Hold me in the rain …(Vitharv – JnDsD) Episode 4

Hey frnds , here is thle 4th episode of my ff.
Hope u r enjoying it ?
Recap : family members talking about kk’s and gangotri’marriage.
Episode :
Chandrashekhar : aiye, pandit ji! andar aiye.
Pandit ji : Namasthe !
Pandit ji came To fix the muhurat for engagement and marriage.
Pandit ji : coming month on 23 between 10 and 11 am there is a nice muhurat .
U can fix the marriage date . The engagement can be fixed this coming week.
Everyone is happy hearing this.
Chandrashekhar : So engagement can be fixed on this coming Monday.
Everyone agrees with that.

On engagement day , morning.
Chandrashekhar : bhaiyaa , did u bring the decoration lights? Tho wahan rakh lo.
He goes inside the house . Suddenly he feels pain in the chest.
He faints. Everyone rushes to hospital with him .
In hospital , chandrashekhar is to be admitted in ICU.
Chandrashekhar : ramlal, plz promise me that u will arrange our child’s marriage even in my absence.
He promises him. Everyone wait outside the ICU.
After sometime..
Indumati : dr. Sab kya hua ?
Doctor : hmmmm… I ‘m sorry…he passed away.
Everyone gets shocked. Indumati faints . Kk comes and holds her.
Kk performs his father’s last rites.
Marriage gets extended.
1 month passed . Kk’s father ‘s business started to decline.
And one day Ramlal informs everyone that he got a great business deal with oneEof the leading restaurant in India.
Gradually his business grew. But along with his business his creepiness and who also increased.
After one month , at kk’s house,
Indumati : aiye , aiye Ramlal ji.
Ramlal : I came to talk about gangotri’s marriage.
Indumati : I was also coming to your house to talk about that.
Ramlal : take this . This is the invitation card.
Indumati : invitation card ?
She takes and reads it. She gets shocked seeing Gangotri Banerjee weds Satheesh Desai.
Indumati : ye kya hai ?
Ramlal : I have fixed gangotri’s marriage with a great business man in town.u all have to come at correct time to give blessings.
Indumati looks confused.
Indumati : aap ye kya kah rahe ho ? Gangotri and kk’s marriage was fixed earlier and u only gave promise to chandrashekhar ji.
Ramlal : (laughs) look at my status now and then. Am I that much foolish to get my daughter married to a poor sweet shop owner.
Indumati gets shocked.
Indumati : Once u were also a sweet shop owner. Do u remember those days ?
Ramlal : who remembers the past life ? We he to live in the present .
He goes.
Indumati gets sad and worried.
Indumati : ( herself) now what I will say to Kailash after he returns from Jaipur.
She gets worried.

PRECAP : Gangotri’s marriage….kailash gets tied up by goons.

Frnds if u have any suggestion u can mention it . I know that u all are waiting for vitharv moments….plz wait for two more days ?

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