Honge Juda Na Hum 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Honge Juda Na Hum 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 30th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Anirudh looking worried and his mother asking him what’s the problem..he tells her he didn’t tell muskaan the seriousness of the situation and tara is in serious condition. He tells her that if muskaan gets to know the truth that she was married to rohan and got divorced she can suffer from brain hemorrhage and he will lose muskaan’s trust once she finds out he knew all this and didnt tell her. He tells his mother he asked tara to tell truth to muskaan so many times but tara refused.

Anu is at the hospital still and spying to see if she can get into tara’s room which is guarded. She says that if they continue to guard her room she won’t be able to get in.

Muskaan’s house
Police/CID officers are investigating and looking for clues.They tell Avi that they looked at rohan’s house and couldn’t find the gun and also can’t find the gun at their house. Avi thinks it may have been stolen. They also ask avi who else knew about their gun. muskaan interrupts and says to tell them stop wasting their time because rohan is the shooter. Avi sends her off to her room. The investigators also asks avi for copy of the tape for the engagement and the guest list.

Anirudh calls muskaan and tells her- her mom is stable and same condition. Maybe there will be some improvement later on in the day… not to worry.

Muskaan goes to the police station to meet rohan…anirudh sees her car at police station and is wondering why is she here..

Rohan drawing pic of muskaan on prison walls..muskaan confronts him and sees her pic. and tells him to stop. Stop all this. You shot my mom and now ur sketching me…Rohan tells her he knew she would come. Muskaan asks him where did he hide the gun..rohan tells her he doesn’t know about any gun. She keeps asking him where he hid the gun and why he did all this. What relationship do we share..he tells her ur my wife. She tells him this is enough..stop all this..why did he do this. What enmity do we share that u had to do this. He tells her why would he shoot “mom” she tells him shes not ur mother. She keeps asking him to give answer why u did this to my mother..why your creating problems in my life. i won’t leave u alone if something happens to my mother. Anirudh sees her leaving the police station..

Ani meets rohan in prison and tells him he knows that his memory is back. Ani tells rohan to think about muskaan she can’t handle the stress of all this..she can have a stroke. Rohan tells ani that u know how much me and muskaan loved each other. Ani tells him that he knows him n muskaan was married; got divorce..Rohan tells ani divorce didn’t happen with his knowledge..they lied to me to get me to sign the divorce papers by pressuring my family. i would never have signed those papers. Whatever Tara did..doesn’t mean i would shoot her.

Ani remembers tara’s words..to get married to muskaan. You have another chance to get married to muskaan dont let it go so easily.

precap- anu dressed as nurse walking to tara’s room. ..saying to herself no one can save u now. Your death is waiting for you..

Update Credit to: Fiusa

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