Honest Ishqbaaaz Analysis (Chapter – 2) by AditiB

Hello friends, I know I again came back after a long while and I had some real reasons, I’ve got a severe foot injury and that has not even cured till now, but anyways my hands are working well and my mind is in the analytical mode. This is an ishqbaaz analysis that I had to write, just hold on and keep reading.

I could have posted it in the weekend but reading is not a big task right? Just remember to hit the like or the unlike button and do leave a comment before going back to the home page.

So I start from the beginning of the story. Well, I started watching Ishqbaaaz because I thought it to be the track breaking series that deserved a watch. But having known the fact that I watch a lot many other dramas from foreign countries in foreign languages, the problem was that after a time I started equalizing them with the Indian ones. Grave mistake, I know that. I watched the best as well as the not so good foreign dramas and believing the Indian clichés was a tough task. Anyways, now lets come to the point.

Firstly, the recent advancements in the story like the dramatic marriage controversy of Rikara can be taken as some positive turns. Given the fact that Gauri was again the most self sacrificing person in the lot was not so contending, I just am happy about the fact that they are having some improvements. And as I am happy, again I get something saddening that just blows away the happiness. Let me tell you what that is.

I don’t know if there are some ruvya fans here. But given the fact that the makers just kill the charm so brutally, ruvya is just bragging around with an idiotic story and super stupid reasonings of their fights. I had firmly believed that nothing can kill the charm of Rudra, but now his charm is getting stabbed day by day. He is just the supporting brother with no story, whose only USP is the comedy that Lee is so good at. Peroid.

Now next, the story of Bhavya’s unemployment. Well it was really clichéd showing a police officer getting impeached by just a multi purpose mithai-ka-dabba. This is what happens when you take Singham too seriously.

Now ok, she got impeached. Fine. But now she finds the job of a bodyguard of a man who has looming biceps. Well if that was not enough, she signs the agreement without seeing it even once. Wow, so what was she a police for? Just for catching Sultan and giving random dialogues with sections of IPC in a totally pointless context? Are you all kidding me? And after that, she is not even working as a body guard, she is sitting with the other two women and talking about “trust tests”. Well, she just isn’t concerned that she was impeached on corruption charges, she should have been in jail by now, and if that’s not the case, she should investigate who has done this. No point in expecting, ’cause the rule while watching an Indian soap is, keep your logic behind the couch you sit on, munch on veg pakoras and blo*dy gulp in all the spoonful of nonsense they feed you.

This is the ruvya story. So now, time for Rikara. Okay, they got together, they are happy and have forgiven each other. This is how the track has ended, but how has the track gone to the point? Coming of Dilpreet, so much of Ajay a*sh*le, and other wordly self sacrificing Gauri. Now I wanna ask a question, if this is what had to be done, why so late? Why was Rikara kept on hold for so much of time? And while the Shivika story is 1 year old now and still they are taking “trust tests” (so idiotic) this story rushed faster than Shinkansen. But anyways, happy enough that it ended quickly, at least they didn’t brag it.

I don’t wanna say anything about Shivika and their story, am just fed up so let them do whatever they want. I know they still would keep on fighting and doing idiotic nuances, and their children would probably come when I am in my 60s. No point discussing, ’cause what the audience wants is whole episode on shivika and some repeated, over dramatic crying and pointless romantic scenes. They want it, and makers give it. There’s no place for logic, no place for well learned opinions.
The mid life crisis is too early to be coped by Shivika, they shouldn’t think of getting older now. Well what’s the point in saying that, no one is going to get this anyways.

Lastly I have learnt this really well, that I shouldn’t compare two things that are not even worth comparing. I don’t like veg pakoras, am not munching on them and I will think logically forever. So at last, this is again not my cup of tea. But given that am just trying to be loyal, I’ll try to watch whenever am in mood of bearing nonsense and would keep on giving reviews so that at least they know, that we logical people do exist in this mindless conundrum.

(note to readers: unapologetic opinions written, don’t be amateur enough to take them to heart, ’cause anyways I don’t care.)

Copyright: AditiB.

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  1. Aafiya


  2. Fenil

    Perfect Choco girl

  3. Rudra has become non existent as lead now….Small details in Rikara story s badly ignored nd just to make Shivika fans happy,CVs r badly trying to extend a story that has reached. A saturation pt now…It’s high time mystery tracks nd Aniri past track s taken

  4. Angiecute

    yes AditiB what you have written is all right really my rudy is lost somewhere

  5. Anishka

    totally…completely ..agree with each and every word of yours..

  6. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  7. Sairish

    Aditi di..
    Hello! I’m sairish ..the youngest writer here .
    Well…since it’s chapter 2 of your analysis ..I honesty haven’t read the chapter 1 but somehow I truly agree with whatsoever you have written .
    Rikara truly never fascinated me …and their track is genuinely very boring . And even more melodramatic .
    Rudy ‘s charm has totally gone ..it’s just his humour portion which is getting ruvya’s track all along …and more over ..where the hell is ruvya track ????….it’s just a stupid nonsense going on in name of a love story …
    I honesty miss RUMYA and NEHA a lot ..I atleast feel they could have made a lot better couple ..atleast than these two …
    Shivika …I feel the makers are exaggerating their track. Their story seems complete and these guys ..are just dragging it ..no matter how much I love nakuul . I infact have stopped watching IB ..well..who is abhay?? I haven’t watched IB for ages ???
    I have set my telly timings for bigg boss actually !
    Another aspect of your analysis was that you’ve written it very well. The language usage was seriously fabulous. I know that you’re an amazing writer and an excellent critic at times if needed true analysis. (don’t take it by heart)
    Really ..honest review ..
    Love you loads

  8. Nikita_jai29

    All you said is true dear…

  9. One point from my side about ruvya wat about age difference between them she is cop and he is student I think

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