Honge Juda Na Hum 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 17th January 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Tara talking to Anirudh. She tells him she knows that he isn’t just Muskaan’s doctor, but also Rohan’s and now he is going to marry Muskaan. Which is why she wants Rohan’s treatment to be done by another doctor. Anirudh tells Tara that he is a doctor, and Rohan is his patient. He cannot give his case to another doctor just for any personal reason. All patients are equal for him. Tara tells him that it’s fine, she understands but he should remember that his patient is his wife-to-be’s ex husband because of whom everyone’s life is complicated. He has many questions about Muskaan in his mind. She doesn’t want it all to come out in front of Anirudh especially after the wedding takes place. He has a lot of feelings for Muskaan. As a doctor he’ll handle it, but as a husband he won’t be able to handle it. And she doesn’t want any problems to occur between him and Muskaan. She pleads with Anirudh. She tells him that she worries for them. She isn’t saying to stop Rohan’s treatment, in fact she wants Rohan’s treatment from the best doctor. So that Rohan can be happy in his life and Muskaan can be happy in her life. Anirudh tells her that he knows that Tara cares for them and so he agrees to get Rohan treated by someone else. Tara is happy.

Anirudh and Tara walk back into the hall and Anirudh’s mother gets up, saying it’s late and they should leave. She tells them that she also needs to video call Anirudh’s dad to tell him to good news. She teases Anirudh and says if they should leave or does he want to be a live-in son-in-law. Anirudh gets embarassed. His Dadi joins in and then says they have to organise things quickly. Avi tells her not to worry, simply enjoy and they leave.

The next day Rohan has dreams and flashbacks of Anirudh and Muskaan together. Rohan sits up at once and keeps having those flashbacks, including one of him marrying Muskaan, him fighting with Muskaan, the accident, all with tears rolling down his face. He jumps out of the bed and almost collapses. Preeti runs in and helps him up on his feet. She tries to get him to sit down but he wants to leave. She calls for the doctor and the nurses all run in, with Rohan’s father and Anirudh. Preeti tells the nurse to call Anirudh as he is aware of the case. She says she can’t because Anirudh has taken leave because he is getting married to Muskaan tomorrow.

Rohan looks up at the nurse as everyone in shock. Rohan asks the nurse what she said and asks how can this happen since Muskaan is his wife. Rohan is in a state of shock and tries to get out of the bed whilst saying he has to stop the wedding. Everyone stops him from getting up and lay him back on the bed. They try to comfort him as he mutters Muskaan’s name before falling unconscious. The doctor comes in and checks Rohan. He tells the family that Rohan is taking stress, which is why he keeps falling unconscious and orders some tests to be done. He tells them they’ll know after the tests. Preeti tells the doctor she knows what is wrong and so she and the doctor leave the room. Preeti shows the doctor pictures of Rohan and Muskaan and their marriage certificate. She tells the doctor after seeing all this Rohan fell unconscious. The doctor checks Rohan’s file and sees that he and Muskaan had an accident where they both lost their memories.

The doctor shares his fears with Preeti, which is sounded out. Preeti looks worried. Preeti returns to the waiting room. Preeti tells them that Rohan’s memory has returned. Both Rajeev and Rohan’s dad are relieved. Preeti tells them but Muskaan isn’t in his life. She tells them that they all know what his life would be like without Muskaan in his life. Rajeev asks what she means and waht the docvtor has said. She tells them that he is still in a critical state and the stress is making him unconscious. When he found out that Muskaan is getting married, he fell unconscious. Rohan’s dad suggests that if they explain to Rohan. Rajeev suggests they talk to Anirudh. Preeti tells them that Rohan doesn’t need treatment, he needs their support Rohan and help. Rajeev asks what they should do but Preeti tells them that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how to tell Rohan that destiny played a cruel trick on him. Destiny gave him his life back, but took Muskaan from him. She prays that Rohan regains consciousness after Muskaan’s wedding because she doesn’t know how they are going to help him. The scene ends on Anu’s face.

Someone calls Tara and tells her that Rohan’s memory has returned. And that Muskaan is his wife and that Anirudh is now marrying Muskaan. Tara is in shock and the woman tells Tara that she is warning her so that she is prepared because she knows Rohan, he’ll do anything to get Muskaan. Tara asks who is talking The woman turns around and we come to see that it is Anu and she ends the call.

Tara asks who is calling and Anu says your wellwisher then ends the call. Tara tells herself that it is all lies. Rishi walks into Tara’s room and tells her that everything is ready. She doesn’t say anything so he asks her what’s wrong and she tells Rishi what happened. Rishi says this was bound to happen. Tara is surprised at what he said and he tells her that he only supported her because he thought whatever he was doing was for Muskaan. But now he realises he was wrong, because she is wrong. Tara asks what he means and Rishi tells her that they should tell Muskaan about her past. Tara tells him neither of them will tell Muskaan anything. Rishi tells her that they won’t say anything, but when Rohan turns up and questions her, what will they tell Muskaan? Rishi tells Tara that she tried her best to hide the truth, they changed houses to keep them apart but fate brought them together. And once again rOHAN fell in love with Muskaan. When Tara lied to Rohan to separate them, his memory returned. Rishi tells her she can change Muskaan’s decision, not her fate. Tara tells Rishi that she is worried. Rishi tells her that she doesn’t need to do anything, whatever is in her fate will happen. Tara is in deep thought.

In the hospital, Rohan is making his way down the corridor, the nurse tries to stop him and his family appear at his side, trying to stop him. Rohan tries to piece things again and tells Preeti that he has to talk to Muskaan. Preeti asks what will he say? She won’t understand. Rohan tells her he will make her understand and is about to leave when Preeti tells him that she won’t understand and Rohan is stopped in his tracks and says that she lost her memory too. The epi ends on Rohan’s stunned face.

Precap: Rohan rushes to the car and Anu tries to stop him, she tells him that she is worried about him and that Tara will say something to him. Rohan tells her that if he doesn’t get Muskaan, he will die. Anu tells him that she’ll accompany him. They get into the car and Anu thinks to herself that if Rohan thinks that him and Muskaan’s meeting today is down to fate…

Update Credit to: Lubz.TaAnu

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