Honge Juda Na Hum 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 11th February 2013 Written Update

Preeti tells Muskan that Muskan and Rohan were married and loved each other very much even though they fought a lot too. She tells her that Tara told her to get the divorce paper signed by Rohan and so she did. She further tells Rohan to tell Muskan about how much he loves. Rohan says that they should not talk about it now. Anirudh tells him to tell Muskan everything so that she can come to a decision. Preeti says that if Rohan is alive then its just because of the hope that you will go back to him. Anirudh adds that there is another truth that Tara loved her very much and that her intentions were never wrong even if her methods might have been wrong. Also, Rohan loves her much more than anyone. Rohan says that she was engaged to Anirudh before they married but they eloped.

Anirudh says that they are still a married couple because the sign was taken by forgery and that they are made for each other. He wishes them a happy life ahead. Avi comes up to Muskan and tells her that the decision is all hers.

3 months later

Nitai is instructing workers to work properly since there is a wedding today. Rishi asks Nitai about preparations and Nitai reassures him. Avi and Rishi discuss about caterers and suddenly they realize that they haven’t checked on Muskaan. Avi thinks that if Tara was there, everything would go on swiftly.

Avi goes to Muskaan’s room where Muskan is ready. Muskan tells him that she is sure about this decision. Avi says that he is happy that Rohan and Anirudh were so understanding for the past 3 months and adds that he loves her. Rishi comes and tell them not to talk about such senti stuff. He tells them that Rohan and Anirudh’s family are already there. Duggals share a light moment together. Rishi and Avi leave. Muskan says “miss you mom”

Avi welcomes the two families. Both Rohan and Anirudh are dressed as grooms. Rohan and Anirudh go to Muskan’s room and tell her that she is looking pretty. Three of them share some beautiful moments. Rishi comes and says whenever he comes to this room everyone is busy in some emotional talks. He tells them to come downstairs. Anirudh gets a call , he excuses himself and he books two tickets to Muskan’s favorite destination. Anirudh’s mom comes and tells him to come for ceremonies since they can’t be fulfilled without his presence.


Update Credit to: saumya

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