Honey, I have a Craving!! (EPISODE – 3)

Honey, I have a craving!!

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During Second Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…,

The second month of pregnancy means nausea and cravings for certain foods.

Ragini’s Hormones start to increase rapidly, which being affects her behavior with her husband Laksh and her colleagues at work. (Be careful if you have pregnant women at your company and/or office)

Ragini : Laksh, I have a craving for watermelon with no seeds.

Laksh : (confusing) I have never heard of that Watermelon with no seeds..???

Ragini : (stubborn) That’s not my concern. I crave for it and I want it. Do you want our baby to be born with a birthmark???

And again continues by keeping her hand on her belly..

Ragini : I think my tummy is a little bigger than normal. I believe I have twins!!!

Laksh replies with caressing Ragini’s belly..

Laksh : No, your tummy is still the same and the doctor told us that you have a single baby, not a twins.

Ragini : hmm it’s just that maybe the doctor could not able to clearly seen it.

Day after day, this kind of dialogue goes on and on, especially when the Ragini goes to work.

And now a days, Ragini returned from work usually in a quite bad, nervous, and slight mad mood because..

Ragini : (nervously) I have to quit work. I will give my resignation tomorrow. I can’t handle work and all the people there. IT’S OVER!!!

Laksh : (little bit shocked) What happened???

Ragini : Imagine, At the weekly meeting, my manager suggested something that should be done. I told him that I don’t think it’s beneficial to work. He kept arguing with me, and he wasn’t convinced by what I said.

Laksh shakes his head and said..

Laksh : That’s normal. He is your boss, and he has a right to argue with you about work.

Ragini : (slight shouting) Men, men, men…!!! You are one of them, and all men are the same and I’m sure you’ll defend him. No, he has no right to do so and no right to argue with me, he meant to irritate me. All of the men in the meeting, and the world, have to take a one-way trip to Paris (her favorite place), and I’m ready to pay for the tickets..,

And again continues due to something strike to her mind..

Ragini: Also, that girl in the meeting instead of supporting me and taking my side, she supported him and made more suggestions that I have to implement.

Laksh : Mera bachcha it’s normal.., that girl is your close friend and she has always been kind to you.

Ragini : (with arguing) NO..!!! It’s not normal. They have to know that I’m pregnant and my increasing hormones affect my mood, so they shoul don’t argue with me at all and that’s it..!!

with saying this she started breathing heavily…,

Whereas Laksh said with rubbing Ragini’s back..

Laksh : (concern) sshhhh….., cool down Ragini it’s not good for your health.

And again continues in an attempt of diverting Ragini’s attention..

Laksh : Mera bachcha, let’s forget all about work hun..,what do we have for dinner today???

Ragini : (In a very shy, soft, and passive voice) Laksh, do you really want something to eat today?? I was nervous today and needed to rest because I was worried about the baby. But there’s some vegetables in fridge.

Laksh : (shocked) What..?? You will not join me for dinner???

Ragini : No. When I had finished the meeting, I returned to my office and ordered some food to help me relax.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Precap : Third Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…

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