A holiday in sethia house (part 4)

Sushant goes towards babasa’s room. He enters the room and found babasa sleeping till now. He was quite astonished?. He went near him and sat on a stool type of thing near his bed. He hold his hand and very politely started dabing his hand and said a very good morning to the best dad in this world. Babasa feeling his presence waked up. Babasa: sushantttt…tum yaha…..???? sushant: babasa what happened today u r sleeping till this time. Babasa: what time is it now??? And what do uh mean by till this time. Sushant: babasa its 10:15 and i got tensed what happened that today u r sleeping till too late. Babasa shocked: What!!! 10:15 and he abruptly tried to get up but due to high speed he felt the pain again and said ahhh!!! And his hand unwillingly moved towards his chest due to the reflex action and he lied on the bed again. Sushant: Babasa aap theek to ho???

Kya zaroorat thi itni jaldi karne ki and then helped him being seated and placed a pillow behind his back to make him comfortable. Sushant: now have ur medicines first. Sushant gave him the medicines babasa r u fine now..??? Babasa in a dull voice: ya ya… i m fine. Sushant: what was the need to get up so hastily. Cant uh relax…??. Babasa: ya i knw that all sushant but how come i slept for so late.. ? the time of my ramaayna paath has also passed i hav never ever missed my ramayan paath in my life but… why nobody waked me up where is ur maasa why didn’t she waked me up???? chalo okk leave all that so all set for the picnic????…??. Sushant: yes babasa everyone is ready and an important info for you i took dr. Gupta’s appointment for you but i dont think you will be able to go to the hospital so i m gonna request him for the home visit. Babasa: what doctor!!!!

I dont need any doctors i will be fine on my own. Sushant angrily: oh plss i dont think i need to give uh any reasons as we witnessed both that ur health is soo gud (in a sarcastic way) past few minutes. Babasa: omg!! Sushant is scolding me…i got scared and started laughing..??. At that moment aryan also entered the room. Aryan: wow: so amazing dad & son are laughing together. Babasa: now uh also watch aryan ur Bhaisa is scolding me. Aryan: Awww!! And went near babasa and said why Bhaisa why r u scolding my babasa??? Sushant: hmm so babasa u r trying to involve aryan in your plan but dont forget two brothers cant be seperated and when those bro’s are two sons also then that bond is more stronger and They both gave a high five. Hmmm so aryan i was not scolding him i was just telling him that he should take care of his health you know he had the pain again and this time he couldn’t hide it also from me?. Aryan: oh common bhaisa my babasa is a superman nothing has happened to him he is gonna play football right now with me and looked at babasa and asked right?? Babasa: yes yes come and lets play….???. They both laughed.

Sushant: aryan i m not in a mood of joke i m quite serious. Babasa: sushant just calm down.. do u knw today i m remembering those days when i used to scold uh both like this whenever u guys got ill and see now u r scolding me such time has also come. Aryan: yes babasa how can we forget those scoldings because of them only today we r so perfect now . Sushant: babasa those memories are so precious in our lives when you used to scold us and we used to ask for forgiveness and the atmosphere got emotional. Babasa: oh common i m alive not dead u r gonna get more such moments i m just ill but still young i m not gonna spare u guys like this till i m alive..??. *all three laughed* Sushant: so babasa dr. Gupta will come for a home visit so kindly dont show him ur childish behaviour as uh always do in front of doctors and instead plss behave like a mature man.

Babasa: yes boss…??? so now plss leave the topic of my health and tell me what about the picnic when u guys r leaving..???. Sushant: yes babasa everything has been planned maasa, priyanka and kakisa in one car. Aryan saanchi and priyanka in one car. kakusa. Kakisa and Dadisa in one car. Nishant, niti and sonu in one car. Aryan: Bhaisa & what about you??? sushant: hmm.. me..sorry i m not gonna accompany uh guise i am gonna stay with babasa. Babasa: what u r gonna break my swear..no sushant u have to go otherwise i m not gonna meet any doctor…?. Sushant: babasa…. aryan first listen to me i have not completed yet. I m gonna stay with u babasa and when the doctor will go u along with me come for the picnic. I mean that after the check up u will also come along with all of us for the picnic. Aryan: what an idea Bhaisa.. this is amazing..?. Now the complete family will enjoy together.

Babasa: but still sushant uh dont need to spoil ur plans because of me if i would come along i u al won’t be able to enjoy. At that time saanchi came: aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai babasa infact we would have missed uh tremendously if u wouldn’t have accompanied us. Aryan and sushant: yes babasa saanchi is absolutely right. BABASA:ok ok if uh all are trying so hard to convince me then i will accompany uh all…??.

Saanchi: babasa take your tea & now Howz ur health?? R u fine?? BABASA: yes yes and at that time aryan interrupted no saanchi he is not at all fine and if u r gonna ask him about his heath then uh know what he would say that he is the fittest man in the world…? dont trust him. BABASA: Arre saanchi beta dont listen to him i m absolutely fine just a little bit pain is there you guise dont worry mai apne chotte pote (grandson) ka chehra dekhe bina kahi nhi jaane wala? abhi to mujhe uske saath ghoda ghoda khelna hai. Listening this saanchi got shied and blushed and left from there. Babasa: sharma gayi. Sushant: aryan u have to complete this wish of babasa. Aryan blushed: Bhaisa i have to so preparation for the picnic and leaves. Sushant: yeh bhi sharma gaya…..now babasa uh take rest dr. Gupta is gonna arrive very soon. And till the time i check all the preparations for the picnic and send them. Babasa: ya ya.. you go i will take rest.

Precap: all the sethia reached the picnic spot and aryan pulls saanchi in a corner whereas doctor arrives in the sethia house.

Guys get ready for a sweet archi moment and u will se sajhedari of sonu and babasa against maasa on the picnic spot.

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  1. Oh god muskan it’s just awesome!!!!!! You just mailed it.. Superb!!! Loved the part when babasa says he will not die until he see his chote pota’s face… The precap seems fabulous! So pls post next part ASAP. Waiting eagerly for archi scenes…..

    1. Muskan2002

      Thank you so so so so much dear for appreciation i will try my best to post asap..?? i hope uh all are enjoying

  2. Really awesome…I really like the father and son bond….i wish this would have shown in the show as well…..plzz upload next part ASAP.

    1. Muskan2002

      Even i hoped so that they should show some father son bond but they dont show anything lIke this btw babasa, aryan and sushant whereas there are scenes of viren and saancgi which shows their emotional bond i would have conveyed this poinylt creative head but now no need as the show is going off air

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