Honge Juda Na Hum 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 19th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Avi fumes over the way .. Muskaan is treated at Rohans home especially by an illiterate lady like Rama… ! Rama says.. that she is the wife of Rohans dads son…! She says..she mite be from village .. but is not an illiterate! Avi says.. Muskaan knows how to handle her home.. she has a degree in cooking! Rama argues but Rohans dad intervenes! Avi comforts Muskaan.! Muskaan says sorry to Rama! Avi excuses n goes for some work! Rohans dad says..how Muskaan is making a sweet dish.. n not to disturb her! He sends Rama in her room!

Ramas hubby sings Jeeya re bihar ke lala..! Rama shuts him off..! She fumes about being insulted by Avi and her hubby teases her..! She says that her mom has taught her to take revenge of insult.. and her hubby says..good

.. but why taking revenge from him? Rama says she is a big snake and the one bitten by her doesnt ask water..! Her hubby offers her milk saying his mom taught him to feed milk to snakes…just in case! Rama resolves to take revenge!

In the kitchen Muskaan is working as Rohan watches her..! Rohan asks to let him watch her but Muskaan says no..! Rajiv calls Rohan n Muskaan asks him to go and he does..! Rama watches Muskaan cooking and asks if she is cooking cake? She says..yes.. French Cake..! Rama wants to learn .. n then says..mainly she wants to apologise.. for her rude words! She says.. she meant to say.. Muskaan lost her memory but said Muskaan is mental..! Muskaan says..its ok.. ! Muskaan turns and Rama sees bottle of salt and sugar lying side by side.. and gets some idea..! Rama swaps the bottles and excuses herself..! Muskaan adds salt to the cake.. in place of sugar n Rama smirks..!

Preeti comes and asks about Muskaans dupatta catching fire and she says.. nothing serious..! Preeti asks her to take care.. ! Muskaan says..sure..! She asks all to take their seat.. as she is getting food for all ..! Preeti admires all the dishes..! Rohans dad is waiting for the sweet dish..! Muskaan brings the cake n all admire..! Rama smirks.. watching..! Muskaan comes to serve.. cake.. but Avi says..serve Rohans family first..! Rohan says.. no first . .n all..they are family ..! Muskaan gives cake to all..! Muskaan asks for feedback.. ! All eat .. but Ramas hubby observes her not eating and wonders the reason..!

Part 2

All praise Muskaans cooking..! Rama is confused and takes a bite..! She spits out. .n says.. why is it like salty double roti..?? Everyone sighs..! She says…from when did Cake become salty?? Muskaan is startled n takes a piece ..n says..its salty! Rohan says.. he likes it..! Muskaan asks why they lied? Avi Preeti say. .coz she cooked for them.. n they appreciate Muskaan for her efforts..!

Part 3

Ramas hubby says..such things happen with new brides.. n starts to talk of Ramas mess..! He says.. Rama made Kheer with salt..! Muskaan says..she made a mistake..! Rajiv gives Muskaan a gift.. for first round of cooking..! Rama is exasperated! Muskaan refuses to accept..! Rajiv cheers Muskaan..! Rama says..weird that all are so sweet despite salty food.. need to change it all .. n make Muskaans life miserable!

Precap — Rama overhears Preeti tell Rajiv not to keep the money at home but he says.. he will put in locker next day..! Preeti says..she will pack the bags .. n lock jewellery n give key to Muskaan! Rama is delighted knowing it all.. n thinks its her chance to happiness!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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