Honge Juda Na Hum 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rohan wipes his eyes and smiles, telling Muskaan how he remembers how she fought with her mum to meet him. Muskaan looks on at him, confused. He goes on to tell her how he got told off but he didn’t mind. He reminds her about when they used to get ice cream. He asks her if she remembers any of it. Muskaan tells him that she doesn’t remember. Beccause it never happened. She tells him they only met recently and that doesn’t mean that he should make up stories. Rohan’s in shock. She tells him he needs to rest. Rohan tells her that he is fine. He asks why she’s behaving like that. He asks her to accompany her to his house so they can ask his family members the truth but she declines.
She tells him that she is about to begin a new relationship. He tells her that he loves her and he’ll take care of her but Muskaan tells him to take care before walking off with ‘Do Pal’ playing. Rohan is heartbroken. As he watches her leave he has flashbacks of their moments.
Tara walks into the room and sees Abhi is busy with his papers. She complains to him that he is only intetested in his business and not what is going on in their family. He asks her what is the matter. She tells him Rohan turned up and was calling for Muskaan. Abhi asks if Muskaan spoke to Rohan but Tara tells him that Muskaan never listens to her. Abhi states that she doesn’t trust Muskaan. Tara corrects him that she trusts Muskaan, she just doesn’t trust Rohan. She continues that he has already ruined their daughter’s life once,they can’t let it happen again. Tara vows to keep him away from Muskaan’s shadow.
Preeti is in Rohan’s room and sees the picture of Rohan and Muskaan. The phone rings so she sees Tara’s name and Tara yells and asks Preeti why her devar (Rohan) wants to ruin Muskaan’s life. Preeti tells her that Rohan has gotten his memory back. Tara is in shock for a moment but then tells Preeti she doesn’t care. They are divorced. She also tells Preeti that she will send their family to jail if they refuse to leave Muskaan alone and ends the call. Abhi asks her what she’s doing. Tara tells him that they must not delay Muskaan and Anirudh’s wedding anymore. or else Rohan will ruin Muskaan’s life.
Rohan tries to get Preeti to go with him to Muskaan’s home to prove that he is telling the truth. He starts getting headache’s and collapses. Anirudh goes to check up on him. Tara calls him up and Muskaan comes home. Tara tries to ask her where she was but Avi stops her and Anirudh turns up. Tara pleads with him to marry Muskaan as soon as possible and take he away.

Anirudh goes to talk to Muskaan and she tells him how she went to see Rohan and he was talking strangely. Anirudh asks what he was saying and Muskaan freezes.


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