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So u must have already guessed by the title that its an os…if anyone missed the prev ones, here are the links:

I know i wont be able to post my ff for some time cuz u guys know i always come up with lengthy ones…n the next is going to be ultra special…u’ll know why…but i thought why not entertain u with this one….i cannot really predict if u’ll like it, hate it, but i will try my level best to make u happy…

❤️________ready set go_________❤️

‘Come to me….nearer….nearer…..nearer….come…more…………..

N a girl burst out laughing…she has worn a blue and green three-piece bikini and had a piece of cloth tied on her waist. She had her wavy hairs tied in a loose bun and had a star bracelet on her wrist. Her hairline was filled with a small hint of sindoor and she had a small mangalsutra dangling on her neck…she is revealed to be Twinkle…

T-u wont get me soo easily Mr Sarna! I am the Punjabi Pataka of Amritsar…

N she giggled while mocking him…

A well toned guy with bare chest, wearing a light green short emerged out of the water, passing his fingers through his hairs…looking deadly handsome?

K-Sorry Miss Amritsar but we are in Mauritius…n u r simply Twinkle Kunj Sarna…just see around urself, there is no-one to save u from me now…

He smirked while getting out of the pool…

He moved towards her and untied that piece of cloth from her waist while having an intense eyelock n dried his hair with it…

He is Kunj❤️

K(whispering)-no matter how hard u’ll try…i will get hold of u…

N he blew in her ears…Twinkle felt butterflies in her stomach…she felt like drooling over him all over again….

She got out of her thoughts and just whispered…
‘Only if u’re able to catch me right?’

Kunj lifted his eyebrow. Twinkle pushed him in the pool again n ran away from there…

K-God! She’ll kill me with her traits n he ran his hands through the calm water of the pool…

He smiled…

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinj were in the room…Twinkle was busy drying her hairs while Kunj was replying to some e-mails….

T-Kunj let’s have a walk on the beach after dinner…and tomorrow we’ll go parasailing and di was telling me that the Casela and Water Park were the most beautiful attractions n….we can go camping in the Black River Gorges…..n the waterfalls here are said to be sooo beautiful….i want to go there also….n kun….

She watched him through the mirror….neither was he responding nor was he paying any attention to him….

T-Kunj…u can atleast reply to me right?

K-ohh! Sorry…so what were u saying?

T-yess…so we’ll spend the day at the beach….the blue lagoon….the beautiful sun…n yaaa the junk food here….what’s that cal…

K-yes..yess…we’ll do all of that…we’ll eat the beach n visit the food…yaya…

Twinkle rolled her eyes n stared at him through the mirror yet again…

T-kunj let’s suicide tomorrow….bebe has said its an auspicious day….

K-hmmm…thats seems alright…

T(to herself)-what?? I cant believe this! I’ll set him straight right now!

T-I am pregnant with ur child….

K-hmmm very good…

Twinkle’s POV
what?? Suhaagraat bhi nahin hui hai n….urgggg!!!

T-I want a divorce! I have found somebody else…


He was startled….



T-nothing…i was just joking….carry on….

N she combed her hair with a casual face…with anger….

Kunj wrapped his hands around her waist…

K-hey tell me…even i want to know who’s that idiot who wants to bear such a siyappa queen for his whole life….
He kissed her left cheek…

T-hawwww kunj! Ur very bad! When do i do siyappas??

K-hmmm…all the time….for example, u threw me in the pool twice in the afternoon….n now….now u’ve worn such a s*xy dress…ur awaking the beast in me…i’ll lose control….
He kissed her right cheek n started exploring her neck…

Twinkle turned crimson….
T-kunj let me go…i’m hungry….i want my dinner…

K-even i am hungry Twinkle…let me have my food….

He said placing a love bite on Twinkle’s neck while she moaned.

Twinkle started to flow with the moment…she turned towards him and they engaged in a passionate liplock while their hands were exploring each other….

Kunj’s POV
Shit! I cannot control myself anymore! But i have not asked her permission yet….i mean….is she ready for all this??

The kiss got more intense with each passing second n they finally parted due to lack of oxygen….they kept looking into each other’s eyes n were about to engage in another one when
‘Twinkle twinkle little star…how i wonder what u r…..’

Twinkle’s phone rang….

Kunj cursed the one who invented the phone…

Kunj’s POV
There was no phone in ur era! Thats why u had loads of kids….u had time to make a football team….u should have made another one right!! Why wasting time on inventing something which disturbs an intimate moment??? U are jealous right?? If another moment is destroyed then i swear i’ll commit suicide n then just watch out!!….n look at me!! i dont have even one soldier…let me plan my family peacefully pls!!!!!!! blo*dy idiot!

Kunj shooed his thoughts away to find Twinkle laughing n chatting on the phone…

K(to hinself)-she took it? She….she went away to attend the call….we were having such an awesome moment…she destroyed it…it has been a month ever since we’re married…we’ve finally come on our honeymoon to such an awesome destination but Miss Amritsar is more interested in her phone….u know what just let it be!

K-i am going for dinner…join in when ur done…

N he stormed out of the room…

Twinkle’s POV
What has happened to him? Why did he go being so rude?
He left me alone here….

She pouted..

❤️Next Scene❤️
Twinkle went to the main restaurant and searched for Kunj. She noticed him sitting on a table…twirling his glass of wine and looking at the main entertainment of the night:the sega…

(If u dont know what this is…then watch this video right here…

Pay attention to the dance parts n song n basically sega is the national dance of Mauritius…)

T-kunj why did u leave me there alone…n ur drinking…whats gotten into u?

K-nothing…ur already done with ur conversation? I thought that it would take some time more…

T-aww! My baby got angry?
She caressed his face…

K-noo…i am just a random husband…why would i be angry if MY WIFE DISTURBS OUR PRIVATE MOMENT TO ATTEND A CALL…i find no logic reason..DO U?
He stressed on his words…

T-random husband? Do i roam around with a bunch of these or what?

K-no but u do with ur phone! Kabab mein haddi kahika!

Twinkle was amused at his childishness…

T-ole…i am sorry baby…i know i shouldn’t have bu..

K-but u did…
He gulped down his wine in a go…n jerked her hand away..

Twinkle’s POV
I know babaji…he wants to spend some quality time with me…even i am dying to feel his touch…but what can i do? U know na…chinki n i have made a deal that we will not let our respective husbands touch us during the first month of our wedding…then? I know that’s silly but we r in the same hotel…so i cannot help it…n anyways we were 15 when we promised this….we were immature…or maybe am still….but i always fulfill my promises…why had we make that?? Great! I dont even remember…i’m wondering chinki ki bachchi ko yaad bhi hai yaaaa…..is she still??
Anyways thank god my phone rang otherwise siyappa!

Kunj had gone to take his dinner as there was an open buffet. Twinkle went behind him….but two hands pulled her towards them….

Twinkle was shocked….she was about to shout when the person covered her mouth. Her eyes popped open…the person dragged her outside, behind a pillar.

It is revealed to be Chinki…
(Tell me honestly how many of u felt that it was Yuvi…?)

T-Chinki! What the hell??? U scared the heck out of me! R u insane or what??

C-chill bestie oof bhabhi! Tell me how’s ur honeymoon? R u enjoying??

She looked at the love bite on her neck…

C-ohoooo! I guess ur having a blast here! Hikkies n all hmm…
She said teasingly…

T-chinki ki bachchi! Enjoying my foot! N what love bites haan? Yes i have one then? Even i know how many of these ur hiding under ur foundation…if i push u in this pool naa…hikkie ka hikkie aur paani ka paani ho jaayega….CHIPKU CHINKI!
I am still fulfilling that promise we had made in 10th standard…n u…ur teasing me??

C-what promise?

T-u cant be serious??? I am roaming around away from my husband for the past 29 days 23 hours and 3 mins! N u….lemme guess…today will be ur 30th suhaagraat right??

Chinki blushed badly…

T-stop showing me this rainbow colour! Tell me! Dont u remember when we had a crush on those brothers in 10th standard…what was their name….

Chinki was busy listening to her n trying to recall when her eyes fell on the door…she tapped Twinkle..


T-wait na chipku chinki! Lemme remember….

C-twinkle kunj…

T-no yaar i met Kunj later…


T-areee! Eat almonds in the morning! Ur mariage with UV was an arranged cum love one…
Haan!!! Shastri brothers!

C-Twinkle…meri pyaari sahe….

T-chinkiiii! Do u remember the elder bro?? He was sooo handsome! N he had electric blue eyes!! I always used to get lost in them! He was sooo sweet! N his killer smile! MUAAAHHH!! Too good! N i used to call him chocoheart…wow!!!

C-twinkle….twinkle…pls listen to me once…

She said tapping her shoulder…

T-oho chinki! Let me go down the memory lane peacefully naaa! N the other bro…ur biggest crush ever!!! He was sweet! N he always used to smile looking at u! N u used to call him jaaneman whenever u talked about him???U know there was a rumour going on that u both had a scene…u remember how much we had fought just because u did not tell me about it? Those were such beautiful days!!!
N tell me honestly…u both had an affair right? I knew it from the start…

Chinki tapped her forehead n made a ‘oh shit’ type face….

T-n then we had decided that we both will get married to them n we will not let them come close to us?? Remem….

She turned round and froze right there…


C-yes! Kunj and jaaa…ann

Y-jaaneman kaho Chipku Chinki…

K-n who was that chocoheart??

(Hehe…yuvi n kunj were at the door listening to their talks…)

Kunj pinched Chinki’s ears…

K-ohhh! Saali sahiba thats why my life is soo bland even after mariage…its bcuz of those blo*dy idiots!

Y-i’ll take it over from there Kunj…jaaneman hun!!

C-no jaan…i was….

Y-no naa JAANEMAN…u dont have to explain….ab bas akele mein milo!

N he went from there with Chinki following him with her heads down….

Kunj watched them going and turned round to talk to Twinkle…
Twinkle was not there…

K-that siyappa queen! She did such a big siyappa! Never mind…let me get my hands on u wifey! U’ll pay for these 29 days dearly!


Twinj and Yuki got married on the same day….UV n Kunj are brothers…n Chinki n Twinkle r besties…

After the wedding both the couples went into their respective rooms…

(U know what happened with Yuki….?)

Kunj entered his room..

Kunj’s POV
Finally babaji! This is the most awaited night of my life! Thank u soo much for bringing my siyappa queen into my life!

He looked around the beautifully decorated room n smiled brightly…

K-twinkle? Twinkle where r u?

Twinkle got out from the bathroom with a towel rolled on her head n in a baby pink bathrobe..

Kunj was mesmerised seeing her…he moved towards her and put his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder…

K-ur looking gorgeous..

He kissed her neck…


Kunj moved away with a jerk!


K-Twinkle yaar!
Did u have to catch a cold today only???

T-aachouummm! So…rry….bb…y!!!

K-it’s okay baby! Ur health is more imp than anything else…take care of urself as of now…bcuz if my Twinki is not fit…then what’s the use of suhaagraat??
N he winked at her…


K-yaar Twinkli not on my face!
He said wiping his face.

He lifted her in bridal style n placed her on the bed…he pecked her forehead and put her to sleep…


After that…everyday a new issue cropped up…Twinkle made all sorts of weird excuses…n it was not easy living in an extended family….

❤️end of flashback❤️

K-now i get it! Thats why she had suddenly got a cold on our first night! I swear to god! U’ll pay for all this…with interest…but in Kunj’s style..

N he smirked…

❤️Next Scene❤️

K-she is nowhere to be seen…where is she? She must be in our room…get ready Mrs Sarna!

He entered the room and found it empty…the lights were on…there were melted candles everywhere in the room. He went to the bed n saw a figure under the blanket…he slowly removed it n smiled..

Twinkle was sound asleep under it…wearing a beautiful black knee-length nightie. The specks of golden glitter were sparkling in the light…a light breeze was caressing her cheeks n was playing with her hairs…

Kunj was admiring her and smiling from within…he put a brake to his thoughts….

K-ur sleeping wifey? Not soo easily! Its payback time….

He lifted her in bridal style and took a sleeping Twinkle in the bathroom. He opened the shower and cold water poured down. Twinkle woke up with a jerk and hugged Kunj tightly n started shivering…she caught a sleepy glimpse of Kunj. The latter shifted the button from cold to hot. Seconds later hot water started pouring in…

Twinkle pushed him away while kunj was distraught…he was about to go when Twinkle pulled him towards her and they both shared an eyelock…

T-where have u been for so long? I have made all these preparations for u but u dont care!

N she faked anger…

K-No my CHOCOHEART! I just went to have some fresh air…

He said teasingly…

T-haaww! Mr Sadu Sarna! Thats not fair! I was only 15…

K-n now ur not! So why fulfilling such a promise?

Suddenly he felt something soft on his lips…before he could reciprocate, she pulled back…

T(whispering in his ears)-do u really think so??

She looked at him n opened his first upper button n pecked there…

T-i really dont know about u but….i am feeling very sleepy…

She turned her back and stretched her hands in the air, making her nightie go higher up till her thighs. She smirked n started heading towards the bed lazily, lightly stumping her feet n rubbing her arms and playing with her hair.

Kunj was just lost in her.

Twinkle’s POV
This Mr Sadu! I am trying soo much so that he comes near to me…but him?? Huh! normally he boasts so much about love n romance…when i was not willing to, he stuck to me like glue but now when i want him…he’s just staring at me….i can feel his gaze burning my back!! Idiot!
But dont worry baby…i will make u react…

She smiled…

T-ohh god! But i am drenched! How can i sleep with this? Haye babaji…u remember right? The last time i caught a cold…i had to sleep on the bed ALONE FOR SEVEN DAYS! We are on our honeymoon…besides, there is no couch here…

She faked concern…

Kunj shouted.

Twinkle got startled and literally jumped in the air…

Kunj’s POV
NOOO! I wont let u go soo easily this time…i’m understanding ur game wifey…if u want to play this…then why alone??

He smirked.


T-kunj?? Kunj?? What happened baby? U r drenched pls change urself quickly!

She grabbed a towel n started drying his hairs…
Kunj held her hand…

K-but ur also prone to a cold right? Thats not fair…even i should help u out right??

Twinkle widened her eyes but then placed her arms around his neck…

T-who has stopped u from doing so?

He said naughtily…

She smiled brightly…

He picked her up and took her to the bathroom…they came out after 2 long hours, in each others arms…they laid on the bed, exhausted n looked at each other..

K-ready for the second innings? U’ll have to pay for those 29 days…

T-i will, with interest…Mrs Twinkle Sarna does not keep the debts of others…

…….They did not get out of the room for 5 days……



A small cutie girl walks into a a big room…The room is very spacious with sophisticated stuff n a round bed in the middle…

G-babaji! What shall i do of these 2??ohhh sorry! 3?

‘Papa! Siyappa Queen! Utho!!!!’

She said shaking the blanket.

A big muscular hand grabbed her from her waist n put her on the middle of the bed..

N they both pecked her cheeks.

Kunj was sleeping on the left side of the bed while Twinkle was sleeping on the right side…

P-good morning papa! Good morning siyappa queen…sorry mumma!

T-My baby! How come u r up so early today?
She grawled n pulled her cheeks

P-mumma i had a ques!

K-haan bby! Tell me! After all ur papa is the best..

Twinkle narrowed her gaze.

K-siyappa queen! What happened? Jal gayi?
He giggled

T-Kunj u..!!!

P-ok! Time up! Offo! I have to take care of u all the time! These kids! Huh!
She tapped her forehead dramatically!

K-le! Ek aur drama queen!

Prisha n twinkle at the same time:

K-achcha sorry! Tell me what happened?

P-papa! How do we get babies??

Twinj looked at each other, shocked.

Twinj-baby why r u asking this?

P-bcuz u r having my baby naa??

Prisha placed her hand on Twinkle’s 4 months pregnant belly while Kunj smiled…
Twinkle’s eyes shined as she also put her hand on her belly…

T-yes bby!
She kissed her cheeks

T-u wanted him right? So god sent him…

P-nooo! Ur lying right?

K-how do u kno….

Twinkle stared at him while Kunj bit his tongue.

P-offo! Riya told me that angels bring them to mummas…

Twinj let out a sigh of relief!

Twinj-HAAN! Thats what happens…

N they looked here n there.

P-but mumma…

T-haan beta..

P-in ur stories all the angels have names…whats the name of that angel? I have to thank him naa??

K(whispering to himself)-thank me baby…i dont mind some more…

Twinkle weirdly looked at him n tapped his shoulder…

P-MUMMA!! Pls tell me naa!


K-CHOCOHEART! His name is Chocoheart!

P-wow! Sooo sweet! Mumma’s angel is also called Chocoheart…achcha…i have to write the letter…bbye mumma papa!

She dashed from the room…

Twinkle bit her tongue n tried to escape from there but Kunj grabbed her hand n pinched her ear..

K-Chocoheart hun? Angel?

T-kunj kunj see naa! Baby is telling u to leave his mumma!

K-achcha! I’ll show u!

N he pulled the blanket over themselves….

❤️__________The End___________❤️

My bak-bak time…

I swear to god guys! I had written 3/4 of this long ago…when i wrote the first epi of my ff but could not complete it…so here it is…i hope u’ll like it…pls do comment…i do not promise to return the comments back though…

N pls guys..its a humble request..i wanted to depict all the passiona nd love during their honeymoon…if u know what i mean…if somebody could complete that for me…cuz i am very umcomfortable with such descriptions…i would be really glad if u did it…

N yes i may not be commenting on the ffs but i try to read them all…keep going guys!!❤️

Love u all❤️

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