seen walking somewhere looking lost and having FB of Anu’s conversation. (rohan would have forgotten muskaan but his memory came bk). She remembers telling rohan she remembered the song .where did she hear it. How , when..she doesn’t remember. FB of their picnic scene (at the house). Rohan teaching muskaan to play guitar..telling her they are soul mates etc. Him showing her their wedding picture. Her asking her mother about her past..showing tara the wedding pic and tara telling her the pic is fake and there is no relationship b/w rohan and her.

Anirudh is driving looking for muskaan. He then calls avi and asks if muskaan is with him..he explains she left the station and they are looking for her. He will call if they find her or avi should call if she shows up.
Finally Rohan finds her..sitting at some stall. He tells her everything will be ok. Muskaan has a fainting spell and falls on Rohan. He carries her to the car. He calls anirudh and tells him he found her. Ani asks how is she is..tells ani that she fainted. He tells ani she fainted before I can ask anything.

Bhabhi is in tension..and rues that she hopes muskaan gets back her memory soon. Rajeev tries to pacify her and tells her everything will be ok. Dorbell rings and anirudh answers the door. Rohan takes her to her room wihile Ani looks on …rohan places her on the bed and tells her nothing will happen to you..
Nurse checks her BP and tells anu its very high. Ani checks her vitals and tells rohan she needs rest. Stress made her BP high and orders injection for her. Rohan asks ani how did this all happen. Ani tells rohan ..its a catastrophic reaction. ..she just found out a lot and is not mentally ready for this so this happened..She finds out about her past and then tara just passed.

Ani tells rohan he needs to rest and so does muskaan. He walks away leaving rohan and muskaan on the bed. Rohan affectionately touching her and telling her she will be ok.

Precap- Tara’s funeral. Muskaan lying in bed (looking unconscious)..and can’t attend her mothers’ funeral.

Update Credit to: Fiusa

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