A holiday in sethia house (part 5)

Saanchi ran up the stairs to her room. Aryan also went behind her. They both were in their room. Aryan (blushing) : saanchi did u heard that what babasa said….? vo apne chotte pote ka chehra dekhna chahte hai..??. Saanchi: hmmm….i know. Aryan: what do uh mean by i know and pulled her close he is not well and this point of time we have to complete his each and every wish so tell me when r uh giving the good news to us. saanchi: wait wait have patience…….i have a good news for uh. Aryan: what ..really..??? Saanchi: oh! Mr.

Have patience i m talking about the picnic…. the good news is that babasa is also coming along so uh & me will have time to spend together. Aryan: but how come babasa’s presence is related to all that. Saanchi: see if babasa will be there sonu will be engaged with him and we will have plenty of time to spend together. Aryan: i m already so excited for the picnic and hugged her. At that time bhabhisa came and started coughing teasing them both. Thay both got seperated abruptly. Priyanka: come down now uh both…ur Bhaisa is calling everyone is ready for the picnic and are about to leave. Everyone comes down and are gathered in the hall. Sonu goes to babasa’s room. Babasa was resting while keeping his eyes close. He went near him. Sushant also arrived there. Sushant: come sonu dont disturb your dadosa he is resting. Sonu: but papa… i want to say him good bye….. listening this babasa woke up. Babasa: arre sonu beta u didnt went till now for the picnic. Sonu: no dadosa how can i go without saying uh good bye…. sushant: see sonu uh waked him up….?. Sonu: sorry Dadosa i disturbed uh.

Babasa: aww its nothing like that sonu and sushant stop being a ring master i have done enough of rest let me come along with uh to bid them all good bye. Babasa got up from the bed slowly and Sushant helped him got up. He hold his hand to help him but babasa laughed and said sushant i m having pain in heart not in my legs that u r helping me to walk. I m just ill but not have got old yet i m still young…??. Sonu: what a joke dadosa and started laughing..??. Babasa: hayyee

… was it a joke i thought i was talking seriously….? and three of them started laughing…?? . Babasa also joined them in the hall. Babasa: so everyone is ready for the picnic have a blast there and enjoy at your best and aryan and prabhat take care of the sethia’s in my absence. Sushant: yes kakusa and aryan take care i and babasa will also join uh guise soon. Aryan: yes Bhaisa would be waiting for uh both and shouted “are all the sethia’s ready for the blast…?”. Everyone replied Yesss…. and they all sat in their cars to departure for the picnic. Babasa: sushant did that chandigarh’s client called uh..his payment was due.. sushant: yes he called me up and his payment will be received by tomorrow morning. Babasa: and what about that mr. Verma’s order will it be completed on time.

Sushant: babasaaaaaa…. stop now…… all the office duties i will take care of uh just dont take any stress everything would be fine now uh go and take rest in your room dr. Gupta might be arriving i will call him up. Babasa: okk boss…going call him asap or we will get late for the picnic. Sushant: yes yes i willl and picnic is not more important than ur health… babasa: omg!!

I m leaving from here otherwise i will take sanyaas after listening to this same topic again and again. Babasa left for his room. *archi in car* aryan saanchi, and priyanka and sonu was travelling in one car. Aryan was driving the car while saanchi was sitting beside him and sonu and priyanka were sitting at back seats. Archi ek dusre ko tedi nazron se dekh rhe the. Priyanka: devarsa road is in thr front i guess..??. Aryan and saanchi shook and sonu also started laughing…???. Sonu: mumma, kakusa and kakisa chalo lets do something interesting…i m getting bored. Aryan: so let us play antakshari…? .

Priyanka: yes yes you and saanchi be in one team and i and sonu in one team. Sonu: mumma our team will defeat them and gave her a high- five. Saanchi: baithe baithe bore hue karna hai kuch kaam shuru karo antaakshari leke prabhu ka naam…bolo raam raam bolo shyam shyam shyam and m came on Aryan so they both have to sing a song on m. Aryan: mai tainu samjhaaaawan ki….na tere baju lagdaaaa ji…tu ki jaaane pyaar mera mai karun intezaar tera tu dil to yun jaaan meri jaan meri…..jaan meri.. everyone started clapping. Priyanka: how romantic devarsa.. aryan sanchi blushed.. saanchi: hmmm so sonu and bhabhisa you have to sing from ri.

Sonu: ri lath gaad dun re….jada paad dun…maa ke pet se marghat tak hai teri kahani pag pag pyaare…dangal dangal…… saanchi: awww how sweet sonu. Aryan: from dangal i remembered today dangal will take place as babasa and Bhaisa are alone in the house and Bhaisa will eat babasa’s head by talking about his health or by scolding him…??. Saanchi: but aryan thats all correct atleast Bhaisa is there with him otherwise he sweared all of us to not to stay and go for picnic. Babasa is so selfless he always take care of our healths, our needs but dont care of himselves. Everytime i think of him my respect for him increases.

He is very lucky to have a son like you And especially sushant Bhaisa who cares for him so much. Aryan: saanchi here you are wrong he is not lucky we r so lucky to have the best babasa in the world. Priyanka: this is so true may god give him long life aur unka haath humesha humare sar pe rahe ashirvaad dene ke liye. Aryan: see we all reached the picnic spot while we were so engrossed in the talks. All of them came out of the cars. Aryan: niti nishant did u took out all the bats, badmintons and food items to eat. Nishant: yes Bhaisa everything is going perfect. Everyone started to move towards the spot.

Everyone was leading while aryan and saanchi were behind them. Taking the advantage of this moment aryan pulled saanchi behind the tree. Saanchi: ufff!!! Aryan what are you doing.. if anyone would seee. Aryan: you dont worry no one will see us i asked nishant that he will settle everyone… saanchi: oh so mr. Husband had already made all the plans.. and put her hands on his shoulder….. aryan: u r looking very pretty today..? i cant put off my eyes from you.. saanchi: thanks mr. Husband hmm u r also looking no less today…. kahi kisi ki nazar na lag jaye mere sone munde ko…. aryan: thanks…thanks… akhir husband kiska hun..? saanchi: yup yup mere hi ho aur meri hi rahoge now come lets go back or everyone will get tensed that where are we..?.

Precap: doctor does the check up for babasa . Sushant is talking to the doctor in a corner.? All the children are playing cricket and while catching a ball saanchi falls on aryan?

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  1. nice….liked the archi part…your ff is really nice.keep writing.waiting for the next part

    1. Muskan2002

      thank you so much again dear…?? i m glad u r liking it..?

  2. Christie123

    Hey muskan’ it’s just fabulous!!!!!!!!????????

    1. Muskan2002

      Thanks a ton dear…??

  3. Muskan2002

    Guise if the os got a bit emotional in the future will it be any issue to you????

  4. Muskan2002

    Guise if the os got a bit emotional in the future will it be any issue to you????…?

  5. no we don’t have any issue just keep writing….but want archi scene aw well….waiting

  6. ‘ great job muskan… i everyday take out time to read this. And to put it short – ” I’M LOVIN IT!”

    1. Muskan2002

      thank you so much for the love anshika and thanks that you take time out for my stuff…??

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