Honge Juda Na Hum 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 27th February 2013 Written Update

Muskan is taking milk for Chintoo. Rama sees this and knowingly starts telling Badri that Rajeev lied to everyone about Preeti taking money along so that Muskan does not take stress but if Muskan keeps doing such things Mishra family would soon be on road. Muskan gets hurt on hearing all this and leaves. Rama tells Badri to pack bags. Badri is confused but does as she says. Muskan comes to the room where ROhan , Rajeev and Chintoo are playing some board game. She gives milk to Chintoo and tells him to go to her and she will help him with it. He leaves. She then asks Rajeev if she thinks she is family. Rajeev is puzzled and she adds if he thinks her mental condition is OK. She says she knows that he lied to her about Preeti taking the money. Rajeev agrees and says its just for

her happiness that he did so. She says that she wants to know what mistakes she does so that she can avoid them. She proposes to search for the money. Rajeev and ROhan agree and decide to begin their search with guests.

Avi is standing in his room. Rishi comes in and asks him if he is Ok. He tells him he is hurt that he lied to him about the admissions. Rishi is speechless. Nitai comes in and tells him that Rishi is staying back so that he is not left back alone. Avi asks Rishi and he agrees and says that he can’t go leaving him alone and will learn business from him if necessary. Avi is overwhelmed. Rishi leaves the room and Nitai follows.

Rama and Badri are standing near the door , all ready to leave. Rohan asks them the reason and Rama tells him that she does not want to be blamed for stealing the money and hence, she is leaving. In Muskaan’s room, Chintoo is searching for pen in drawers and finds the money in one of them. The chaos is going on in the living room and Rama and Badri are acting that they can’t stay there anymore when Chintoo comes and hands over the money to Rohan. He says he found it in their room. Muskan says she can’t recall a thing. Rama starts scolding her. Rohan intervenes and tells Muskan not to worry. Rohan’s dad tells Rama and Badri to go back to the room since the money has been found now. They leave for their room. Rohan gives the money to Rajeev. Muskan starts explaining again but Rohan says that they will talk about it later and takes her from there.

In their room, Rohan tells Muskan that the money has been found and that’s more important and that everyone keeps forgetting things. Muskan says that he explains like Tara. Rohan says not only that he explains like her but can also plan an excellent trip like her. He says that they should go out somewhere. Muskan is not sure.

Rohan’s dad tells Rajeev that they should send Rohan and Muskan on a trip. Rajeev says that they know Muskan and Muskan will never agree in such situations. Rajeev says that they can shift to his office service apartment and send Rama and Badri on a holiday and leave Rohan and Muskan alone for sometime.

Rohan says they should book a room with separate couch 😛
and they should plan a tri to Goa or may be Rishikesh. She loved the place. Muskan says that Preeti is not home and Rama and Badri too have just come so it is not a good idea to go now. Rohan says that even she has come 2 days back. He tells her to rest for now and he has to complete a painting.

Rohan is searching for something. Muskan comes with a brush stand and asks him he was searching for it. He agrees and asks her why she has not slept yet. She says he thinks she is Chintoo who should eat and sleep at time. He smiles at her admiringly. She says she will sleep later but for now will watch him paint. He agrees and starts painting. She keeps sneaking looks at him and looks away as soon as he catches her. Rohan offers her to paint. She accepts and both of them hold the brush and come close. Muskan leaves the brush and stands aside. Rohan starts painting again and wipes his forehead. He accidently applies colour to his own forehead. Muskan laughs sheepishly. ROhan asks him what. She tells him to wait. She takes more colour and applies it on his nose. He pouts and takes colour. Muskan runs away. They run like Tom and Jerry and finally ROhan catches her and applies the colour on her cheek. The screen freezes with Muskaan and Rohan close together.

Update Credit to: saumya

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