Honge Juda Na Hum 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 25th February 2013 Written Update

Rama is walking out of the room and Chintto comes in to ask what she is doing here and what is she hiding, she says its a Valentine’s surprise for his uncle. Chintoo is hell bent on seeing it even when Rama tells him that its not for kids. Rajeev comes and tells chintoo to leave. He apologises to Rama for Chintoo’s behavior. Rama acts all sweet. (she is actually sweet.. or is it just me… she is mean only when it comes to Muskan) Rajeev leaves and Badri asks for towel . Rama replies that she made a duster out of it He says he hasn’t taken a bath for two days and he really needs it. She leaves.

Muskan is in the car and Rohan is following her. Rohan is wearing a helmet andMuskan can’t see his face. She tells the driver to drive faster. The

driver knowingly takes a wrong turn and Mukan is all baffled. Rohan stops his bike infront of the car. Muskan is scared. Rohan walks towards the car and opens the door before Muskan could lock it. ROhan takes her out and shows her a painting of hers on the road. He takes off his helmet and proposes to her to be his Valentine for life. She blushes and agrees. Rose petals are blowing with the wind. Rohan takes Muskan elsewhere.

Rama enters her room and Badri gives her a red rose. Rama is hiding the money in her sari and gets scared. Badri asks her about it and if its his gift. She tells him that its Chintoo’s game and that Rajeev has asked her to hide it. Badri asks her why she is hiding it from him then. To avoid him she romances him and then sends him off for office.

Rohan is riding the bike and Muskan is scared because of the speed. She asks him where they are going and he replies that they are going for a date. He tells her that if she is scared she should hold him tightly and there are lots of potholes coming up. Muskan slowly holds him. Rohan realises her nervousness and applies brakes and continues . Muskan grips him tightly. Rohan holds one of her hands and places them properly. Rohan stops his bike at a tea stall. Muskan still is holding him tight. He tells her that they have reached the place and Muskan thanks God for it. The tea stall vendor recognises them and welcomes them. Rohan tells her all about the stall and that the tea is named Muskan special chai because she loved it. The vendor asks if she does not remember naything and Rohan tells him that Muskan indeed does not remember anything. They are enjoying their tea when Muskan spots two poor kids and takes tea and biscuit for them. She is feeding them when Rohan gets a flashback of Muskan searching for someone crazily and then blaming Rohan for it. Rohan drops his cup. Muskan sees this and comes to him. Rohan avoids it and pays for the tea and biscuit.

Rajeev wishes Preeti on phone and Chintoo takes the phone, wishes his mom. Rohan comes there and tells Chintoo to go to Muskan and tells Preeti that he is worried that he does not want their past , the reason why they fought to create problems in the present. Rajeev and Preeti are worried.


Muskan tells Rohan that if he wants her to choose between her past and him then he is himself distancing her from himself and leaves.

*Flashback ends*

Update Credit to: _saumya_

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