Honge Juda Na Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Honge Juda Na Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rohan rushes out of the hosp n all try to stop him! Rohan tells Priti that.. Muskaan is his wife..! He says..he needs to tell Muskaan.. that she is his wife..! Priti says.. Muskaan wont understand! Rohan says .. why not. .he will explain..! Priti says..she wont trust.. as she lost her memory too..! Priti asks Rohan to recollect .. the events of the day… how they fought.. made up .. n were on their way to meet up n met with an accident..! Rohan recollects..! He says.. Priti is lying..! Priti says.. no..! She takes him to Anirudhs cabin n shows the reports of his n Muskaans! Anu is left feeling lost..! Priti reads out.. Complete Memory Loss in car accident..! Priti says..how the duo were brought to the same hosp n both were being treated by Anirudh..! She tells Rohan that.. Muskaan hates him ..n its coz of Tara..! Priti ..tells Rohan that his relationship with Muskaan is not so easy anymore..! Rohan says..despite of that.. Muskaan came close to him..! Priti says.. but destiny had some other plans… ! Priti says.. Muskaan doesnt love Rohan.. she hates him.. ! She says.. .Muskaan loves Anirudh and is marrying him hence.! She asks him to accept! Rohan says..if destiny din want them to meet..they did never have met… again.. but they did! He says.. by two-three rituals.. no one can take his Muskaan away from him! He says..he had promised that he wont let anyone take Muskaan away from him …n he will fulfill the promise..! He asks Priti to go home n make preps for Gruh Pravesh and he will come with Muskaan..! Priti tries to stop him ..but he doesnt listen..! He says..he will elope with Muskaan..!

Rajeev tries to stop Rohan … n says..things have changed! He says..he wont let him go..! Rohans dad however .. asks Rohan to go n gives him car keys.. n blesses him to come back after winning his love..! Rohan goes.. ! Priti asks Rohans dad why he let Rohan go? Anu self thought.. if Rohan stops Anirudh-Muskaans wedding ..then she wont get Rohan..! Anu follows Rohan! Rohans dad says.. Muskaan’s love has become Rohans life.. n if they stop him he will break..so let him go..! He says.. the news of Muksaans marriage is causing them pain. .but its Rohan who is in maximum pain.. ! He prays that its time to see the power of true love.. n may both Rohan-Muskaan unite..!

Anu stops Rohan .. n says.. she is worried about him..! Rohan says..if Muskaan is not his.. he cant live! Anu asks Rohan how many times will he explain to Muskaan? Rohan says..he will .. as she is his wife..! He asks Anu to let him go..! Anu finally relents n says..she is coming too..! Anu self thought that.. if Rohan thinks Rohan-Muskaan meeting is destinys decision ..she will change destiny.. coz only she is Rohans destiny..! Docs ask Rohans family how they let him go? They say …he has gone to meet Muskaan..! Doc says.. Muskaan is in serious condition .. if she recollects..she mite be in shock..! He asks Rohans family to stop Rohan…! Priti calls Anu and asks her to stop Rohan as Rohan-Muskaan meeting might endanger both their lives..! Anu tells Rohan that Tara will call cops if he goes there..! She asks him what he wants to prove? Rohan keeps mum..! Anu tells Rohan to forget Muskaan..! Rohan stops the car and says.. that..he knows what he has to do to make Muskaan recollect..! Rohan comes home..takes his guitar..! He says..coz of the music/tune.. Muskaan recollects things n comes to him …! Rohan says.. Muskaan loved rains.. n when it used to rain. .he used to play this tune for Muskaan..! He says the tune will help Muskaan recollect everything..!

Part 2

Rohan is strumming the guitar.. n plays the tune.. in front of Anu..! Muskaan is in her room and feels the sound..! Song – Hongey Juda na hum track! Anu is lost in the song..! Muskaan too is lost in the feeling.. as she looks at flowers..! Rohan is crying.. as he sings…!

Part 3

Muskaan is at the table and is decking up a cake..! Avi asks for whom? Muskaan says.. for her superhero! Avi asks who is her superhero? Muskaan is quiet! He asks..if she does not like Anirudh.. she can say..as its Sangeet time in a few minutes..! Muskaan says..its for her Dad..! Avi grins..! Muskaan says..before going..she wanted to make his fave sugar free cake for him …! Avi asks..why? He says.. if she goes to London. .he will call her.. every night.. ! He says.. whenever he misses her ..he will come straight to her..! He asks.. Muskaan not to talk senti with him.. as Tara says.. Avi looks bad crying..! Muskaan says..who says..he looks awesome even while crying..! Muskaan hugs Avi n says.. will miss u..!

Precap — Anirudh tells Muskaan that he has a surprise for her…! Muskaan asks.. where? Rajeev Khandelwal says.. ‘Mana thodi der ho gai.. hume aane me.. par kasar nahi chodi kabhi humne .dosti nibhane me..’! Muskaan says.. Rajeev .. n runs to him n hugs him..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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