A holiday in sethia house (part 3)

It was morning time sunshine entered archi’s room. Aryan woke up and saw that saanchi was still asleep he moved her hairs aside with his hands and saanchi felt that and smile and suddenly realised that it was morning and the sun has already risen. She woke up surprisingly and said shit!!! Aryan why didn’t uh woke me up its already too late. Tell me fast whats the time. Aryan: saanchi be coool its just 8:30. Saanchi: what 8:30..? oh god i need to rush its babasa’s tea time and he has to take medicines also after the tea. Get a side quickly i hav to hurry up or i will get scolding.

As saanchi got up from the bed aryan hold her hand and pulled her again on the bed. Saanchi: Aryan what are you doing is it the time to do romance. Aryan: saanchi kisi mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai jab time mile tab romance karna chahiye. Saanchi: aur yeh mahaan aadmi kon hai…?. Aryan: yeh mai nhi bata sakta. Saanchi: oh MR. Mahaan aadmi now let me go i have to make tea for babasa also Saanchi hurriedly went to take bath while aryan was waiting for her too see her in wet hairs.

The scene was of sushant’s room, sushant and priyanka both were ready and had made all the preparations for their picnic and sushant had also took an appointment for the doctor for babasa. Sushant: priyanka everything is ready and the time is also 10 a.m. now let me go and inform babasa about the appointment and inquire whether everyone is ready or not. Sushant went in the living room but was unable to find babasa.

Then he went to the study rooom, he was not there also, then he went to the garden he thought thaf babasa might be watering plants but was unable to find him there also. Now he went to maasa who was working in the kitchen. Sushant: maasa where is babasa. He is not anywhere around. Archi came down the stairs hurriedly as they were late today and saanchi also had to make the tea. Maasa: sushant even i dont know he is not awake yet. Sushant: what!!!!!!!! Not yet maasa its 10 a.m. and you know babasa never sleeps till so late he wakes up at 7 a.m. saanchi: yes Bhaisa its next to impossible today, even i got late so thought that babasa would be waiting for the tea but i m astonished that he is sleeping yet.

Precap: sushant enters babasa’s room and finds him lying on the bed.

Okk guts what do you think is babasa dead..?????

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  1. Wow starting amazing, I am imagining archi scenes and enjoying, thank you muskan
    Precap is interesting, but wat will happen in part-4, I m waiting

    1. Muskan2002

      Thank you so much dear…?? and yes u hav to wait a bit for part 4 most probably 24 hours..?? and i hope arcgi scenes are satisfying for all the archi lovers…?

  2. Nice interesting story….archi scene was also nice?.Precap has increased the curiosity ??..waiting for part 4.

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