A holiday in sethia house (part 2)

Everyone go back to their rooms. As archi entered the room for changing aryan locked the door….?. Saanchi went for changing clothes while aryan went and quietely hid behind the couch in the room. When saaanchi came back she thought where aryan has gone she was standing backside the couch and aryan suddenly bounced behind her and she shouted…?. Aryan quickly kept hand on her mouth and said Shh…. babasa will come up from the noise of ur shout. Saanchi: hmmm…let him come up he should also be aware about this son’s blunders..they both laughed..??. Aryan come lets have some Romance after this tiring day. Saanchi oh common aryan tomorrow we hav to go for picnic so we have to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning so that we would be ready on the time otherwise babasa will not leave us….???. Aryan: saanchi.. common lets spend some quality time together….

saanchi: aryan we will get enough of time tomorrow lets leave it today…uh know tomorrow we will do a blast at the picnic… i am sure uh won’t be able to defeat me in any of the game..?. Aryan: ohh i see… i guess uh forgot i m the son of MR. Diwakar Vishwanath Sethia i never let anyone defeat me. Saanchi: OMG! The son of Mr. Diwakar Vishwanath Sethia now go and get to sleep other wise mr. Diwakar Vishwanath Sethia is not gonna spare uh tomorrow…???. They both laughed and went to sleep..??. Now the scene was of priyanka and sushant’s room. Sushant was standing near a window while priyanka was preparing the bed. Priyanka: sushant come lets sleep we hav to sleep on time or we would get late tomorrow. Sushant came near her…priyanka dont you think babasa was behaving a bit wierdly today….he never spoke such lines earlier… i m having a strong feeling that he is not well and he is not telling it to us. Even today in the office he had pain in his chest, i saw that and at that time also he ordered me to go and do my work…..i m not able to understand.. what to do….?.

Priyanka: sushant i know u r very tensed for him and yes even i thought that that joke was not normal why did he said like that he won’t be alive till that….Babasa never spoke like this earlier he always had a positive attitude toward his life…but now….. Sushant: i think i should not go for the picnic tomorrow and instead take him to the doctor…otherwise he will never go to the doctor himself i know him very well..i willl take an appointment right now…. priyanka i will also stay with you and take care of his health….. Sushant: no priyanka uh have to go so that u take care of Dadisa, maasa and kakisa and babasa won’t also allow uh & me both to stay here. I will go and talk to him in the morning. And they both slept

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