Honge Juda Na Hum 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 20th February 2013 Written Update

-Preeti leaves to go to her house to find a girl for her brother. Preeti worries how Muskan will manage everything, but Muskan says she will take care of everything. Everyone forces her a lot, so she agrees in end.

-Preeti asks Rajiv to go to their room as she will need money. Rama follows them to see how much money they got. She secretly hears their conversation. Preeti takes 30,000 from 2 lakh rupees and leaves key with Muskan telling her to give it to Rajiv in the evening.

-Everyone asks Rama to go with them to the airport to drop Preeti, but Rama makes excuses to stay in home. Cupboard Keys are with her now.

-Muskan’s brother’s college application gets selected. He is happy as he’ll fly to American University. Servant gets emotional as Muskan’s

father will get alone now. Muskan’s brother says to himself he is so selfish and never thought about his dad. He thanks his servant for stopping him for doing a big mistake. He decides not to leave his father. He asks servant not to tell his father about this application otherwise he will force him to go.

-Rama is about to take out the money and Rohan’s father returns home. Rama hides. Rohan’s father sees the keys on the cupboard and takes it with him. Rama disappoints but still doesn’t give up. She still wants to take revenge from Muskan.

-Rohan and Muskan come to the cafe. Rohan buys a painting. Cafe is decorated with red white balloons making it valentine special. Rohan smiles as he remembers something that happened 8 years ago on 14th February. Muskan asks what is it. Rohan says it is a surprise, you will find out tomorrow. What if you don’t remember your past, we can make your future special which you will never be able to forget. And maybe you might remember something by my efforts and I get my Muskan back. He holds her hand, but Muskan gets up and goes to talk with cafe’s staff.

-Rohan and Muskan tell staff that all couples that come here should get same treat. They leave cafe now.

-Chiku is studying english and Rama and her husband come there. Rama says that she is master at enligh and she will teach her. Chiku shouts and calls his father. He tells him this village aunty wants to teach me english. Rajiv sends him to his rom.

-Muskan and Rajiv return home. Rohan’s dad gives the keys back to Muskan saying she forgot it on the cupboard. Muskan says but bhabhi left keys on the table. How it went in the room?

-Rama interrupts. Rohan takes Muskan’s side and says he can’t remember where he keeps brushes either. Why Rama has to torture Muskan every time because of her memory. Rohan’s dad also says it happens. He asks Muskan to get fresh.

-Rama speaks to herself, Muskan you got the keys back this time, but my mission won’t fail.

Precap: Rab Ka Sukrana song playing in the background. Rohan is mapping the floor. Muskan is looking at him. He also looks back to her.

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