Honge Juda Na Hum 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Honge Juda Na Hum 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 10th January 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Preeti asking Tara that she wants her to lie to Muskaan? She tells her that she can’t do that. She’s already lied to Rohan when getting his signature for the divorce papers and she hasn’t able to forgive herself for that til today.

Tara pleads with Preeti. She tells Preeti that she understands all this is hard for her but this one lie could save her daughter’s life. Tara says that Muskaan isn’t mentally strong like Rohan. If Rohan keeps reminding her about her past, she could have a nervous breakdown from the stress and she could lose her life. Tara pleads with Preeti as a mother and tells her to explain to Muskaan that what Rohan is telling her is just made up stories and that they were never together. For Muskaan. Preeti is in deep thought.

Rohan is waiting downstairs and thinks to himself that he hopes Preeti told Muskaan the truth. Once Muskaan knows the truth, no one can separate them.

Muskaan is shown sprawled all over her bed, crying. Tara walks in with Preeti in toe Muskaan sees Preeti and acknowledges her. Preeti approaches Muskaan and sits on the bed with her and Tara tells Muskaan that Preeti wanted to talk to her. Muskaan asks Preeti what’s the matter. Preeti turns to Tara and sees Tara gesturing her to talk.

Preeti starts by telling Muskaan that she and Rohan never had any relationship between them. She tells Muskaan that Rohan loved her but it was only one sided and we can slowly see Rohan standing behind Preeti, at the door! Preeti carries on, unaware that Rohan is listening and tells Muskaan how Rohan lied to gain Muskaan. Rohan is in shock as Preeti tells Muskaan to forgive him.

Preeti gets up to leave the room and is followed by Tara but as they get to the door, they see Rohan stood there and Preeti is in shock. The colour drains from Preeti’s face as she comes face to face with Rohan. He closes his eyes and tears fall down his face as he is met with the betrayal. He steps back and leaves and Preeti goes after him.

Preeti tries to talk to Rohan and puts her hand on his shoulder but he takes it off slowly. And asks her what is there left to hear? Whatever she said over there, it’s clear how much she means to him. In one moment she distanced herself from him. Rohan’s in tears. He turns to Preeti and asks her whether what she said is true. He asks her whether his happiness means nothing to her. Preeti tearfully tells him to be quiet. He tells her that after what she said, he couldn’t say anything to Muskaan. He couldn’t tell her that she is only his.

Rohan’s brother walks out and asks what happened. Rohan walks off silently past him and he asks Preeti what happened. She falls into his arms and cries.

Muskaan relives what Preeti told her. She sits up and wraps her. She has a flashback of Rohan showing her the photo of the two of them together. Then the moment when Tara showed her photo of her and Salman. She has another flashback of Anu telling her that Rohan told her he knew Muskaan from before, that he had lost his memory, he and Muskaan loved eachother and all sorts. Muskaan’s gaze turns to the portrait on her wall that Rohan had made of her and when Rohan gave her the photo. Muskaan gets up and is about to take the portrait down but stops herself. She tells herself that everything is a lie, even this portrait, just like him (Rohan). She finally takes it off and throws it across the room. She says that she doesn’t need the portrait and how Rohan had lied to her. She had trusted him but he had lied to her. We can see Tara’s reflection in the mirror as Muskaan tells herself that she thought Rohan loved her but that wasn’t love, just stubborness, to gain her. She cries that she hates Rohan.

Tara calls Muskaan and she runs over to hug her mum. She tells Muskaan not to cry. They pull apart and Tara says that she now knows that whatever Rohan said is a lie. He played with her feelings. But that’s what happens, whoever you see as close to you, is the one who hurts you the most. Tara advises Muskaan to throw Rohan out of her life before he does any other “psycho” thing. And to begin a new life. She tells Muskaan that she has lived her life. Her happiness is now in her kids. If she sees Muskaan in tears then she will feel as a parent she hasn’t fulfilled her responsibilities. She pleads with Muskaan. She tells her if her kids won’t be happy then how can she be happy? She tells her that Anirudh loves her. And she has always said to marry the one who loves you. Not the one who you love. The decision is yours. She says that once she gets rid of Rohan from her life, Anirudh will never let her cry. Muskaan is in deep thought. Anirudh is sat with Avi and Tara.

Tara tells Anirudh that she doesn’t like Rohan’s meeting Muskaan. Anirudh tells her that Rohan can only remember some things that’s why Rohan’s disturbed and worried. Tara says then he should go and get treated, why is he ruining her daughter’s life. Avi tries to stop her but she tells him not to take Rohan’s side. Tara goes and sits with Anirudh and pleads with him to marry Muskaan before Rohan becomes a problem. Anirudh tells her that he can understand her desparation but is Muskaan mentally ready? Tara says she’ll speak to Muskaan. Anirudh tells her that Muskaan’s happiness is his. If she’s happy then he’d be the happiest. And tells to talk to her.

Next scene is of Rohan hiding his head in his arms, as he is sat on the chair in his room. Preeti comes i with a tray of food and tries to get him to eat. She tells him that she knows he’s angry at her and has lots of questions for her to answer but why is he angry at the food? She tells him to eat then they’ll talk. He doesn’t say anything. She tries to to get him to drink some juice but he says he’s not hungry. She insists but he gets up, repeating the fact that he isn’t hungry. Preeti approaches him and tells him that he’s shown his anger. She tells him if he loves Muskaan then leave her alone.

After the break Preeti tells Rohan that where there’s love, there’s sacrifice, not selfishness. She tells him that Muskaan loves Anirudh, not him. She tells him not to come in between them. Rohan tells Preeti that he loves Muskaan. And that all this sacrifice and that talk is good only in books. He tells her that he is selfish when it comes to Muskaan because he knows that he is the only one who can make her happy. Preeti tells him that’s what he thinks. That is why she lied. So that they can both be happy. Rohan says he can’t be happy if she’s not in his life. But who will understand. And walks off.

Rohan then appears outside the gates of Muskaan’s home. He sees the watchman asleep on duty and tries to think something. He finds a brick, checks the coast is clear and throws it over the gates then hides. The watchman goes to see where it landed and Rohan manages to get inside and sneak away from the watchman, before climbing up Muskaan’s drainpipe.

Muskaan is asleep in her bed. Rohan manages to sneak into her room and sees she is fast asleep. He slowly makes his way over to her and sits on the bed, carressing her face. She wakes up suddenly and sees him, he tells her to be quiet but she is about to scream so he puts his hand over hers. The epi ends on Muskaan’s face.

Precap: Muskaan is stuttering as Tara and Avi try to comfort her. She tells Tara that she is ready to marry Anirudh.

Update Credit to: Lubz.TaAnu

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