Honge Juda Na Hum 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 31st January 2013 Written Update

Part 1
While watering the plants Nitayii finds the gun with which tara was shot. He calls avi and tells about the gun and asks him to come fast. The police takes the gun in custody. The chief tells avi that whosoever is the culprit, he knows about the duggal house very well. Avi asks the inspector/CID officer that who can do this to which he replies that it can only be known after the investigation. He then calls the police station and I dont know what he said but maybe he was saying to take rohan’s fingerprints.
The scene shifts to the police station where they are taking Rohan’s fingerprints.
Then the Hospital. Rishi is shown walking to and fro outside tara’s room when Muskaan comes there. He tells her about the gun and finger print. Then anirudh’s entry. Nurse comes and tells that tara has awakened.Everybody is all happy happy and go to meet her but the hawaldar stops them and tells that until the police gets her statement they won’t allow anyone in. Anirudh and an inspector go in while Muskaan looks into all helplessly.
Inside tara opens her eyes and holds Anirudh’s hand who comforts her and says yoll be f9 and all. Anirudh tells that all are waiting for her outside and shell be able to meet them after she gives her staement. The inspector takes out the tape recorder and starts recording.He asks her to tell what happened that night…Tara is trying to say something but not able to.

Ani telling tara to speak to the inspector and tell him who did this..inspector asks her who shot her and if she saw the shooter and if she knows who it is. Ani encourages her to say who it is…Tara keeps moving her hands etc. but couldnt respond.

Ani tells the other doc sometihng is happening to her..ani informs the inspector that he doesnt think she can speak right now. Tara again goes into a coma. The doc tells muskaan that her mother again went into a coma to have some patience.

Ani sits by tara’s bedside and tells her he met with rohan..and rohan told him that him and muskaan were divorced without their consent..he tells her he cant lie/fool muskaan. Its not right. He begs her to tell the truth if this is true ..

Bhabhi/rajeev discussing that hes happy the gun is found. And hopes rohan’s fingerprints are not on it. Everything will be ok.

Anu shows up..bhabhi asks her u came..she says she came for scripts. Rajeev tells her if she runs late call him to pick her up. Anu goes to her room and takes out a wig and nurse’s uniform ..she says that tonight will be tara’s last night. She has to silence tara before she gives the stateteme.

Inspectors arrive at muskaans house and informs avi that rohan’s figerprints doesnt match the gun’s and someone else’s prints were found…muskaan also over hears. She tells them that rohan must have hired someone else to kill her mother…how he can do anything..to break my relationship. Avi tells her not to talk like that..she tells them how she went to meet rohan but he didnt tell her anything..Avi asks her what nonsense is this..why did u go there? Inspector assures them they would find the shooter. Avi informs the inspector the dvd’s are here..

Anu is now at the hospital..shown in nurse’s uniform carrying tray to tara’s room. Guard is busy with his phone..she tries to enter tara’s room and another nurse calls out to her before she can enter the room and asks her who is she. She gets scared and doesnt respond to the nurse. The nurse asks her her name and asked her if desouza sent her ..(probably another nurse)..She shows the nurse her fake ID and tells the nurse she was a bit nervous..Shes about to enter the room again and the nurse tells her i think ive seen u before somewhere in the hospital but im not sure..

Bhabi goes to see rohan and tells him abt the finger print reports..soon he will be able to come home..
Rohan tells her he doesnt know who wants to come b/w him and muskaan. Bhabi suggests maybe its ani..rohan says he doesnt think its anirudh. Bhabhi thinks its Ani because he loves muskaan a lot and its possible..Rohan says i dont know why..whoever did this ..is right infront of me..(something like that)

Inspectors are at duggal house watching the engagement tape…Everyone is there…watching..
inspector asks for the tape to be forwarded..keep forwarding…then stop..rewind..pause..he asks avi whose the woman hiding her face..if he recognises her.

Muskaan goes thru her album and finds a picture of anu wearing the same outfit they saw in the engagement tape..

Update Credit to: Fiusa

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