Honge Juda Na Hum 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 26th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rohan calls up his sis in law and she asks whats the matter? Rohan stammers and then says.. that he had taken Muskaan to the tea stall where they used to go frequently in past. .n there.. Muskaan started talking to two kids.. ! Rohan rues that he does not want the matters of past to come back to haunt Muskaan! Priti says not to worry..and reminds what Anirudh said.. to keep Muskaan away from old things and keep her happy n things will sort out! Rohan promises to take care..! Rajiv reassures Rohan not to worry .. afterall ‘jab kismat ne ek kiya hai to halat khud thik ho jaenge’!

In Rama’s room .. Rama demands money from her hubby..! Her hubby asks..why? She says..for shopping..! Rohans dad calls out to Rama..! Rama takes her hubbys phone and calls up

her FIL .. just show-off! She goes to the living room and there she says..she will take from Rohans dad! She tells Rohans dad that they need urgent money .. and he agrees to give! She says..they need Rs.30,000! Rohans dad agrees to give! Rohans dad asks Rajiv to give the money! Rajiv asks Muskaan to get it from the locker! Muskaan goes to get!

As Muskaan opens the locker she finds it empty..! Muskaan wonders where the money is..? Muskaan looks thru the entire cupboard but cant find it..! She comes to the living room and tells all that the money is not there in the locker..! All are shocked! Rohan says..how is it possible? Rama says..either Priti took the money or Rajiv..spent it..! Rajiv says..he din have the key! Rama says..then Muskaan might have kept it elsewhere! Muskaan says..she has never opened the locker.. nor did she know there was money in it! She asks if Muskaan has taken her meds? Muskaan is hurt.. Rohan fumes..! He says..even if they cant find the money ..its ok..! He asks Muskaan to sit..! Muskaan says..she din go to Pritis room so how can she take the money? Rohan assures that they will search for it..! Rajiv says..maybe Priti must have taken.. not to worry so eat! Chintu offers glass of water to Muskaan and she drinks..! Chintu says.. even Priti misplaces things.. so not to worry! Rama fumes at this! Her hubby warns her not to mess or their lives will be ruined! Rama swears to put the house on fire [symbolically]!

Avi is pacing around in his hallroom and reads about his Guru Yash .. returning to India..! He comes n meets Avi…! They express happiness at meeting each other..! Avi calls for coffee.. then small .. then large .peg…for Yash n he says.. LARGE only ..! Yash says..he is here to start..new venture in India..with Avis help! Yash expresses sadness about Taras demise! Avi says..he is lonely ..after Taras death..! Yash talks of his wife’s passing away n says..he has remarried.and that she aka his wife will come in a while..! Yash talks about his daughter Shweta.. n that she n Rishi [Avis son] ..will be studying together at Globe! Avi is taken aback! Duo take their respective drinks!

Part 2

Rohan finds Muskaan looking for the money … n looks troubled! Rohan asks her to calm down… and that.. money is not that big. n he will return the money to Rajiv! Muskaan says..the issue is not of amount but about not remembering what happened..! Rohan gives Muskaan her meds and water..! He assures that Rajiv is talking to Priti n they will find the money..! He asks her if he can get a cup of coffee for her!

Part 3

Priti says..she din bring the money with her n Rajiv says..that..Muskaan is very tensed! Priti tells Rajiv to say that she had brought the money with her n thing will be resolved ! Rajiv agrees to the idea! Rama overhears..! Rohan get coffee for Muskaan! Rajiv tells Rohan-Muskaan that.. Priti had called n she has only taken the money..but forgot to tell! All are relieved! Rohan asks Muskaan to get ready..to go out for a drive! Rama sees Muskaan walking in the alley n tells her hubby that Rajiv is lying.. n that Priti din take money with her.. only lied so Muskaan is not stressed out! Muskaan overhears..and is shocked!

Precap — Muskaan asks Rajiv if he considers her a part of the family or not? Rajiv asks why? Muskaan asks if he thinks her mental state is not stable? Rajiv is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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