Honest Ishqbaaaz Analysis (Chapter – 3) by AditiB

Well, Hello people! I know TU has gotten new, and many people must have forgotten me, but it’s good to come back with an analysis.

The story of Ishqbaaaz started from a fresh source. And it’s ending in the worst way possible. I know Ishqbaaaz is about to end later this June. But I hope it ends sooner. Because all I want to say is, the way Ishqbaaaz has turned down my expectations, is just mindless killing of faith. It needs to end, so that it can get a fresh start in the distant future.

The story has been annihilated. It has no power to thrill and make you happy, leave thinking altogether. I am not going to get through the storyline because it has lost the explicability as well. I can not plunge into it to kill my peace of mind et al. It’s not worth that anymore.

Now the thing that has prompted me to write all this after months of ignoring it, is that, Rikara is getting killed like the pawn used to hunt an animal. The animal here is getting hunted sooner or later, but the fate of the pawn makes me feel sad. Kunal and Shrenu deserve better, much better opportunities should come to them. I just want Indian television to find a purpose, to display the talents of good actors through good stories. No wonder the lack of all this has made the informed youngsters to turn to web series, that tell a story in the most compact and interesting manner. I can’t think of the Indian television churning out one “the Mentalist” or “Scandal”, but it can at least make a breakthrough from the worthless Saas bahu feud nowadays.

It is quite satisfying to find out that shows like Ishqbaaaz, while keeping the family as a base, build a different structure over this. But it all kills the interest when our expectations go down the drain as it takes the same ol’ road. I just want to say, I shouldn’t have wasted time in writing this, because everyone knows the truth, but everyone chooses aloofness over improvement.

And yes, I would never invest my time on any Indian television series other than Tedx. I am not afraid to say, that we need to stop gulping in shit in the name of entertainment. We need to stop killing creativity, and we need to bring in proper stories that deserve a watch. Indian television industry is the brain eating industry now. Either the country gets brain washed, or it’s brain gets eaten. Either way, we are killing our own minds that would run the future. For the sake of greater interest over petty money made of Saas Bahu stories, get a proper story dear makers, or get a life dear audience. We certainly can do better than Saas Bahu, wealthy family and dowry stories. Much better indeed.

Note: informed opinions welcomed. This is not a rant, but a logical point of view. If you’re bad at logic, better not comment.
Sorry people, I am updating my story “The Last Chance” on Wattpad. Search for AdiitiB there if anyone wants to read it. Thanks again.

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  1. rhea shrestha

    i agree with u
    they have also destroyed
    rumya love story
    it is not that i don’t like bhavya
    it is that i like rumya more than
    ruvya.They have given unnecessary
    screen to shivika.that’s why
    i don’t like to watch it.

    1. AditiB

      Same here dear….. The magic that rumya had created can never be repeated….. Too much of Shivika…. And the best part is I haven’t watched IB for eons now…. Thanks for commenting dear…

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Agree with you dear… But trp is mattered most to the channel and that is why cvs are bound to keep their story line to get only trp not for good plot

    1. Fenil

      Without separation and unnecessary drama also show can earned TRP !!
      Gulli made it 3rd class show ever !!

  3. Fenil

    Hey Choco Girl, how are you ?. After a long time. Seriously u have wasted your time for this 3rd class show.I’m happy-smiley by taking decision long back to stop watching this garbage.
    Wattpad pe milte hain.

    1. How could you call it a 3rd class show! Don’t you know how much effort the producers take to present all these to the audience. The story line might not be good but that doesn’t mean it’s a 3rd class show. The actors, producers, plot writers, directors, costume designers, location managers , makeup artists , screen writers, set designers, camera operators, and the whole crew of a TV show work hard even for a stupid story line. So it’s quite unfair to name it as so.

  4. Happy to see u again dear.. I 100% agree wit u they just destroyed the story line.. the TU writers are much more better than tis people.. The day they kill rumya n create ruvya I lost the interest in ishqbaaz.. They always gives important to shivika more than other couples.. Happy to knw tat tis serial going to end soon.. I was really happy tat I stop watching tis serial long time ago..

  5. Pakhi007

    Hey…… I totally agree with your analysis……
    The magic that IB created in the beginning, no doubt, has lost somewhere with the passage of time……..
    And the credit for this goes to the extremely talented CVS, the plot writers……
    The three couples were supposed to share the same amount of screen space with individual stories as shown in the beginning…… But I guess they failed miserably…..
    Even though I am a shivika fan,yet I feel this show is simply being dragged with shivika in limelight and some superb illogical plot……
    I mean from where on earth did they find the hypnotizing pills???? Or did they invented themselves???? I just wonder??
    Kunal, shrenu and leenesh are great actors with great potential and deserve much more than this…….
    I personally loved rumya but they changed to Ruvya out of nowhere…. ????
    But I am still hopeful that IB soon gets it’s charm back before it’s too late coz this show has got the best actors with some unique concept

  6. the promo first said ‘ek doosre ke zaroori hissey hain aur ek kahani ke teen hissey hai’……
    even i agree with u that there is tooooooo much of shivika……. if they had to show only shivika then why did they give such a caption to promo……secondly even i dont hate bhavya but its only that rumya was much better and the worst part of it they made saumya a villian and nehalakshmi iyer receives a better role……agar pehle se hi sabko equal screen space milta toh iski nobat hi nahi aati……and lastly when a show ends fast its memories will always be forever like manmarziyan, bhrk, swabhimaan, ipkknd, etc. rather than a show which is forever running yrkkh,sns,yhm,etc. i really hope gul doesnt mke ishqbaaz like qubool hai….. i really loved asya but anyways….not going to that show……and more thing even im commenting in tu after such a long tym….though i know no one will remember me…

    1. first i used to love star plus coz it used to bring wonderful shows but now though its bringing wonderful shows its giving more importance to trp and the gud shows are ending….and thats why i hate star plus now…..

  7. Too much of anything is good for nothing..

    Too much of Shivika and even too much of villains and unnecessary things. It does not even make sense. Rikara had scope but they ruined it with useless drama. And honestly Rudra and bhavya share no chemistry.

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