A holiday in sethia house (part 1)

A few days back the sethia’s received a big order so all the men’s babasa, kakusa, sushant and aryan were busy in the office. Everyone was working in the office and helping each other in the work. Babasa was outlooking all the work . He had been working for 14 hours so was feeling exertion but didn’t said it to anyone. Suddenly he felt pain in his heart and he put his hand on his chest. Sushant saw that. He immediately came to him and asked what happened babasa are u fine. He replied yes yes my son i m absolutely fine. No babasa i know u r not well go and take rest for some time u have been working continuously for 14 hours we all r here. Sushant i said na once that i m fine so i m fine, you go and do your work and let me also do my job. In the office i m not your babasa i m your boss here u have to follow my instructions go and do your work and let me also do my work i m fine. Sushant leaves there in dilemma.

Everyone continue their work and finally the order was completed on time. Everyone was very happy so babasa thought that let their be an holiday he will also get some rest so he made an announcement “. guys past so many days u all were working very hard without noticing day and night so i have decided that tomorrow there is an off for all of you go and enjoy your holiday”. Everyone get very excited after the announcement. Aryan thought of an excellent plan to go to picnic and decided that he will tell it to babasa later in the house. All the men’s returned to home. All the women’s came for their welcome. At First babasa came and gave maasa his office bag. She gave him a glass of water and babasa sat on the couch he said,” today was tiring a day”.

Maasa got shocked hearing this as babasa never said earlier that he is tired after coming back from office. She said sa… and at that time kakusa entered so maasa couldn’t complete her sentence. Neelima came and said what happened today u came very late. Kakusa said why do u always have problem whether i come early or late. Kakisa said see Bhaisa he is always irritated and how rudely he speaks to me. Kakusa repleid bhaisa she is always behind me just like desi sherlockhomes. Babasa replied atleast take the name of a lady detective…??. Kakusa replied keep the gender apart Bhaisa just catch the emotions. Everyone started laughing. Then sushant and aryan arrived home. Sanchi and priyanka came there. Saanchi gave a beautiful smile to aryan while aryan winked and saanchi took his bag from him. While aryan was in a romantic mode sushant seemed tensed due to babasa’s health. Priyanka came near him and took his office bag and asked what happened Sushant u r looking tensed……. sushant said nothing priyanka i will tell you later and entered the house with a big smile and came near Dadisa and sat near her lap and said uh know Dadisa with ur blessings, babasa and kakusa’s guidance we all were able to finish a very big order in our bussiness so babasa has given all of us an off for tomorrow and at this time aryan came and said so Dadisa i think we should utilize this off very well.

Babasa: i didn’t understood aryan what uh r trying to say. Aryan: babasa i m saying that since a long time we hav not gone on a picnic altogether let us go on a picnic as earlier days..?. Babasa: thats a great idea aryan..? uh all can go for a picnic tomorrow…a family picnic..uh all would have great fun…. on hearing this sonu shouted wow! Picnic dadosa its going to be great fun. We all will play foottball you and i will be in one team and aryan kakusa, papa and chote Dadosa will be in one team. Babasa laughed…..i would have surely played with uh sonu beta but in this age i cannot take risk with my backbone…? and however i m not accompanying uh all tomorrow. Listening this saanchi spoke what??

Babasa uh r not coming along with us….but why so.. Babasa said saanchi beta i would have accompanied uh but after so much of work i m exerted and want some rest now uh all go, enjoy and what would you all do with me..nothing…i m old now i cant play all those games with uh… at that time aryan spoke…babasa uh & old…?? never u r evergreen and we all seem old in front of uh when uh come & play badminton with all of us..plss come …it would be no fun without uh..?. Babasa: but beta… maasa replied sa if uh wont go i would also not go. Babasa: sarita plss i guess uh could understand me very well….. i need some silence and rest after so much of exertion now. Dadisa, kakusa, maasa, priyanka, sushant mansoor chacha all were shocked from his this statement as babasa never ever in his life was tired from his duties. Dadisa asked him what happened chora.. r u fine…?. Babasa yes maasa i m absolutely fit & healthy nothing happened to me… at that time sushant came…..babasa i thought u never said lie…. i know u r not well thats why not coming along with all of…. us even today uh were having pain in your heart i m sure ur blood pressure is high… u need to take rest. At that time saanchi said yes babasa uh were working so hard for a long time …. no one of us will go for a picnic tomorrow we all willl be with uh and take care of urs and spend some quality time with uh. Babasa: saanchi and sushant i m absolutely fine uh all go no need to cancel ur plans just for me. Maasa: what u r absolutely fine…??

i know u r health is not fine u hav never ever complained earlier about exertion after coming from office why did uh worked continuously for so long when ur concious doesn’t allow…u had pain again..? u never take medicines on time… i m so much angry today..maasa your son dont listens to me he nevers take medicines on time…and nor listens to me he just knows 2 things to do…one office work and taking tensions of all the family members he never takes care of his health. Babasa: hey bhagwaan sarita..i m alright this sushant came on wrong time and see whhat chaos you created in the family now uh all hav got a hot topic and uh all will be against my life. I m saying uh all last time that uh all are going to picnic tomorrow i swear to you.. and that pain was just due to some exertion.. i know that and i will have my medicines and will be fine but because of me plss dont cancel your plans otherwise i would be very sad..and i swear i won’t talk to anyone if uh didn’t go.

At that time sonu said but dadosa i lt wouldn’t be fun at all without u, no one here is as active as uh & me…? with whom will i play football. Babasa: Aww… u play football with Dadisa. Sonu giggled and said but Dadosa she herself is a football how will she play. Even babasa giggled…?? and said shhhh… sanskaari bacche dont speak like this. Sonu: i will miss uh a lot…? babasa: my child you knw that i cant stay without uh a single min but this is the real life i cant stay with uh forever everyone has to go some or the another day…. saanchi: awww babasa what r u talking abhi to u hav to do bhangra in sonu’s wedding.. am i right sonu, sonu and saanchi gave each other a high five. Babasa: OMG!!!

Bhangra that too in sonu’s wedding i won’t be alive till that time he laughed whereas no one laughed and looked at him with ignorance. Babasa what happened did i said something wrong….???? Kakusa: yes bhaisa the thing uh said right now is not at all a stuff to laugh plss dont repeat such jokes in future otherwise i will cut all my relations with uh. Aryan said same babasa and sushant also said same with me also babasa. Babasa: Ohk…Ohk… now uh all go & sleep on time u all have to get ready for the picnic on time tomorrow or you all will get late and then would not be able to enjoy. Sushant its your duty to overlook the picnic and aryan and saanchi ur duty is to look after my little sonu and play football with him so he dont miss me..?

and uh all have great fun there. Kakisa: But Bhaisa who will stay with uh at home if all of us will go..???. Saanchi: yes babasa kakisa is right. Maasa replied: can i stay with uh sa…plsss….and uh know i won’t be able to concentrate on the picnic also if uh won’t be along my all attention would be towards your health…plsss…take your swear back and let me stay with uh… its my duty to take care of ur health….i cannot go and leave you like this. Babasa: sarita once i said no means no….and mansoor will stay with me at home…i would like to spend some quality time with my childhood friend..? and my decision is final no more arguments all rush back to your rooms. Everyone go back to their rooms. As archi entered the room for changing aryan locked the door….?.

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  1. Vishakha

    Ok so all of a sudden here we have many ff to read.. ??? anyways musu first part looks interesting..but agar babasa k the end Ka plan hai to please Maasa ko bhi unke sath bhej de..as she said unki seva karna uska dharam hai to jab wo hi nai rahenge to Maasa reh k kya karegi…correct na?? Please yaar show me to ho nai skta at least yahan to koi maar do.. ??

    1. Muskan2002

      Han diii ek baar to unhe pakka maroongi and jahan tak babasa ka sawaal hai uske liye to aapko aage ka ff padna padega ki woh zinda hai ya tapak gaye..???? though unki haalat waise hi hai serial mei bhi..???????

  2. Baby

    wow muskan srsly too good seems interesting…☺

    1. Muskan2002

      thank you so so so much dear i hope uh might have enjoyed the archi scene in part 2..???

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