Honge Juda Na Hum 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 12th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Avi brings Muskaan to the wedding altar..! Rohans family looks on and so does Anirudhs..! Anirudh congratulates Muskaan on her new life with Rohan..! Avi-Anirudh help Muskaan to sit at the altar…besides Rohan..! Anirudh wishes the duo luck…! Rohan- Muskaan eyelocks..! All watch on delighted..! Preeti does the ‘gath-bandhan’! Anirudhs family feels bad for him ..! Anirudh takes his granny aside and asks the matter? He reminds her that they had decided not to cry.! Granny rues that Anirudh would have been in Rohans place today. .but destiny ended up hurting him…! Anirudh says..he is smiling.. he isnt majnu type.. to rue the loss of love.. her grandson.. is a stable guy.. ! He says..he loves Muskaan. .but her happiness is above all ..if

she is happy with Rohan. .then he is happy for her..! Granny says..but Anirudh was to marry Muskaan..! Anirudh says..even if they did get married.. Muskaan would have been sulking missing Rohan n they all did been unhappy ..! He says..all are smiling.. now..! He says.. what happens ..happens for good.. maybe he is destined for someone better..!

Anirudhs mom comes n he rues..that he is gonna have to console her too..! Anirudhs mom says.. she is proud of him ..n hugs him! Anirudh takes them to the altar as its time for Rohan-Muskaans pheras..! BG-Honge juda na hum..! Rohan garlands Muskaan and she too..! Rohan and Muskaan take the pheras…! Rohan remembers Anirudhs words of caution ..to give Muskaan time to accept him as her hubby ..as she has not regained her memory fully ..n to be Muskaans friend n to support her..! Muskaan remembers Anirudhs words that she has accepted Rohan and so she should remember that she has only loved Rohan before and after losing her memory.. so to trust him…! Rohan puts Sindoor on Muskaan n then mangalsutra..! Pandit says..wedding is complete..! He says.. wife has six qualities..[Rohan remembers Anirudhs words]

— Be a support to hubby .. but Rohan has to help Muskaan
— Feed hubby with own hands… but Rohan has to feed Muskaan like a kid
— Accept hubby fully …

All bless the duo..! Anirudhs phone rings.. n he goes aside..! All congratulate Rohan-Muskaan..! Rohans family greets Muskaan n blesses the duo..! They go to Anirudhs granny and mom n seek their blessings..! Muskaan asks for Anirudh and they say..he is outside..!

Part 2

Anirudh says that he is flying the same night..! Muskaan and Rohan chide Anirudh for not sharing that he is flying to London..! He says…that he din share as all would have been emotional..so..! He says that he had offers from London since long. .but this time he relented so..! He says..he is going to help those who need him n his help ..that he is going to help them to reunite with their own family…! Muskaan says..that she will feel guilty that he is going away coz..she married Rohan..! Anirudh says.. excuse me Mrs. Muskaan Rohan Mishra.. not to think so.. n that he will find a rich NRI n marry her..! He gives them a gift pack .. n asks them to open..! Its a slate.. to remind them that Muskaan was an empty slate when they met n now Rohan has to write new memories on it with Muskaan..! Also when they get angry…they can write on the slate n then wipe off..! It will help to clear the air n without hurting each other..!

Part 3

Rohan opens the second gift from Anirudh n its a Budhdha Statue..! He says… that in case of hard times.. the statute will remind that patience can find solution to anything and everything n not to get angry ever..! Anirudh gives Muskaan a gift…! Its a family portrait..of her-Rohan n her family …! He says..the frame will remind her to trust Rohan n that she has to take care of him n his family ..! He wishes the duo the best n hugs them..! Anirudh goes off..! Rohan-Muskaan look on..!

Precap — Muskaans grah pravesh at Rohans place..! Suddenly Rohans cousin arrives…[typical village style]! All are startled to see them! [New entry – Kishwer Merchant]

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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