Honey, I have a Craving!! (EPISODE – 4)

Honey, I have a craving!!

*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 4)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

During Third month of Ragini’s pregnancy…,

In this third month, Ragini is assured that she has a single baby.

Hormones increase rapidly, which affect the routine of her life and make her feel lazy and sleepy most of the time. She is curious to see the baby each and every day and she want to trace its growth accordingly.

Ragini : Yesterday, the doctor didn’t show me the baby well. The baby’s hand didn’t show up clearly.

Laksh : (assured) Don’t worry. The doctor and I saw the baby, and it looked really great.

Ragini : (slight up tone) I’m not asking for what you and the doctor did or didn’t see.., I have to re-visit the doctor next week, and I’ll ask her to show me the baby.

But then also Laksh tries his best..,

Laksh : She arranged the upcoming appointment for next month, not next week.

Ragini : No problem. She won’t remember, and my friend Swara told me that her doctor had ultrasound and showed her the baby on a weekly basis.

Laksh : Mera bachcha, Swara is in her sixth month, while you are in your third.

Ragini : (irritated) Arrrrrgghh..!!! Stop arguing with me. You are just like my colleagues at work, such a useless..!!!

And with saying this she made her way towards bedroom for taking rest..,


One day…,

Ragini : Laksh, I think my tummy is starting to get bigger.

Laksh : (eyes still on lappy) Mera bachcha, I think it is still the normal size.

Ragini : You see, Swara told me so (as Swara is in her sixth month). she also told me that in the third month my tummy starts to get bigger. Plus, I’ll feel the baby’s movement and I’ll hear his heartbeats too.

(Arguments, arguments, arguments.., poor Laksh)

Ragini : Laksh, I want to eat something.

Laksh : What’s that, my baby’s mom?? We can have it delivered here.

Ragini : I wish to eat at that restaurant we went to on the day we got married.

Laksh : Yeah.., but it’s far away from here and previously you complained that you get tired from being in the car, especially for long distances.

Ragini : No, no. If we go to that restaurant, I won’t feel tired.

Laksh said while shaking his head..

Laksh : OK mera bachcha, we’ll go this weekend.

Ragini : No, I want to go today, NOW..!!! otherwise, the baby will be born with a birthmark! as I crave eating in that restaurant.

Laksh : Mera bachcha, I understand that pregnant women crave for certain kinds of food, not certain kinds of restaurant!

Ragini : (opposing) Have you ever been pregnant??? How would you know about cravings??? This is my desire.

Of course, these arguments end in one direction only THE RAGINI’S DIRECTION and the Laksh has to admit that he will lose his case to his wife Ragini.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Precap : Fourth Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…

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