Honge Juda Na Hum 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 14th February 2013 Written Update

Rohan gifts Muskaan her own painting. Muskaan gets shocked and remembers past incident when she broke the painting.
Rohan asks her if she didn’t like it. Muskaan says it’s not like that. It’s just last time the painting that you gifted me in the cafe, I broke it. Rohan says, painting is broken, not our relationship.
He then tells her something is missing either in painting or in Muskaan herself. Muskan says painting is fine. Rohan says smile that’s on there, I don’t see that on your face. Muskaan then smiles.
Rohan shows her more things. He tells her I decorated this room just like you so you don’t feel out of space. There are our memories in this house, lots of love. I hope you will remember all that slowly slowly. He holds

her hand now and says, and then you will connect yourself to me and this house. I missed you a lot, but not anymore. Thank you for coming back in my life.
He kisses her hands. Muskan doesn’t feel comfortable.
He then says, I love you, to her and hugs her. Muskan feels uncomfortable and pushes him back. Rohan gets surprised.

Muskan apologizes to Rohan, but Rohan tells her, you don’t need to apologize. I should have understood the situation. Muskan asks for some time. Rohan says, I understand. He apologizes her saying he couldn’t stop himself thinking about past moments. He tells her when you feel comfortable, then come to me.
He gives her medicine and asks her not to forget to take medicine. Even if he is not around, she should take the medicine.

Rohan is smiling for some reason. Muskan asks him what happened. Rohan says that he just remembered something. We then see a flashback in which Rohan is playing guitar and Muskan is enjoying it. He them jumps on the bed and bed breaks. They both laugh.
Rohan says that today he won’t break the bed today, but he wants to sing a song for her.
He takes out the guitar and sings a song for Muskan.
Muskan falls asleep.
Rohan looks at her and smiles. He then puts a shawl on her.

Now he calls Muskan’s dad and tells him, I saw your message and you were worried for Muskan, right? She is sleeping now. I will tell her to talk to you in the morning. He hangs up.

Chintu is sitting alone and seems to be upset. Dadaji and his parents come there. They ask him what happened and if he even slept last night. Chintu says that he could not sleep last night because of Chacha chachi. Chachi was snoring whole night and she made Chacha massage her legs.
Chachaji comes and tells Chintu good morning. Chintu says to his mother that chachu made his morning bad. Chachu accepts that because of them, Chintu had to sleep on the floor. But says when he saw him sleeping on the floor, he also joined him. Chintu says, lie. Chachi kicked him down, that’s why. Chintu’s mum takes him out saying he gotta get ready for the school.

Muskaan wakes up and sees Rohan sleeping on a couch. She apologizes to him for making him sleep on the couch. Rohan says no need to sorry. Couch is very comfortable. Muskan says, okay then from tonight I will sleep on couch and you will sleep on bed. Rohan says, sorry.. you missed that opportunity. He goes closer to her and fixes her hair.

Precap: Muskan is in the kitchen. She turns on the gas and then is searching for something. In that her dupatta gets in a fire.

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