Honest Ishqbaaaz Analysis by AditiB

First of all… Hey guys… I don’t know if you all remember me. But the fact that has actually prompted me to write this particular article is that I was in a dire need of writing an Analysis on the recent Ishqbaaaz tracks or as we millenials say IB tracks.

So the first thing I found damn irritating and irrelevant to the moon and back is this recent shitty plot that has come in for Shivika. I mean they actually crave to have some new people enter the show, ’cause may be the creatives think that these new entries help in creating the intrigue and suspense. Seriously Sires, it doesn’t. Just to increase the intrigue quotient into the pointless plot, you people fabricated a plot full of problems for the couple, as well as the fans. Abhay and Tanya are unwanted, while Mr. Avinash is getting away with the fans for his looks, Ms. Pratibha is not getting a good buttery response as such. And we know this well. Very very well.

Secondly hasn’t the Shivika story already got a lot, lot much of space? Wasn’t it enough that instead of showing them as some mature, settled and understanding people, you all are still showing their fights? I mean they have already fought a lot, they wasted 3 months just to out Pinky’s lie, their story started with fights, but after a year they are still fighting, either with the coming problems or amongst themselves. In my point of view, Shivaay needs to guide his other two brothers, on which he has been late, but for Omkara he’s guiding, Rudra needs serious attention, ’cause his character is turning into what his other two brothers once were; rude, arrogant and really bad at behaving well with anybody.

The third thing is that, since IB is going back to the half hour slot, there would again be tough fights among Shivika fans who want meaty romance for almost 20 minutes and Rikara fans who just want their story to progress. Am not saying that the Rikara story isn’t progressing, but it actually didn’t for a whole 2 months. And now when it is progressing, they have some past family crimes shit coming up that couldn’t find any other time to show up and screw with the trps, the plot and with our minds. Further, there would be more than 15 minutes given to Abhay, Tanya, Shivika, Shinky, Tejvi and some time to Dadi and their plannings, counter-plannings on the forever unsolved “No one torched Kalyani mills, blo*dy it torched itself” unnecessary drama and chatter of how big families hide dinosaur-sized secrets and hold fake parties to find out who screws with their secret thing and all that pointless and unwanted drama.

Meanwhile after all this if some time is left keeping aside the lengthy ads, it would be generously given (if you have that much time) to the other two forever left out couples.

After all this that has already screwed my mind, one thing that left me in utter disgust is how Rudra is behaving with Bhavya. The way Shivaay behaved with Annika once upon a time or the way Omkara behaved with Gauri for the whole of 100 episodes of DBO, Rudra HAS to repeat that again, with the same grounds that the other two had, Grave and totally unfounded misunderstandings. Again. Again and Again. We had a lot of MU tracks already, with the recent Rikara one that has still not ended. Was this the only alternative left to give the Ruvya story a fresh Stimulus? Oh, so actually IB has totally given away with the freshness forever. They even scrapped Priveer abruptly, only to increase the time for romance and not thinking of where actually the plot has headed to, it’s just a mindless hotch-potch. I agree, it has turned me and my too-high-for-an-Indian-soap expectations down. It’s the only thing that I had actually expected to turn out good, and after IB I’ve stopped expecting totally.

That was just my opinion folks, and yes, now I’ve given up on IB, I don’t even watch it for the sake of trps now. But given that they are decreasing anyways, I’ve started watching it so that I can at least save it, when it failed to save my expectations. Do watch it, ’cause more than the plot, now the trps need help.

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    Yaaa the track is so freaking irritating..didnt liked it…i want something extremely new and intense…
    Dii are u on instaa..???

    1. AditiB

      Yes I’m on insta dear…… You can pm me I’ll tell you my ID… And thanks a lot for commenting dear??

  2. Aarti32

    Shivika tracks r getting irritating..jst bcz audience like Shivika doesn’t mean they’ll bear any nonsense track

    1. You are absolutely correct ..
      This is getting day by day boring..
      But i still hope it comes back before i lose my interests in ishqbaaz

  3. Pui

    Agreed…First this Kalyani Mills fire track looked fine , but the events following this are getting on the nerves…its so damn predictable with the Oberoi family members. Shivika track is showing nothing else but chup chup ke romance. Rikara track is good to go but they arent getting enough time. Rudra has learnt nothing from his so called ‘Obros ‘ and is doing the same thing. Hopefully, this phase passes by soon….

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Agreed with you dear

  5. Dear Aditi
    Your Analysis Is Awesome????.I Don’t Like RuVya Pair And Now I Don’t Like Rudra Become SSO Version 3.Mature Hone Ka Mathlab Rude And Angry Young Man Banna Hai Kya?. Abhay And Tanya. As A Negative Character I Don’t Like Both.But I Like Their Jodi More Then RuVya.Infact Their Jodi Is Best Then That Bro Sis (Rudra Bhavya) Jodi?. Ishqbaaz Track Ab Bore Hai Ya Interesting Hai Patha Nahi.But Ek Baath Mujhe Patha Hai Isse Pehle Aise Irritating Track Dikhaya Bhi Hai Uski Baath Fun And Good Track Bhi Dikhaya Hai.So I Just Wait For That Fun And Positive Track.So Please Ishqbaaz Dekhna Stop Karne Se Acha Hai Break Le Jaisa Main Ab Kar Rahi Hu.Main Ab Break Diya Hai.Wait Kar Rahi Hu Interesting Track Laane.So I Request You Aditi Jab Aapko Lagtha Hai Ki Ishqbaaz Ka Track Interesting Hai So Please Wo Dekhna Wo Bhi TV Pe Thab TRP High Hoga Tho Channel And Ishqbaaz Team Samjhengi Irritating Track Se Zyada TRP Tho Interesting Track Ko Miltha Hai.Main Aapko Kabhi Force Nahi Karunga IB Ki Irritation Track Dekhne Ko Main Tho Bass Ye Keh Rahi Hu Jab Interesting Track Aayengi Thab IB Episode Miss Math Karna.Main Bhi IB Kabhi Dekhna Stop Kartha Hu Aise Uninterested Track Hotha Hai Tho.RuVya Ka Part Tho Main TV Pe Dekhthe Nahi TV Off Karunga Ya Channel Change Karunga.

    So Aditi IB Ki Interested Track Ko Dekhna Miss Math Karna Okay.Decision Is Yours?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. Agreed dear,U have echoed my opinions on Ishqbaaaz

  7. Well said. They are stomping all over my love for Shivika really. Who wants a husband who turned the world inside out to make the whole wedding ceremony a wonderful celebration, and then after the wedding, suddenly is more concerned with life’s usual (really??) problems than to reassure his wife that he still loves her. Half the time he’s pushing her away. The other half of the time, he smothers her with love. No consistency in his character at all. With two wonderful actors, all you can think of is the same old separation?? While you think of something valid and interesting, at least focus on OmRu… Save them from us bored Ishqbaaz-ians please.

  8. The show is actually only for almost 50 mins I think , and 15 mins goes for shivika romance , another 10 mins for villains , then comes ruvyas story which goes on for at least 15 mins . Rikara story Is hardly 10 mins . I wont say they r not focused , but its very less compared to other two pairs . Definitely ruvyas story gives us some light moments . Then 50 mins is already gone . Then where are the scenes with bromance for which we started watching the show. Yesterday whenshivay and rudra met i felt really sad . Brothers who were a part of each others life don’t even see each other .

  9. ParichayHin

    Your article is really good.You have almost said my mind.
    I don’t know where this IB is going.
    I don’t understand the need of flight track now….if its for fun then atleast I m not having any kind of fun.
    I doubt what kind of Police was Bhavya !!!
    IB is encouraging dowry???
    I even doubt if IB team has ever fly by any flight as its looking more like a local train travel to me…..
    I feel good thinking only one thing now that Rikara story is progressing…..other than this I don’t find anything interesting now in IB.

  10. True…IB has turned out into a pointless plot… I think this is the 3rd time shivika gettin married..nd still not leading a married life…baseless new entries n baseless mysteries are on their way even they think of a future married life…
    Poor rikara has got their story progressing at last…it was stuck for last many months…rikara gets a very less time after all mysteries, shivika romance, planning n plotting…
    Poor Rudra still is confused whether he is lead or a comic…their story takes turns which will never get them together…n they too are not left with much time…

  11. So true!
    Agree with you!
    Don’t know how they’re going to shoot 30 mins of Ishqbaaz!
    Hate the way Bhavya is being treated by Rudra. I liked Rudra because he was easy going and didn’t behave like his elder brothers. Now Rudy has become just like Shivaay and Om!

  12. Garu_2401

    Remember me??
    Nice analysis….really?????

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