Honge Juda Na Hum 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Honge Juda Na Hum 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 15th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rohan sneaks into Muskaans bedroom ..! He sits on her bed n is touches her face..! Muskaan is startled.. n is about to scream.. when Rohan stops her..! He tells her ..he needs just two mins to talk to her..! Rohan puts pillow on Muskaans mouth n says.. he is not lying.. he loves her… he asks her not to listen to others! Muskaan runs out … n asks him to stay back..! She tells Rohan that he is lying..! She tells him to leave.. before she calls her parents..! Rohan again forces her to quieten.. n asks her to tell him that she loves him . .n that he has no fear..! Muskaan asks him to stay away from her..! She pushes him..! Muskaan tells Rohan what he wants to know that.. he is fraud.. a liar.. that all these tears are fake? She tells him ..its enouf.. she has seen enouf..! She tells him that her mom was right.. that he is a liar.. and cheap person..! She asks him ..if he loves her..then what is this.. sneaking into her room.. misbehaving with her.. is it love? No .. she tells him…she hates him.. ! She pushes him away..and asks him to leave..to get out..! Rohan is sad .. hurt.. he steps back! BG – Jeve lutiya marta tara! Rohan juimps out ..of her room and is shocked! He walks looking all broken. .n lost.! Muskaan wipes her tears..!

Muskaan comes to her parents room .. n they rush to her.. ! Muskaan hugs her dad and breaksdown! He asks her the matter! He helps her to steady herself.. ! Tara asks what the matter is..! Avi-Tara offers her water..! Avi says.it must be a bad dream…! Muskaan is still crying.! She holds her fathers hand and says.. regarding the wedding… she is ready! Tara asks her to relax! Muskaan tells Tara to tell Anirudh that..she is ready to marry . him .. and whenever he wants..! Avi comforts Muskaan..! Tara tells Muskaan its a happy news..nothing to cry about! She goes to call Anirudh! Avi feels confused ..! He tells Tara not to call Anirudh so late.. ! Tara agrees! Avi says that next day morning they will get Muskaan-Anirudhs wedding preponed! Tara tells Muskaan to rest.. as she needs beauty sleep! Muskaan says…she is fine..! She walks off! Tara suggets to call Anirudhs family on Lohri..!

Rohan returns home late n finds his dad waiting for him..! He says..he returned in the evening.. n since then waiting for him! Rohan says.. he was with some friends.. ! His dad asks if he thinks .. Rohan is so big that if he lies.. he wont understand? He asks. .if Rohan went to meet Muskaan? Rohan is quiet..! Rohans dad tells him that he mite not know love.. but he understands relationships.. n in life.. one doesnt get anything before time n more than destiny! He tells Rohan that..if such is not a case.. even if they fight God..they cant unite..! Rohans dad says..which dad wont be sad to see their son suffer? He asks Rohan to take a grip of himself.. n says..he needs Rohan! Rohan breaksdown n hugs him!

Tara calls Anirudhs mom … n wishes on Lohri..! She also says that she had something to say. .but not on phone n then invites them on Lohri! Anirudhs mom agrees..! Anirudhs mom shares the news to Anirudhs granny..! She asks her to get Shagun stuff.. for Ani-Muskaan! Anirudhs mom..says fine..!

Part 2

Preeti serves Paratha to Rohans dad n he suggests some additions..! She asks Rajeev to eat and not read papers..! Preeti goes to call Rohan but his dad says.. Rohan will come on his own! He tells Preeti to give Rohan some time…! Preeti says..Rohan needs them..! Rajeev says..they are all with him but till he helps himself..they are helpless! Rohans dad says..to let Rohan fight his grief.. else it will become incurable! He says.. either he will forget his pain and grief or get used to fight it! Rohan comes.. ! Preeti offers parathas to him but he says.. not hungry! Preeti says..he has not eaten previous nite..! She makes him sit to eat..! Rohan is quiet.. !

Part 3

At nite.. during Lohri… Anirudh and family are celebrating with Muskaans family..! Avi says.. they are missing Anirudhs dad n Anirudhs mom says.. he had work so. .n Anirudh let him go! Tara says its fine…! Tara tells him that she has a surprise for him ..! She takes them all to sit …to share!

Chintu asks.. his grand dad if Lohri is ready? He says yes..! He asks Preeti to come with him to get cardboard n stuff..! Preeti says.. its late.. not now but Chintu runs off! Rajeev comes n asks for Rohan..! Preeti says.. he is in his room .. n she is worried! Rajeev says..to let it be n that Rohan will bounce back.. just like Muskaan has! Rohan overhears and walks off! Chintu is in the store room and picks up a box of cardboard with pics of Rohan-Muskaan…!

Precap — Rohan sees the pics and shakes…! Preeti sees him looking at the pics.. n is shattered..! Rohan collapses seeing the pics..! Preeti rushes to Rohan n so do Rajeev n his dad!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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