Honge Juda Na Hum 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 5th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Doc comes and tells his staff to vacate the floor where Tara is admitted as her life is in danger! He asks Anu [who is in the get up of a nurse] to go check on Tara..! Anu is about to go.. when another nurse stops her and asks if she is an actress? She concludes that during day
Anu is an actress and is a nurse at night? Anu says.. acting is her hobby and nursing is her passion! She asks for passes from Anu and she agrees to give..! The nurse goes away..! Anu enters Taras room!

Anirudh and Muskaan arrive at the hosp..! Anu is about to give some injection to Tara on her hand but stops and says..she has better idea..! She removes Taras oxygen mask..! Tara is breathless..! Anu asks Tara ..who told her to come between her gunshot? She says..she will send

Muskaan to heaven too! Tara keeps struggling..for oxygen but Anu puts a pillow on her and suffocates her! Tara is unconscious..! Anirudh-Muskaan come and find Anu in Taras room..! She flees..! Anirudh checks Taras pulse and runs to catch Anu..! He comes back and checks on Tara.. n then suggests Shock treatment ..but no response..! Docs declare Tara dead! Muskaan is hysterical ..! Anirudh asks Muskaan to control herself..!

Cops arrive at the hosp…and arrest Anu..! Avi arrives at the hosp and breaks down seeing Taras dead body..! Anirudh asks Avi to control himself..! Muskaan stops the people from taking away Taras body .. ! Avi comforts her..! Muskaan breaks down completely..! Anirudh gets a call from the cops that they have caught Anu..!

Part 2

Cops bring Anu for questioning..! Rohans family . .Rohan .. Muskaan are all present..! Cop shows Anu the suit she wore at the party when she shot Tara..! Cop says..they have a DVD recording ..of it..! He says..they have a pen with Anus fingerprints..! Cop shows her the pistol with her fingerprints..! They say.. Anirudh and Muskaan are the witness to this cold blooded murder! He asks Anu why she killed Tara? She says..coz she loves Rohan..! All are shocked..!

Part 3

Anu tells Rohan that.. she dinno when she fell in love with him…! She says..that..she was not ready to marry him ..but she started to love him eventually..! She says..how one fine day Muskaan came between them..! She says..24 hours Rohan only saw Muskaan..! She says..how she hated it that he kept taking her name..! She says..that she had hope that if Anirudh and Muskaan get married ..she could get him ..but ..Rohan left to attend Muskaans function..! She says..how Tara threatened to kill him ..so she reached there! She says.. that she wanted to kill Muskaan but Tara came in between..! All look on shocked..!

Precap — At Taras memorial service, Muskaan rues that Tara was troubled for Muskaans happiness.. but she could not see her face one last time..! Anirudh asks her to control herself..! Muskaan asks how? She says.. Tara knew.. who she was..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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